Here we go again

Remember a few months ago I wrote that Starbucks had a change of heart about allowing people to open carry in their stores, because of a few loud, strident open carry advocates, who decided to turn the coffee store into their own, personal grandstand?

Well, you’ve done it again, my dear friends. Only this time, you’ve alienated Chipotle.

Not satisfied with the restaurant’s policy of compliance with local laws regarding open or concealed carry, some decided to swagger about with their rifles, because… oh, they COULD!

Well, guess what!

You are now being asked to leave your firearm at home when visiting the store.

“Historically, we felt enough to simply comply with local laws regarding the open or concealed carrying of firearms,” the statement said.

However, “the display of firearms in our restaurants has now created an environment that is potentially intimidating or uncomfortable for many of our customers,” the statement said. “Because of this, we are respectfully asking that customers not bring guns into our restaurants, unless they are authorized law enforcement personnel.”

Good job! You couldn’t just get a friggin’ burrito, could you? You had to come into the restaurant and pose for photographs and play it up for the crowd, including pose for photos with your hardware.


You just had to show off, right?

Well, now that you’ve once again dragged a restaurant kicking and screaming into your politics, when all it wanted to do was sell some burritos, you’ve once again succeeded in accomplishing what the gun-grabbing idiot Mommies could not do – getting a restaurant to ban your strident asses from its premises.

Congratulations. Don’t you feel accomplished?


When will you jackasses learn?

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  1. As always Bob Owens nails it; personally, I don’t care if someone wants to open carry or not, but I choose not to for several reasons. One, I don’t want to be the ‘shoot him first’ guy in the SHTF; two, I think that would-be criminals are perhaps more reluctant if they are not sure just who is packing and who isn’t. And finally, there is no point whatsoever in doing something just to say ‘look at ME!’, whether it is carrying a rifle into a store or walking around with my privates hanging out. The questions, as always, is, ‘What’s your motive?” But on the other hand – you think they might be agents provocateur, working for the other side to gin up animus toward the real RKBA people?


    1. I don’t think they are, unfortunately. I’ve seen too many OC advocates that are this strident and worse. It’s a bit ridiculous. Just exercise your rights and stop grandstanding, ferpetessake! The restaurant doesn’t want to be dragged into a political debate. It just wants to serve food.


  2. These two throwbacks look like Hansel and Gretel’s evil twins. The one on the left looks like he ate the witch, Hansel and Gretel all by himself. I’d feel uncomfortable having those two banjo playing retards running around the restaurant armed. If I had to caption that I would say “LOOK AT US, WE HAVE REALLY SMALL PENNI”


    1. Azy, my thought was: Gee, these fuckers couldn’t get laid if they crawled up a chicken’s ass and waited! LMAO!


    2. Three extra points for the Latin plural of penis!!!


    3. William Baker

      I’m going to boycott this anti-gun site and inform my friends of it as well. Are you really so stupid you can’t see that attacking others who are pro-gun whether you agree with them or not guarantees that the liberals win on this one? wow, sickening


      1. Wow. You’re a moron. Please. Oh please leave and never come back. And idiots like you need to go away as well. Douchebag.


      2. By the way, you know what guarantees the liberals win this one? The restaurant rescinding its welcome mat to gun owners because of inbred douche wagons like your pals in that picture.


      3. “I’m going to boycott this anti-gun site and inform my friends of it as well.”

        You, sir, are an oxygen thief.


  3. Where’d the righthand retard get those shoes? I wonder of they sell men’s footwear too?


    1. @William Baker–no, don’t discourage the use of basic common sense in everyday interactions. I’m guessing your next tactic will be to call anyone who disagrees with you on anything a dirty liberal (I know the type, unfortunately).

      What guarantees liberals “win” is when people carry out retarded actions that impinge on others rights while aligning themselves with the conservative party. Normal conservatives who are quiet and respectful have little to say about it, so liberals mistakenly think they are all like these yahoos (you?) and start pushing for stronger laws. THAT is what hurts gun rights.


  4. Nikki, I feel the exact same way. I believe in the right to bear arms, but when people open carry blatantly into stores and everyday establishments and grandstand when doing so, they put everyone who would like to own guns at peril; it understandably makes a lot of people uncomfortable and lumps the “crazies” in with the common sense folk. I have family members like this, who will fight and argue with businesses (even government buildings) that ask them not to open carry inside, and it hurts us all. Thank you for bringing attention and common sense to this issue.


  5. Constitutional Insurgent

    You nailed it. I don’t OC, but respect the right of those who do so responsibly and respectfully. These clowns aren’t simply OC’ing….they’re carrying long guns. Dear god why? If you’re going to open carry, carry the pistol you normally would for self defense….quit stopping in a fast food joints, showing off your Magpul furniture, and pissing off the Fudds. It’s fricken counterproductive.


    1. They’re open carrying because, as I understand it, in Texas it is illegal to OC a pistol but not illegal to OC long arms. They want to legalize pistol OC by demonstrating that OC doesn’t result in blood in the streets.

      I have complicated feelings on this. On the one hand, I see where they’re going with it — by complying with the law in an “in your face” method, they are indeed showing that gun folks aren’t murderous. On the other hand, they’re basically giving our opponents a PR victory.

      I personally feel that rifle OC is fine, but businesses should be left out of it. OCers should demonstrate on public land, perhaps by having OC events, parades, etc.

      Why yes, I actually AM suggesting that the OC movement throw a gun version of a gay pride parade. 😉


      1. Look, I have no complicated feelings on this. Yes, they had the right to open carry. But did they have to drag a business into their little melodrama games? This business welcomed everyone – open carrying or not – and all they wanted to do was sell some food. No big deal, right? Well, they had to make it one. They had to pose for photos and stage their little rallies inside the restaurant. And now they’re no longer welcome. Who won here? The gun grabbers. These inbred fucktards dragged a restaurant into its politics – a business that obviously wanted nothing to do with the gun debate. We lost because of them. And it’s not the first time it’s happened.


        1. Isn’t that essentially what I said? We are both in agreement that they hurt our cause. I think the only difference is that I have sympathy for their motivation, however misguided it may be.


        2. Yep. That’s why I said I have no complicated feelings here. These people have no common sense and no tactical knowledge. I have no sympathy for stupid.


  6. Paul H. Lemmen

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  7. For some reason, these specimens do not resemble conservative ,responsible gun owners and do look like those wild gun owners described by the antis. Once again, could these be a ploy by the antis to besmirch gun owners in the eyes of the American public??


  8. A mis-matched pair of morons.


  9. A BOYCOTT??? THAT’s freakin’ SEXIST ! ! ! He could ‘personcott’ the site, sure, or “cisgen men & womym’ cott it… but BOY cott? It’s not only sexist, it’s RACIST ! We all know BOY is a dog whistle insult! Someone hand me my TardBoots!!! It’s gettin’ slippery!


  10. Boycott Chipotle? It’s not sexist, it’s racist! Chipotle is a Mexican restaurant, so obviously gun owners are against Mexican food.

    “These clowns aren’t simply OC’ing….they’re carrying long guns. Dear god why?”

    KNOW THE LAW. Texas law only permits the lawful open carry of rifles. Hopefully, the legislature will step in and permit the open carry of handguns.


  11. Here is my response to the same topic on a gun forum:

    Americans have become very, very tyrannical in their behavior toward people who exercise their rights (“There oughta be a law!”). Many of us seek to criticize anyone who expresses a right in a manner in which they do not approve. Sometimes it is open carry. Do these guys look like great representatives? Of course not. But they are not the problem: WE ARE THE PROBLEM. We have allowed too many anti-gun laws to be created and now we have to dig ourselves out. Open carry is one such method.

    We do not demonstrate in large numbers (or with much frequency) for our gun rights. We sit back and let the NRA do the work. We certainly didn’t show up in 2012 for Romney (despite being a socialist and signing bad gun laws, he was better than Obama on the right to keep and bear arms). Like it or not, they are normalizing carry. The open carry movement started working against local governments and police who actively suppressed OC. This has also resulted in several states passing premption laws to prevent localities from passing local gun laws. My state, Virginia, now has uniform laws that make carry from county to county a breeze. I do not have to worry about catching a felony because I crossed an invisible line.

    You have no ability to stop people from lawfully open carrying. You will be voting against the right to keep and bear arms if you encourage legislatures across the country to ban open carry. This will surely lead to additional bad laws that are tacked on to such bills.

    I highly suggest that if you do not like open carry that you should join an open carry group. Rather than criticize, you should encourage them to do so in a respectful and useful way. You are not required to open carry and I attend such gatherings while carrying concealed. Put away the long guns (except in Texas), dress up, hand out cards and pamphlets, wear “Guns save lives!” buttons and so forth. Make sure it looks like a peaceful gathering on First Amendment grounds rather than a motley militia of fools.


    1. Tom – a couple of things here.

      1 – no one has advocated that OC be illegal. No one here on this blog. Not one commenter.
      2 – No one here opposes open carry. Perhaps you need to re-read
      3 – The WHOLE POINT is that they were not just carrying in a respectful way, but rather making a spectacle of themselves. Chipotle already allowed all kinds of carry. They didn’t care how you exercised your rights. But these inbred fucksticks took it upon themselves to create drama, to take photos with their long guns, stage mini-rallies to drag the restaurant into a political battle they wanted no part of, and because they did, much like they did with Starbucks – the restaurant just asked them not to bring their guns. They accomplished what the Mad Mommies failed to do with their idiot demands and their petitions. So congrats. Great.


  12. Sorry for the extra comment, but I ran across a blog that really sums up a lot of good points on open carry (in particular the “screwing it up for everyone” point, which the OC don’t see causes more harm to the gun movement than the average liberal)….


    You do not have the “right” to open carry or concealed carry for that matter. The second amendment mentions NOTHING about open or concealed carry. It simply says that you have the right to keep and bear arms. The reality is the Supreme Court has ruled time and time again in the favor of public safety over individual rights. That’s just the reality. Concealed and open carry law is different from state to state and these laws were enacted to give people a way in which to carry. They can just as easily be modified. You have no more of a right to carry then you have a right to drive. If you abuse the privilege, it can and will be taken away. While you sit on the corner and spout the bill of rights to the poor cop who got sent out there to deal with your attention-seeking behind, please remember that you don’t know half of what you think you know about the law.

    Which leads us to message number two. While you are arguing with this cop there are real crimes being committed and real people who need help. You are obstructing law enforcement and, in my opinion, your butt does need to get thrown in the lock up for being a jack-ass. How long do you think it is going to be before police chiefs and sheriffs get sick of dealing with you open carry guys and just change the law? Just stop hassling the cops before you screw it up for everyone.

    Finally, stop scaring people because you want to exercise your “rights.” I don’t gut deers in my front yard in front of my neighbors’ kids. Why, it’s my right to do it anywhere in my own property right? Because there is a thing called decorum. People need to use it. I am not in the business of making people feel nervous. Hell, as a gun owner I do everything I can to educate people and make them feel safer having me around. My slinging up my AR and walking into Walmart isn’t making anyone feel safer and it isn’t educating anyone, you are only alienating them. If anything it is reinforcing the stereotype the left has put on gun owners: that we are all irresponsible trigger happy renegades. Please think before you carry.




    1. You do not have the “right” to open carry or concealed carry for that matter. The second amendment mentions NOTHING about open or concealed carry. It simply says that you have the right to keep and bear arms.

      I disagree. “Bearing arms” is pretty much the textbook definition of carry, be it either open or concealed. What good is owning (“keeping”) a firearm for self-defense if you aren’t allowed to carry (“bear”) it?

      You have no more of a right to carry then you have a right to drive

      Except for the tiny little fact that firearm ownership and use is explicitly built into our Constitution, whereas no mention at all is given to driving. The closest we can come is inferring a “freedom of movement” right under Article IV, Section 2, aka the “Privileges and Immunities Clause.”

      However, I agree with point #2.


    2. Erin, you are correct. The Constitution DOES innumerate the right to carry in “the right to keep and BEAR arms”. The founders went beyond keeping or owning arms, and guarantees the right to bear or carry them. This seems absolutely unambiguous.


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