If this were my child…

I cannot even come up with words strong enough to condemn this twisted, abusive hag who was caught on video abusing a 6 year old boy!

In the video this KINDERGARTEN TEACHER – someone who teaches little guys – tiny little humans who are defenseless against a fat, flaccid, impotent twatrocket such as this – grabs this little boy…

You can see him shaken like a rag doll, as she slams him against a wall!

What kind of human being does this?

Apparently this obese, repulsive hemorrhoid named Barb Williams, who, according to reports, wasn’t getting along well with little Ian.

Oh, she wasn’t getting along with him? Really? That’s her excuse for grabbing a child, tossing him against a wall and grabbing the front of his shirt?

I’ve seen some pretty repugnant things in my life. When I was in first grade, back in the USSR, I remember the teacher grabbing a little Jewish kid as a form of “discipline” and slamming his head into the blackboard. He was also helpless and small, and she was big and authoritative. I remember feeling helpless on his behalf…

She also apparently told the little guy that she’s sick of him and that she would “rip [him] apart.”

Yeah, you think so, you bullying hag? You think you’re so awesome powerful because you overwhelmed a six-year-old? Does it make you feel all big and strong, you fetid, oozing, pernicious cunt rag?

This… this is a parent’s nightmare – to see their little one grabbed and thrown into a wall by a towering, belligerent sow – one entrusted with educating your child!

Worst yet is that this cumgobbler only got a 10-day suspension from the school! TEN days.

Let me tell you what – if this were MY child she was abusing, there wouldn’t be enough of her left to suspend. I would rip this bovine herpes sore’s throat out with my bare hands, before dragging her bleeding carcass to the administrator’s office, ripping off one of the tree trunks that act as her extremities and beating the living shit out of the administrator with it.

No one – NO ONE – does  that to a child, especially MY child – and walks away alive, or at the very least bleeding out of several gaping orifices.

The shitslurping assgobbler admits that she lost it.

In the documents, Williams told Riverdale Elementary School principal Julie Spade, “Ian Nelson has been going to the bathroom and not going, walking in and walking out. He thinks it’s funny and then he has an accident and wets his pants.”

According to the file, Williams admits she yelled at Ian.

“I was furious. I was very hard on him,” said Williams, according to the principal’s report.  “I touched him on the middle of the chest and pushed him back. I was very heated.”

“I feel like I was over the top/edge,” said Williams. “He’s pushing me over the top/edge and my kids over the top/edge. I’m sorry. I don’t know what to do with it.”

No, she didn’t “touch” him. She slammed him against a wall. She didn’t just yell at him. She grabbed him by the front of the shirt and literally lifted him off the ground.

She didn’t know what to do with it? How about NOT beating up on a frustrating kid?

Part of being a teacher – part of many jobs, really – is dealing with difficult people, learning how to navigate those waters in a way that reflects a maturity level higher than that of a playground bully and, most of all, not resorting to physical violence! Adults deal with difficult people in a professional way. Mediocre, puerile sociopaths deal with difficult people by slamming their little bodies against a wall.


Interesting how there’s so much emphasis on bullying in schools – pamphlets sent home, assemblies, counselors, zero tolerance…

…I guess this doesn’t apply to teachers?


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  1. Woe be unto the person who lays a hand on my kids in anger. The term “blind rage” comes to mind.

    The ironic part of my statement is that that person should pray to their creator that I get to ’em before my wife does.


  2. You know what else bothers me, aside the obvious?

    She knew there were cameras around. That tells me she is confident enough in the school district’s ability to provide cover.


  3. LC pegs it – nothing will be done. They may require her to go t an hour long anger management class. But the gutless schools and the corrupt teacher’s unions won’t do anything else. The unjustice is, if you yourself DID approach the teacher and yell or make ‘menacing gestures’, do you doubt that they would have you tazed, gassed and thrown in jail at once? Hah!
    It makes me so angry, I could write a hashtag and take a selfie!


  4. She needs to go home, sit in her favorite chair and get comfortable. Maybe have a drink. And then stick a gun in her mouth and pull the trigger. My child? I would have started with the principal. Then work my way up until this bitch was fired and her licence suspended. When you explain long range solutions, even liberal idiot pisswits get it.


  5. I agree that this woman is reprehensible and needs to be kept as far away from children as possible.

    BTW, Nicki, I finished re-reading “Freehold” last night. Please convey my compliments to Michael Z. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it the first time–part of the “benefits” of getting old (I’m 72 now) is that you forget much of what you’ve already read and can enjoy it again as if for the first time. I don’t know why he says he’s not satisfied with this book (as he does in the Foreword). It was MOST entertaining and an excellent read.


    1. Awesome! I’m glad you decided to grab it. It is a good read, but it is also his first work, so I doubt any author is satisfied with his first effort. I think it’s just the nature of the beast. Just my educated guess. 🙂


      1. While sorting through my (relatively) few paperbacks, I found my paperback copy of “Freehold” as well yesterday! It’s in a box now, destined for the local library, since I have a signed, hardback copy now. I also found two more of his books (paperback) which I’m setting aside for re-reading later. One advantage of getting old is that you forget stuff, so I anticipate that it’ll be like reading them anew all over again!


        1. You’re only as old as you feel. Remember that! :-p

          See what I did there?


        2. True, but I ceased doing ANYTHING based on “feelings” quite some time ago. See what I did there????


        3. Old as you feel… well now, that’s pretty damn depressing, cause that makes me about 160. In zombie years.


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