The King is Dead! Long Live the King!

For those of you interested, I have begun writing for Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. I will be writing three alerts weekly over there.

It’s a great organization, and I would urge you all to subscribe to the alerts. We have some great writers over there!

This is my first effort for them. More today and tomorrow.

The King is Dead! Long Live the King!.


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  1. Funny, You don’t look Jewish 😉


    1. “That’s not a nervous Jew, THIS is a nervous Jew!”

      “Funny, you don’t look nervous.”


      “Hey, some of my best friends are nervous.”

      From S.O.B., Blake Edwards’s sporadically funny temper tantrum over the lack of respect accorded his awful DARLING LILLY. Watch the former for Robert Preston’s hysterically funny turn as a Hollywood Quack Doctor. Avoid the former as if it were the plague.


  2. Oy vey, what an honor! JPFO way more grassroots than NRA these days. You will be in good company with Claire Wolfe! Her “Enemy at the Gates” column is always spot on.


  3. “Let this be a lesson to those of us in the United States. A government that stomps on your right to free speech in order to preserve its own power is not your friend. A government that demands you give up your right to keep and bear arms to preserve its own power is not your friend. A government that uses its supposed concern for your defenselessness as justification to invade your land in order to protect you from violence, while denying you your basic human right to defend yourself is not your friend.

    And neither is any government that uses its supposed concern for your safety as justification to disarm you and thereby make you less safe. The interim government of Ukraine is no better than the last one. Same concern for its own authority. Same lack of concern for the citizens’ rights. Same tyranny. Different face.”

    Government is NEVER your friend. It has, very occasionally, been a servant. It is more often a whimsical and annoying would-be master.


  4. I have to commend you on a really good article and the willingness to cut through the crap presented on the alphabet networks.

    Thank you.


    1. Thank YOU! Glad you like it.


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