VA fires officials for Phoenix fraud

Word is that there have been some consequences from the recent story about the VA’s obscene secret waiting list that resulted in veterans waiting months for appointments and dying in the process. Commenter Ole’Wolf has more:

Ms. Nicki -word just came down that the Quadrad was fired at the Phoenix VA Medical Center. Washington VA Central Office terminated the Director, Associate Director, Chief of Staff (senior Doctor), and the Associate Director for Nursing Services (senior Nurse) as the facility leaders. Good news, they’re gone. Better news, termination means no more Gubmint jobs for these career bureaucrats…bad news, I doubt seriously anything more will come of it. Families have started suing the VA but no word on direct lawsuits aimed at any of the key morons…

I sincerely hope that the director, associate director and anyone else responsible for this travesty see direct repercussions from this. I hope there’s jail time involved for all. Fraud is not a laughing matter. Fraud that results in the deaths of veterans to whom care was due is an abomination.

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  1. I certainly hope this is true. I also hope there are legal repercussions for what they did. Firing is good, jail is better. It’s bad enough we have to wait so long for our benefits without assholes like this screwing us over.

    I’m starting my tenth year in the fight to get my full benefits. I have a medical discharge from the Marines because of a truck accident. Now they keep denying and I had to hire a lawyer 3 years ago. The fact that there is a law firm called Legal Help for Veterans should tell people how screwed up our system is. We keep hearing about how the money is so tight. Yet they have been working on the VA here in Des Moines for over 5 years. They have re-done the front entrance 3 times. We never here about money being tight for the welfare leaches that won’t get off the couch and find a job of any kind. We can’t even get food stamps because with the small amount I get from the VA and my disability, I make too much money. And yet I see people using their EBT card buying junk food and steaks all the time while we are eating hamburger and macaroni.

    Sorry for the rant. Sometimes I just get pissed off about the way veterans are treated in this country. It seems that after they get our part of the agreement, we are suddenly disposable. I really feel bad for the young ones coming back with parts missing, sever brain injuries and mental problems form being deployed over and over. The suicide rate among young vets should be a point of shame, yet we hardly hear anything about it.


  2. My BIL, a Marine, finally got full disability from his service in Viet Nam from exposure to Agent Orange.

    But I don’t have any complaints about my experience with the VA. I contracted Hep C when I served in the late 70’s and they took care of me the last couple of years with the very expensive treatment..


  3. Ms. Nicki- just BSing with my opposite number at the VA out in AZ- says they were put on “leave” as in “Terminal Leave.” Appears some bloggers are saying its all smoke and mirrors and they can’t be actually fired under OPM rules. Turns out that’s true, they can’t be terminated for “performance issues.” Allowing through action or inaction the death of anybody is a whole different story. My info came thru my local hospital leadership- in the end it’ll be real interesting to see how this gets spun. For the record, so far as know this is the fourth highly negative releases have hit the news about the VA in the last few months… people are spinning like tops on Vermont Ave in DC these days…


  4. And so it continues… the VA OIG is going through our records here like a dose of Ex-lax… and for good reason. Looks like they found something similar at Ft Collins, CO complete with VA Staff getting pressured to cook the books. Hearing similar about Cheyenne, WY.


    1. This is sad, but unsurprising, and enraging.


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