Feinstein at it Again

Like herpes – the gift that keeps on giving – Dianne Feinstein (D-umbass) of California is at it again, trying to erode the right to keep and bear arms in the United States. I swear, this woman is a sore on the genitals of life! She just doesn’t stop! This time, she’s encouraging Dear Leader to use his Executive Order powers to ban firearms that make her shit her granny panties.  She wants 2014 to be a “Year of Action” vis-a-vis “assault weapons.” I keep wondering if that’s kind of like the “Year of the Pusillanimous Anti-Gun Dicknugget.”

The Great Claire Wolfe at JPFO has more.

Specifically, she targeting guns that are imported legally, looking like whatever she thinks “normal” weapons look like, but are later altered. Once in the country they’re taken down and rebuilt with made-in-USA parts to look more like military weapons. That is, they’re given features like thumb-hole stocks and higher magazine capacity. These, according to Feinstein’s letter, are “assault features.”

No one at JPFO has ever heard of an “assault feature.” We can’t even imagine how a feature could commit assault. But Ms. Feinstein seems to know an “assault feature” when she sees one, even if nobody else does.

Feinstein especially gets her knickers in a knot over one particular gun, the WASR-10, an AK-variant of Romanian origin, which is supposedly a favorite in Mexico.

Does me wanting to throat punch anyone this stupid make my fist into an “assault feature?”

Claire notes that the one good thing about Feinstein is that she and her ideas are getting old. Unfortunately, there’s never a shortage of gullible idiots willing to believe her tyrannical tripe.

As proof, I point you to my recent blog on the Nauckians of Arlington and their anti-gun shop dumbassery.

But I do hope Claire is right.

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  1. Twat-waffle. Sorry, that’s what I think of every time I hear that bitch’s name. Couldn’t she just stroke out? Her and her boobsi twin Boxer. They could have adjoining graves, together forever.


  2. My opinion is that liberals should stop trying to circumvent the constitution, and have the balls to try and change it. I’m not going to lie and say I think we are safer with guns, I don’t. But what I do believe is that if we can toy with the 2nd amendment, why can’t start toying with the 1st amendment? If you don’t like an amendment, work to repeal it. Stop trying to fuck with my constitution. So for that reason I am opposing attempts at unreasonable regulation. And stop with this assault rifle shit, it’s handguns that kill people, ok? HANDGUNS.


    1. Well, my handgun must be defective, then. All three of them. Because none of them have ever actually killed anyone. Hmmm… I need to see if I can trade them in. They seem to just lie there. :-\

      They can certainly TRY to change the Constitution, but that will never work. They don’t have enough support for that. I guarantee you. The Second Amendment says what it says. It’s plain English and has been confirmed by court decisions. Feinstein needs to shut her fat, ignorant yap.


    2. “If you don’t like an amendment, work to repeal it. Stop trying to fuck with my constitution.”

      This. And the key is that “Liberals” (and I use the term wrongly, as do they) want the State to have the authority to regulate EVERYTHING, so that The Right People can make exceptions for the just and the good. And that isn’t Liberalism, it isn’t Communism, it isn’t Socialism. It’s just how would-be Ruling Classes THINK. It’s how the European Aristocracy thought, and the Southern Plantation Owners, and the Caesars. They HATE the Constitution because they hate the idea of any constraints on their wonderful selves. But that isn’t new, it isn’t unique, for every petty Leftist nitwit we have today who is eager to flout the Constitution because she KNOWS she’s right, there was a small minded Republican swine in the 19th Century who wanted to do the same thing. And, if we should triumph over the Western Intellectual Twits, similar scoundrels will arise from within OUR ranks.

      The would-be Rulers. The Right Thinkers. The Guillotine-bait. A pox on ALL OF THEM.


  3. They will not be able to repeal the 2nd amendment within 50 years is my guess. But the anti americans trying to go around our constitution might get it before then. Do you have an estimate?


    1. An estimate about when they will be able to repeal the Second Amendment? They won’t. Not in our lifetimes. This nation will cease to exist first. The tide is turning in favor of gun rights, not against them. The Feinsteins of the world will hopefully either become extinct or so inconsequential, that their existence will be remembered as nothing more than a beer fart after a kegger.


  4. Ryan,
    You don’t think we are safer with guns? How about when the guy broke into my apartment at 930 AM and I pointed my gun at him? He shit himself and ran away.

    How about when a guy jumped our fence and I intercepted him while my wife emerged behind me with a 45 trained on him? He decided it would be a good idea to jump back over the fence.

    How about when four mexicans tried to jump me in my own garage just after I got home from work. I pulled my .45 ACP, 1911 and just held it in front of me. Never even pointed it at them. All four ran to their car and sped off.

    I guess a strongly voiced Halt, or I shall say Halt, again, would have kept me safe?

    There is no such thing as an “assault weapon,” Weapons are designed to “assault” people.


  5. Your fists are already an “assault feature”, and what’s more is that more people are killed by fists each year in the USA than with rifles of any kind (by roughly a 2-1 margin). Clubs (baseball bats, hammers, any “blunt force trauma” infliction device) are used to kill 50% more than rifles are in a typical year. But Dianne and Nancy won’t left facts stand in the way of their power grab (and that’s what it is, they want to take our power from us).


  6. I don’t know whether to laugh or throw up when I think of Feinstein, Schumer, Boxer, Reid, et al. These people are political LEADERS in this great country! What the hell has happened to us? The only thing that saved us from Anthony Weiner was his delusionary sex appeal. Why can’t these people start sexting so we can get rid of them? Let’s all start referring to them as sexy and maybe they will self destruct. I guess politics is full of people who never felt sexy so they made themselves powerful.


  7. The media gives her a forum. Whether they agree, or not is not important, since the drama Feinstein presents causes viewers, which is revenue.

    Second Amendment rights will always be demanded by United States citizens, whether as just pointing out the words in the Constitution, or from armed citizens protecting their rights.

    Nobody came to the U.S. to continue their life as a peon to the arbitrary whims of corrupt officials. The Second Amendment insures this unwillingness of servitude. The harder the politicians and bureaucrats push, the citizens push back harder with the acquisition of more firearms,


  8. It’s like they invented a four letter word beginning with C just to describe her.


  9. “Does me wanting to throat punch anyone this stupid make my fist into an “assault feature?””

    No, but wearing a scary glove or rings would. Or, maybe, certain tattoos.


    1. I’m afraid of needles. That won’t work.


  10. That evil witch may be old but she seems ageless and immortal. Like she is empowered by some mix of ancient malevolence and silicone injections. Her body refuses to rot and decay, like those 10 year old Mcdonald’s french fries under the booster seats! Truly nightmarish!


  11. This time, she’s encouraging Dear Leader to use his Executive Order powers to ban firearms that make her shit her granny panties.

    “Well, you’ve made your decision. Now, let’s see you enforce it.

    –The Crow


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