I got sand in my vagina, and it’s all Twitter’s fault!

A self-proclaimed feminist and atheist from Washington claims she got Teh PTSD™ from Twitter, and not only that but it’s as bad as the post traumatic stress service members suffer in combat!

Yeah, I thought this was from The Onion too, but apparently it’s real.

Melody Hensley was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 16 months ago following online abuse, which she says is the result of her being an outspoken feminist and atheist.

She caused upset to many military veterans and their families and friends when she claimed her PTSD from Twitter trolls was as bad as mental anguish suffered by those who do active duty.

Let’s, for a moment, assume that this woman really does have a disorder, and that it is so severe, that she cannot leave her bed or her house, as she claims. Let’s assume that her symptoms are comparable to those of vets who saw their battle buddies – people with whom they were as close as family – blown up, who held their friends’ mangled bodies as they died, who picked up pieces of their friends from the bloody streets, or even of those who spent a year under the threat of enemy fire every day.

(I should get a Medal of Honor just for being able to actually force myself to write that sentence!)

What kind of pusillanimous, spineless zero would allow Internet trolls to affect her in this manner?

What kind of FEMINIST would allow a bunch of idiots to victimize her to the point of incapacitation?

FEMINIST? My aching asshole!

So, I responded to Hensley’s claims on Twitter with my usual… eh… tact.  Hey, you all should be proud of me. I didn’t curse!

And wouldn’t you know it, I got a reply! Not from Hensley, but from a horde of shrieking harpies, who jumped to her defense like tics looking for fresh blood!

It started with someone claiming I’m an embarrassment to feminism, because I don’t subscribe to the “Hensley is a survivor” theory.

Yes, you read this correctly. This person actually believes that someone who got sand in her vagina because of a bunch of Internet trolls is a “survivor,” which implies an internal strength – intestinal fortitude – to fight and win against a challenge or threat.

As ridiculous as this sounds, these… uh… women apparently believe that curling up in a ball, sucking your thumb and claiming victimhood is somehow comparable to actually fighting a battle and winning it. (Added: Someone informed me that this Oolon thing is a male. Wow, I wonder if its testicles actually ever dropped!)

Another one joined the fray with the following (click on the twitter pic, if it doesn’t show up):

And she got the most appropriate reply possible, given her implication, and responded in the only way you expect ignorant cowards with no actual mental capacity to discuss anything of substance to respond.

Other Tweets followed from various feministas about how I’m a horrible person, about how I have no right “to dismiss someone’s claims of having PTSD” (I do have that right under the First Amendment, unless of course, Twitter decides I’ve used their service inappropriately and makes a decision to shut me down), and, of course, the ubiquitous claim of “harassment,” which is not covered by the First Amendment.  Never mind that one Tweet from one individual refuting the whole “I’m a feminist, I’m a victim, and I will persevere against mean people” PTSD claim does not qualify under the legal definition of harassment; these shrews persisted.

Of course, the problem with that claim is that one individual tweeting one critical thought does not harassment constitute. Not even under the most liberal of definitions. But you know what does constitute harassment per the shrew’s claim? The group of them attacking me. When I pointed that inconvenient fact out to the hag horde they quickly stopped tweeting at me for some unknown reason. Funny how that works, eh? But if you think it ended there, you’re sadly mistaken. Tweets ranged from “Fuck you, I have PTSD from a car crash” to this little gem here:

And you know what they all had in common?

The claim that somehow their “victimhood” gave them moral authority over their adversary.

These people claim their weakness is their strength. They couldn’t possibly fight their adversaries without the pedestal that is their oozing sore. They couldn’t possibly defeat challenges without using the ladder of victimhood. Their claim to martyrdom is, in their eyes, what gives credibility to their claims and bolsters their arguments.

It’s pathetic.

If they fail to achieve something, it’s because they were victimized.

If they did achieve something, they aggrandize the accomplishment by their “survivor” status.

They need validation at every turn about how strong and capable they are, and if you don’t give it to them, “Fuck you! I’m a survivor.”

And this is what is considered feminism nowadays?

This simplistic, sad excuse doesn’t even come close!

Feminism is a state of mind. It’s the recognition that you may be at a disadvantage, but you will figure out a way to defeat your adversary anyway. It’s not clubbing your opponent over the head with your festering wounds and claiming a moral victory, but rather the ability to win despite those wounds, so your enemy never knows you had them in the first place.

Feminism does not involve curling up in a ball and sucking your thumb in defeat, and then using that defeat to claim victim status. It’s not reveling in being a victim and not advertising your weakness to the world, but overcoming that suffering and persevering anyway.

These women aren’t feminists.

They are deplorable, miserable victims, who think so little of themselves and their abilities, that their weakness becomes the single most important weapon in their arsenal – a weapon they use to shame others into submission.

You’re hurtful…

You’re harassing…

You’re an awful person…

You’re privileged (always my favorite one)…

You’re blaming the victim…

You’re appropriative (that’s one I haven’t seen before, but I’m sure it has everything to do with my so-called “privilege”)…

All this translates to is “You’re mean to me. I’m weaker than you are, and you should therefore genuflect in front of my defects.”

There’s no strength. There’s no struggle, except what is in these aching twits’ minds. There’s no effort. There’s no fight, no matter how much Hensley and her sniveling legions like to pretend there is.

Once you have admitted the ache in your vagina and relegated yourself to a bed for more than a year, you have lost. Opening your laptop to expose to the Twitter world your miserable, leaking sores does not qualify as “fighting,” no matter how loudly you whine to the contrary. It qualifies as nothing more than weak mewling, and that ain’t feminism either.

Get this straight – your failure is your own. It’s not mine, because I refuse to bow to your mediocrity. It’s not the world’s because their refusal to agree with you has caused you butthurt. It’s yours.

And to compare your inability to cope with the world to real trauma experienced by those who lose limbs, lose friends and lose lives is insulting and weak.

You want to be a whining martyr? Choose another category. I’ve taken feminism back.



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  1. Just like the word racist and the Sharptons of the world these FemaNAZI’s cheapen the the meaning of PTSD by assigning it to what is meaningless drivel. I have many WWII vets as patients that fought in the Pacific theater, and Europe. Some have PTSD. You don’t even want to know the things they can describe and experienced in battle.

    They earned their PTSD with blood and toil at a cost unimagined by the mewling masses of leftest stupidity “traumatized” by twitter.


  2. It’s the world we live in these days, people claiming to be victims who don’t even understand what a victim really is. Made my day reading the tweets from the feminazis’s trying to defend her and make you feel bad for not doing so.


  3. “Get this straight – your failure is your own. It’s not mine, because I refuse to bow to your mediocrity. It’s not the world’s because their refusal to agree with you has caused you butthurt. It’s yours.”

    A good point. I had a friend who was forever complaining that everything was everyone else’s fault. Come to think of it, he still does the same thing. His inability to get a job–it wasn’t because of his attitude problem, it’s because he was black. His inability to get a degree–it’s because he had “better opportunities” or the institutions didn’t appreciate his intellect. He expected people to give him a ride everywhere and didn’t want to get his own car because he’d had a “bad experience with used cars.” Just a bunch of “It’s always them” entitlement bullshit like you describe.


  4. Can I file a PTSD claim for my hemorrhoids? I mean if everyone is special…

    Yes, I’m being sarcastic. My uncle had PTSD or back then they called it combat fatigue. But then you fight the fucking Japs from New Guinea then the Philippians your going to get a little fucked in the head. But you know what he did? He sucked it up and went on to be a successful father, husband and insurance salesman and didn’t cry about it except to himself.


  5. So well stated. Interesting book I am reading and what you have mentioned and taking back feminism is mentioned all throughout this book.

    Domestic Tranquility is the title and it really upsets that ‘hard core’ feminazis.


  6. I wonder if you know that this is not a one off. And behind Melody Hensley (the executive director of CFI.. Center For Inquiry) is the support of a large crowd of feminazi-Progressive-atheists centered at,

    Wait till you hear about how a “skepchick” was hurt and burst into tears because another woman wore a Tshirt with words “I am a skeptic. Not a skepchick. Not a woman skeptic. Just a skeptic” written across.


  7. And that person ‘Oolon’ you talked to, he’s the author of a Twitter application called ‘The Block Bot’ that the feminist-Progressive-Atheist clique use to mass-block people on twitter they deem baddies.
    Believe it or not, this guy was on BBC a while ago.
    Here’s the article where he makes an appearance.
    And a critique by well known Youtube Atheist thunderf00t.


    1. Awwww. How cute. They have turned butthurt into a cottage industry! I’m an atheist, by the way, and these people are still morons.


    2. Yeah.. we have had turmoil in the Atheist movement for over 3 years now on similar issues.
      It started maybe 5-6 years ago with several men wondering why Atheism movement doesnt have many women. (men are thirsty that way, and bring problems upon themselves LOL). The few women said that perhaps if you were nicer to them, and not harass them, more would come. And they started asking for more speaking gigs at conferences, with eventual 50-50 representation at speaking gigs.
      At one American Atheist conference, a woman got up to ask a question “why do you guys keep occasionally say ‘female’ when you should instead say ‘woman'”? And she didnt like the answer she got, so she walked away to the rest room in a huff. Several blogs followed!

      They have an upcoming conference called (prominent role played by Melody as organizer!) where none of the speakers are religious women, or conservatives or liberals or non-feminists. It should actually have been named Lefty-feminists-in-atheism.

      So on and so forth. Its a tremendous learning experience for us rank-and-file.
      The community has largely become an echo-chamber.. in that its populated with mostly Left leaning people. Minimal conservatives, minimal libertarians. Many of us have come to the conclusion that religion is only a small problem. Its human nature itself, esp when in groups, thats a bigger problem.


    3. And that person ‘Oolon’ you talked to, he’s the author of a Twitter application called ‘The Block Bot’ that the feminist-Progressive-Atheist clique use to mass-block people on twitter they deem baddies.

      This ool0n clown is something else. His white knighting activities to protect his frail maidens to date have included posting imitation kiddie porn to a forum that has been severely critical of Hensley et al. in order to get it shut down, and starting a “joke” kickstarter to assassinate another critic that has been methodically documenting their lunacy.

      These are a very nasty bunch of people. Expect yourself to be added to the blockbot blacklist. Congratulations – its a merit badge.


      1. Wow. This is kind of crazy, truthfully. These people are insane. Not that I care about being added to their list of weirdness, because I couldn’t possibly care less abut having any kind of interaction with them. But the “joke” assassination? That’s a no-go. BIG no-go.


  8. Nice post. I assume though that you’re not greatly familiar with the feminist/atheist blogosphere community, or you’d know that getting a reply from Oolon is nothing to be terribly proud or surprised by. The guy replies to EVERYTHING. I wouldn’t be surprised if he replied to this comment. Hi Oolon! -waves, shakes ass-


    1. Never heard of any of them. The only thing that even attracted me to this piece is the initial article. They’re a weird, creepy bunch.


  9. Just so as you know, Ms. Hensley has a couple of handbag dogs – called Penelope and Princess Peapod. I shit you not.


    1. And, as my friend Natasha so aptly put it, a vaj-chin.


    2. Kathryn Brooks

      What an embarrassing, petty comment, to bring up Melody’s dogs. I shit you not.


      1. I’ll let the person you addressed answer more fully, but other than bringing up the FACT that she HAS them, I saw nothing negative posted about her dogs. The fact that she has them is fully public, so what’s your malfunction?


    3. Kathryn Brooks

      Don’t play dumb, Nicki, because you’re not. It’s perfectly clear that the post was meant to insult, and had nothing to do with the topic.


      1. I know I’m not dumb. My POINT, which you keep missing, which makes me wonder about YOUR intellect, is that nothing bad was said about the dogs. Again, I won’t speak for the poster, because I don’t know him/her, but I think the point was that this is very typical of the type of “feminist” she claims to be. And frankly, getting your labia chafed over something that says nothing offensive per se, but apparently hurt your tender little sensibilities would be amusing if it wasn’t so sad.


    4. Kathryn Brooks

      My point is that her pugs were disparagingly called handbag dogs, (which is ignorant in the first place as pugs weigh too much to be carried that way,) and then were referred to as vag-chin dogs. How a person’s choice of a pet would fit into this discussion is beyond me.

      Your sarcasm and vitriol (chafed labia, sadness, tender sensibilities, amusing) towards me speaks volumes.


      1. So you’re upset on behalf of her dogs?? Um… OK. TBH, I would have left discussion about the dogs out as well, but I don’t censor my readers, and frankly I don’t find that to be a horrible affront to the dogs. Doubt they care.

        As for my sarcasm and vitriol… that comes from several days of replying to precious cupcakes who became chafed at the fact that I do not see this woman a “survivor” or a hero of some sort. And by the way, at least I was objective enough to apologize for mistaking you for one of her Twitter posse, but if you still want to pout, I won’t stop you.


    5. Kathryn Brooks

      1. I’m not upset about her dogs. I’m merely stating an opinion.
      2. The affront was directed to the dog’s owner. I am quite aware that the dogs don’t care.
      3. Though you say you would have left the dogs out, you didn’t hesitate to insult them.
      3. I’m not a precious cupcake. If you’re fed up with others, it’s unfair to lash out at me.
      4. You apologized. Thank you.
      5. I’m discussing, not pouting.


      1. 1) I actually pointed out she has a vaj-chin in response to someone else’s comment (and quoting someone else to boot), and said nothing about the dogs, but whatever.
        2) You seem to be pretty upset about the dogs, but that’s my impression from this: My point is that her pugs were disparagingly called handbag dogs, (which is ignorant in the first place as pugs weigh too much to be carried that way,)
        3) I realize it’s unfair to lash out at you which is WHY I apologized. I thought you were part of that whole group, since they seem to party in droves. They deserve the lashing out.
        3) You repeated the number 3 twice. :-p
        4) You seem upset at several things, including the fact that I don’t buy the “Internet gave me PTSD and it’s as bad as that of combat vets'” scenario. You’re welcome to your opinion and you’re welcome discuss it, of course, as I don’t ban people, unless they’re incredibly offensive even by my standards. You also appear to be upset about my sarcasm and vitriol. *shrug*


    6. Kathryn Brooks: What an embarrassing, petty comment, to bring up Melody’s dogs. I shit you not.

      My comment was not about the dogs, who I feel pity for – and despite being pugs and too big for a handbag, appear to get treated as though they are handbag dogs. Or as baby substitutes.

      No, my comment was about Hensley and the fact that she hides in a fantasy land. I love how you folks do backwards somersaults in your Birkinstocks in order to find something to get offended about. This sweetie, is the nub of the problem.


  10. Melody Hensley is yet another lazy pedestrian opportunist.
    That she has “latched on to” supposed feminism (as a meme) is no more meaningful than a parasite latching on to its host.
    That she blithely dismisses others’ real trauma, as insignificant in relation to her utterly bathetic “fee-fees” is to be expected from such a venal and self-obsessed clown.
    Yet, you are correct to give it attention.
    For such is the naiveté of her pampered spoiled Western target-audience that they pay no heed to the vast contributions to their privileged existence that veterans enable.


  11. Just so you know, @Oolon is the guy Jack Billingham who started Twitter’s Blockbot, an extension that blocks trolls. Funny how the admins of that app do worse trolling than 90% of the people on their list


    1. So I’m told! LOL


  12. Nice piece, Nicki.

    Melody Hensley has a track record of contacting employers to try and get people fired, too.

    Lots of discussion about her and other Social Justice Warriors over at The Slyme Pit:

    BTW, franc’s comment about oolon (who IS the world’s biggest ass-clown, BTW) posting child porn is incorrect, if he’s talking about the Slyme Pit. oolon claimed to have screen-capped something someone else posted, which was likely NOT child porn.


    1. So, she can’t get her vaj cleared in an honest way, so she goes and tries to affect people’s livelihoods. How lovely.


  13. LMAO, so Lil Miz Vaj Chin has a mangina doing her bidding. Lovely! Bitch still didn’t fetch me my sammich, though…


    1. She needs to get right on that! LOL


  14. Let me get this straigh. She’s so traumatized by ordinary social imteraction that she won’t come out of her room. Sounds like evolution in action.


  15. why is she so important for you to actually express so much hate? by the way, much of what you wrote is very difficult to make sense of, and you can try to use a darker colour of font for better reading


    1. Hate? Poor Smowflake. Look up the difference between hate and disdain.


  16. Kathryn Brooks

    This post is an incredibly mean-spirited, judgmental display of “disdain” for a fellow human being who is in pain. PTSD is not limited to combat veterans. It’s sad that you feel her claim of PTSD takes something away from you and others.


    1. Oh, dear Snowflake – you seem to miss the point! The disdain (and I fully admit it is) is not for her “pain,” as you call it, but for the fact that she’s so weak-minded and pathetic, that she allows a bunch of Internet critics drive her to her bed. But I bet you missed that in your angst, didn’t you? Her claim is ridiculous on its face, because comparing the mental wounds of actual combat to being taunted by a bunch of mean people on the Internet is ridiculous on its face. But even IF true, what kind of “feminist” folds like a cheap tent when people challenge her? What kind of “feminist” claims she’s strong and will “keep on fighting,” while using her weakness and inability to cope with criticism as a crutch?


      On another note, I find it cute that you Vagina Warriors put people on a “block list,” when they tell you things you don’t want to see or hear, but have no problem coming over here to be heard and seen. Height of hypocrisy!


    2. Kathryn Brooks

      Nicki, I’m not Snowflake, nor am I a Vagina Warrior, nor have I blocked anyone.

      Aside from that, it seems you are blaming Melody for having been diagnosed with PTSD by a mental health provider. Is it just the label that you object to? If it was called a breakdown would it be acceptable?

      I served in the military, but never saw combat. Nonetheless, I have been known to fold like a cheap tent for mental anguish. My guess is that the Internet attacks were simply the straws that broke the camel’s back.


      1. Oh, you’re not one of the Twitter crew? My apologies. There’s a crew of Twatter warriors that descended upon me like a pack of chihuahuas and when I responded in kind, they put me on some kind of list that blocks me as a “level 3.” Thought you were one of those, which would have made it amusing as hell, considering their efforts to never hear or see any criticism.

        That said… Kathryn – No, it wouldn’t be acceptable under ANY label. You’re missing the point again. 1) this is a woman who allowed herself to become bedridden – BEDRIDDEN – because people were mean to her on the Internet. Instead of shutting off the computer for a while and chilling the hell out, she ran to a shrink and got herself a PTSD diagnosis and claims it is as bad as what veterans see in combat! The amount of gall that takes is spectacular! 2) She then claims she’s oh-so-strong, because she keeps doing what she’s doing even with the PTSD, as if allowing yourself to be bedridden and incapacitated is a sign of strength! This woman is absolutely incapable of healthy social interaction! THAT is my problem with her! Those of us who served understand there’s combat stress, there’s anguish of not seeing your family for months at a time. There’s pain from seeing your friends die. For her to claim the status of “survivor” and to act like some kind of hero because she got all chafed because of mean people on the Internet and then compare it to combat stress is comical and insulting!


        1. And additionally, these women are an affront to me personally, because they use feminism as a way to highlight their inadequacies as a function of someone else’s fault as a way to justify any failure. Didn’t get that job? It’s gender discrimination, and it’s not my fault. I’ll be a feminist and blame the men. Didn’t achieve your goal? It’s because men stand in my way, and since I’m a feminist, I’ll highlight the fact that I’m oppressed. See where I’m getting here? Feminism should never be defined as a strategy to blame others by your failure, but a determination to succeed despite the obstacles.


    3. So having a bunch people who you will never touch, feel or have any physical interaction with is the same as a soldier or Marine who goes out everyday into an environment that consists of landmines, IEDs, sniper fire and mortar fire for 6 to 18 months at a stretch with the included pleasure of pouring whatever remains of his friends into a body bag all the while collecting shit for pay, eating shit for weeks at a time plus living in conditions that are below medieval standards. So tell me again why I should feel sorry of this piece of shit?


    4. Kathryn Brooks: This post is an incredibly mean-spirited, judgmental display of “disdain” for a fellow human being who is in pain.

      Oh jesus. I know some Nigerian bankers that would really *love* to meet you…

      Hensley has a history of psychodramatic theatre that goes back as long as she’s been online. See her bespatter herself on her own soil in the CFI blogs and tell me how rational and balanced she is –

      As for her shrink, I’d like them to explain how Hensley has not skipped a day of tweeting since she made her account, even when bedridden with “PTSD” when the primary symptom of PTSD is avoidance of anything to do with the cause of it? She churns out around 20 tweets a day, year on year average. Please. That shrink is on a gravy train and they know it.


      1. So, I’m really unfamiliar with this whole feminista movement (which appears to me to be nearly as offensive as a bowel movement), but are these people really using “MRA” as in “men’s rights activist” as some kind of pejorative meaning “sexist” or “misogynist”?

        They appear to be a sisterhood of professional martyrs. Am I wrong? Am I misinterpreting something here?


  17. […] the other day, I wrote about Melody Hensley and her dubious claims that she contracted Teh PTSD™ from Twitter users being mean to her. What I didn’t tell you […]


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