Here’s what we know about the gunman

There was yet another shooting at Fort Hood yesterday. The gunman, 34 year old Ivan Lopez killed four people, including himself.

The gunman in the Fort Hood shooting was an active-duty enlisted soldier who served four months in Iraq and was being evaluated for PTSD, military officials said Wednesday night.

Ivan A. Lopez, 34, had previously served in the Army National Guard in Puerto Rico, a military official said. He was assigned to the 13th Sustainment Brigade at Fort Hood.

He was apparently being treated for depression, and self-reported as having had a traumatic brain injury after having served in Iraq.

“The soldier had not been wounded in Iraq, but was being treated for behavioral problems, anxiety and ‘a number of other psychological issues,'” according to this report.

Apparently his .45 caliber pistol was not registered on base and was brought there only recently.

So far this does not appear to be terrorism related, no matter how ardently some whose Twitter feed I had the misfortune of reading hoped it was.

I’m sure more details will emerge soon. Keep everyone there in your thoughts.

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  1. I hate to sound common, but there’s not much else to say. This is a bad one, a very bad one.


    1. You don’t sound common at all. This is horrible. This guy was getting help, but apparently that wasn’t enough.


  2. Chris Kyle’s shooter was also getting treatment. Makes one wonder what kind of “help” they are being given.


  3. At the end of last week the news media was mentioning that the army was looking for a soldier who had told friends he was going on a jihad and going to go after soldiers. Is this possibly the same guy??


    1. It is not. The friends of this recruit turned him in, and he’s currently under psychiatric care, because he’s apparently batshit crazy. No, this is a different situation completely and has nothing to do with the nutty would-be jihadist.


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