“Mental Health” as a Disarmament Tool

What happens to all those vets who may need some help getting acclimated when they return from downrange? Will they be disarmed? Will their personal relationship with their counselor or VA psychiatrist be revealed to anyone who accesses the NICS system, just so politicians can claim they closed that “mental health loophole”?

My latest for JPFO. Read it below.

via “Mental Health” as a Disarmament Tool.

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  2. Lets not forget our po licemen who are also exposed to very ixky things in their careers,especially the crime scene boys…every get up close to a decomp who has been hanging around for a couple of weeks or walk the rail road tracks picking up pieces of the guy who tried to beat the Northshore Limited? Does anyone think “PTSD”? Has their doctor ever prescribed “nerve” pills so they could function normally? You bet. Retired po licemen may become the next target for gun control enthusiasts.


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