Arlington idiots protest new business

Because *GASP* it’s a…


Have I mentioned that some Arlington residents really are hysterical, hoplophobic panty wetters?

The Nauck Civic Association sent out an email this week saying it heard from “reliable sources” that a gun shop was in lease negotiations with the owners of the Shirlington Heights Condominiums (2249 S. Shirlington Road).

“We, the members of the Nauck Civic Association Executive Committee are very concerned about locating this business in our community,” the email states. “Although, we are attempting to solicit businesses to locate within our community, we are not convinced that this type of business fits the description of what the residents seek.”

How cute. Nauck residents are protesting a lawful business, because… GUNS! And SHUT UP!

There are complaints in the comments section of the story above that the petition (or maybe if the county actually prohibits the store from opening in Arlington) violates the Second Amendment. That’s a stupid argument that makes gun rights advocates appear ridiculous and uneducated. This has nothing to do with the Second Amendment. No one has (yet) prohibited Arlington residents from keeping and bearing arms.

This is a market issue.

Obviously this store believes there is enough demand in the area for it to make a profit. Otherwise, why the hell would it try to locate here?

Idiots in Nauck have every right to protest the location of the gun shop in their neighborhood, and we have every right to call their mewls of opposition ridiculous.

Just what is the “type of business” these douchenuggets seek? Legitimate? Check. Small? Check. Quiet? I would think so, since I can’t imagine any criminal being stupid enough to try and hold up a gun store.  Well, OK… I can. But predictable results ensure, with nary a shot fired!

Ohhhhh…. not the eeeeeeevil gunssses! I guess they were all out of hemp clothing stores, Birkenstock outlets and organic  seed shops!

It’s a legal product, sold to people who treasure their rights, who are smart enough and courageous enough to take responsibility for their own safety. If you don’t like it, please by all means, rely on police to protect you. Maybe that average response time of 11 minutes will save your worthless hides, and maybe not, but those of us who are able to use tools of self defense to protect ourselves and those we love, would like to see these tools sold nearby.

Get over it.


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  1. There are 11 positions on the Nauck Civic Association Executive Committee. 10 are filled and they are currently looking for a new treasurer. A look are their pictures will immediately tell you that they are not a racially balanced group, being heavily dominated by one racial group. This can only be the result of racial bigotry.

    Here’s the link:


  2. The D.C. area is infested with liberals. A less polite society would be contacting the exterminators.


  3. Arlington Idiots ?? But, you repeat yourself. . .


  4. […] Arlington idiots protest new business […]


  5. I once lived in the D.C. area. My experience of Arlington was that the otherwise sensible, socially Conservative Virginians were being displaced by City-Core Delusional Liberals from the District, kind of like the way cockroaches spread from one building in a block to another. The Arlington bunch were a tad precious; putting on airs about their ‘city’ that the facts on the ground did not support. They had (when I was there, anyway) placed so many restrictions on business in Arlington that it was a cultural wilderness. I suspect that this bunch might oppose a gun shop from a realistic fear that access to firearms might spike the local suicide statistics sharply.


  6. Yeah how cute! The anti-gun nutters are at it again. Only in the district of corruption do these ingits survive and apparently thrive to yet live another hour in their miserable minds to lay waste to the common sense individuals, who apparently know much more then these ingits do regarding protecting themselves against these very mental midgets with tyranny on their minds. Lets not forget the very reason for the Second Amendment, its our to hold onto in defense of these very ingits unwilling to leave us all the hell alone in our devices to protect ourselves against the tyranny they continuously threaten us with. I keep thinking, “no one can be this stupid and dangerous to our lives can they”, apparently there is no shortage in this category of useful idiots within the district of corruption, and I have been a fool all along to think, leaders have good sense to leave well enough alone without stirring up a hornets nest in the process.
    Semper Fi.


  7. Lived in that area once back in the 80’s and transferred out as soon as I could. I couldn’t stand it. Snobs and effiminates abounded plus high cost of living and unbearable traffic. I’d love to see that part of VA come to the realization they are too good for the rest of VA and merge with that sh&thole, DC. Perfect fit.


  8. I saw a great bumper sticker; “If guns are outlawed… how will I shoot the liberals?”


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