This is why we’re raising a bunch of victims

I often have written about school zero tolerance sense policies and obscenely biased, wimpy, cowardly and downright idiotic policies that are churning out panty-soiling ignorami into our society. These are victims who are unable to stand up for themselves, who are too weak and ineffective to defend themselves, too lazy to take personal responsibility for their own safety, and dependent upon others – anyone but themselves – to keep them safe.

Want to see how schools spawn such gutless, torpid, pathetic excuses for actual human beings? They start with this.


This is the advice a school in Nebraska gives to children faced with bullying.

Do not stand up for yourself.

Do not treat bullies like enemies.

Be a good sport, and don’t tell on the person who is abusing you.

Just sit there and take it like a good pathetic victim!

This repulsive set of rules may be the most egregious example of the seeds of cowardice and ineptitude. This is where it all starts – in schools that breed spinelessness and impotence.

Luckily, after being inundated with a plethora of parental outrage, the school apologized and sniveled and finally sent home a flyer that at the very least doesn’t encourage kids to lay down and take it like good little victims.

When the Redhead was just a little guy – all of maybe 2-3 years old – he attended a private daycare near where we used to live. A small kid I’ll call Projectile (you will understand why in a minute) picked the Redhead as a chew toy. To this day I’m not sure what in the world the mother of that kid was doing to him. He bit, scratched and hit. He ate gravel. He refused to stop, no matter how much the staff of the daycare center tried to control him.

Poor little Redhead came home every day with welts all over his body – arms, legs, neck, torso – no part of his little body was immune to Projectile’s teeth! The staff didn’t know what to do other than to lock up Projectile the entire day, but that wasn’t exactly an optimal solution. So the Redhead and I sat down and had a little talk. And by talk, I mean I taught him how to hit – how to hit hard. If you think toddlers can’t learn this effectively, you’re sadly mistaken. We practiced for several hours, and I told him that if Projectile bit him again, he was to defend himself the way I taught him.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, I got a call the very next day. Apparently, Projectile decided that the Redhead tasted better than his lunch, so he sunk his teeth into his leg yet again.

That’s where it ended. The Redhead, I was told, struck out. He struck Projectile with such a forceful punch, that Projectile apparently flew back about three feet (hence earning his nickname), and sat there dazed for a minute.

The daycare director told me that while they do not condone violence, and they had no authorization to use corporal punishment on a child in their care, they could only watch the Redhead’s strike (and applaud internally, I was told).

End result: Projectile never bit the Redhead again. Ever.

He was still an odd child. He was sort of a savage kid, who still insisted on eating gravel and destroying books and toys. But at least he didn’t use the Redhead or any other kid as a chew toy.

Sometimes, you just have to stand up for yourself. In the end, you are your last line of defense, and no one in authority should encourage the idea that your natural state is that of a victim.

That just ain’t true.


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  1. Wow. This is some of the worst advice all around I’ve ever seen. The thing to do would be the OPPOSITE of everything on that list. When people used to tell me, “Just ignore it, it will go away” it used to frustrate and rankle me along these same lines. What a bunch of liberal hogwash.


  2. A bully wrote that flyer, seriously.
    My favorite part was rule #5, It takes two people to fight, so it’s the person who retaliates or responds, who actually starts the fight. Technically that is true…otherwise it is just a beating. Which you don’t report, unless you are ‘really hurt’. (per rule #7)
    I cannot figure out what whoever sent that flyer out was thinking. All my answers are not so nice.


  3. Skywalker, I’m not sure what you mean by liberal hogwash. LOL if you really believe liberals are teaching their kids to do this, then I think you’re mistaken. At this point I feel like we are blamed for the weather LOL! This is the advice of a crazy person. Every parent I know has trained their kid to hit back if a kid hits them. This advice is crazy and is psychologically formulated for effectiveness. It uses rhetorical repetitions and other things. I am going to definitely call this school and complain, I want the person who wrote this fired and barred from future public service with children. We are coming to get you…legally!


    1. Apologies in advance to anyone of the liberal persuasion who wouldn’t do this. That comment came from my time in a certain part of California that was overregulated and highly blue. They seemed to put a lot of restrictions on personal freedoms while discouraging a person’s ability to defend themselves. So again, sorry if it targeted you unfairly in any way.


  4. Sometimes turning the other cheek means turning the other persons cheek…bloody and mangled. My mother grew up with two older brothers during the Depression and she was adamant “I’m not going to fight your battles for you so you’d better learn.”


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  6. That’s terrible. These rules sound like they just don’t feel like dealing with the conflict that would occur if they actually did something. These aren’t solutions that help the victim, it just makes it so the victim gets to suffer in complete silence and inaction.

    Zero-tolerance rules are lazy,judgmental, and ignore scenarios.

    There are summer camps that do not do “zero tolerance” even for fighting, so that no one has to worry about simply fighting off their attacker without looking like a violent participant, and they’re doing just fine. Someone gets mad and hits you after you’ve hit them? You’re stuck with the punishment and they get off.

    I don’t understand the “personal responsibility” part for their own safety though. Some people aren’t as strong as others, one, they freeze, shit happens, etc, and anytime something happens to someone and someone ELSE did it, I don’t see a need to place judgment on the person who had something done TO them and calling them names as if they DID something to the person who attacked/did them wrong!

    They aren’t victims of people who didn’t stand up for themselves – no one is making them victimize people. Of course, it’d be great if they could be stopped in their tracks by their target, but getting mad at the target for not defending themselves as if the target-er was wronged is kinda fucked up. The target-er deserves the blame for their own actions, when it comes to *moral* judgments, that is. The only time the target’s lack of defense should be considered is when it’s about giving a shit about the target, not spitting upon them in disgust.


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