NEWSFLASH: Ed Schultz is a dipshit!

How does someone as loutish and ignorant as Ed Schultz get a job in media? Hell, how does a moron like that get a job anywhere?

What am I talking about?



No, really! What in the actual fuck? (h/t: This Ain’t Hell)

It is true that the Nazis didn’t just target Jews, but also homosexuals, gypsies and people with disabilities.

But let’s get a bit real here. Two-thirds of the Jews who lived in Europe at the time were exterminated, along with Poles, random prisoners of war, transsexuals, homosexuals, Romani, political opponents, etc.

But to ignorantly claim that really, it was the homosexuals who were targeted. They were the real victims. They were the ones persecuted. It was all about the gays… How fucking ridiculous do you have to be to spew something so incredible?

Why does this abhorrent, reprehensible slob still have a job?

Oh… I forgot. It’s MSNBC. They just erased the Tweet and went on with their lives.

Unfortunately, dipshits, the Internet is forever.


6 responses

  1. How most of these libtards got in there, I’ll never know. I’m glad they die off occasionally.


  2. That’s no “news flash” Nicki. It’s well-established fact.


    1. Well, hell. I forgot the sarcasm hashtag! LOL!!!


  3. A Houston radio station carried his show for awhile, years ago.

    I listened for part of one show and realized he was a liberal dumbass. It doesn’t say much about the man to think his legacy is of being a dumbass and a dipshit.

    A less polite society would drown him in pig shit and celebrate the event.


  4. Yeah, let’s accept the 15,000 estimate as the actual number of homosexuals killed. So, what Eddie is saying is that 15,000 dead gays is far more horrific then the MILLIONS of Jews killed.

    Heh, who would have thought. (Sarcasm people – sarcasm)


  5. MSNBC should stand for Made up Shit Nationally Broadcasted Consistently! I mean really, were do the find these brain dead turds?


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