The jokes write themselves

U.S. Naval War College professor pulls Weiner.

A text message conversation with a photo of a penis from May and with the Newport, Rhode Island, college’s professor John Schindler’s name atop it was circulated on Twitter early Monday. It’s unclear who posted it.

A blogger sent a complaint to the War College’s administration. The college’s president has ordered an investigation.

The guy was also a former NSA analyst.

Seriously. Anthony Weiner, a/k/a Carlos Danger, would be proud.

One has to wonder if there’s some freaky compulsion that forces these guys to whip out their puds and wave them around on Twitter for all to see.

I can see Weiner… he’s a politician. Skinny, big nosed, awkward, and narcissistic – an incongruent combination of ego and insecurity that compels him to self destruction. After all, this douchebag was a Congressman. He had this power… this fame… but at the end of the day, he had to stare at his gawky, awkward frame in the mirror every night, probably wondering how a woman as hot as his wife could possibly want him.

But this guy?

John Schindler was ostensibly intelligent, educated, erudite, and most of all… he had to be discreet! He had to know how to keep a low profile! You don’t work at the Fort as an analyst without knowing how to keep secrets and how to use discretion.

And yet…

You have this guy’s wiggleworm wagging all over social media.

What. The. Hell.

Dude! Get help!



3 responses

  1. I guess that I’m a prude or something, but I would never, ever put a picture of my junk on the Internet.


    1. Heh. That makes two of us.


  2. years ago, a very dear friend was walking, with another gal, across the parking deck at a local shopping center, one of those multi-story affairs, A car was parked at the end of one row, with a guy sitting in it, and as the girls walked past, he flung the passengers door open and waved his erect member at them. Instead of freaking out, my friend and the other girl laughed, and my friend said, “What? Are you proud of THAT thing??” The perv was so PO’d that he peeled rubber, so to speak, getting away and managed to hit one of the roof pillars on his way down the ramp. All that to say – I could never expose my manly portions for fear of the utter mockery that would follow. Well, that and I’m not a preevert!


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