Freehold out in hard cover!

Those of you who have been following my writing for a while know I’ve been a fan of Michael Z. Williamson’s work since his first novel hit the shelves. Mike and I have known one another since probably 2001 or so. I knew him when “Freehold” was a rough, libertarian novel on 3 1/2 inch floppy disk! No, I’m not kidding. I have the entire novel on that outdated medium. I joke around with Mike that when he croaks, I’ll sell it on Ebay for a fortune!

The original “Freehold” came out in paperback in 2004, and Mike had to inscribe two copies for me, because my poor, sweet, perpetually hungry, late lab Gilbert ate the first copy.

Well, guess what!

“Freehold” is being is being re-released in a signed, hardcover edition.  This is a one time run, and there will only be about 1000 of them printed, so this is your chance to get one of my favorite books right bloody now! I reviewed “Freehold” back then, and my opinion of the book hasn’t changed since it was first released.

Kendra Pacelli escapes from a human hell — the kind of Earth most dread, but know deep inside that we could become if we continue on our present course. Human beings are controlled by government, by force, tracked, licensed and regulated. The United Nations, corrupt and power-hungry, governs earth with a socialist iron fist. Framed for a crime she didn’t commit, Kendra escapes to the Freehold of Grainne – a society of a truly free people that refuses to become part of the UN’s domination plans.

In her new home, Kendra learns what it’s like to be truly human – to live, love, work, deserve, achieve and succeed without a power-hungry government controlling her every move. She learns that to be a wholly human means relying on oneself, taking responsibility for one’s own actions and reaping the consequences. She realizes that true freedom is not easy, but worth defending.

As is typical of tyrannies, the UN cannot afford for the Freehold to exist. It cannot afford to allow its enslaved sheep to realize just how subjugated they are. The UN cannot tolerate the existence of a free, uninhibited society, so it attempts to destroy Freehold and the beneficial, successful society its inhabitants treasure.

It is during this war that Kendra learns how much she treasures freedom and what she will sacrifice to preserve it.

So go here. Pre-order the book, and have Mike sign it.

Just don’t let your dog eat it.

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  1. Done and done, Nicki. You already know that I’m also a fan and have read most of what he’s written. Thanks for the tip. I look forward to receiving this in a couple of months!!!


    1. Oh, GREAT! I’m glad. I’ll tell him to write something smart-assy as an inscription!😉


  2. Ironically, I was looking at the “Manage my kindle” thing on Amazon today and making a list of all the stuff I liked for a future post on the subject and I saw Freehold in there. Doing a fantasy list first, but when I get to SciFi he’ll be in there.


    1. I didn’t know you could do that for the Kindle. I’ll need to go check that out.


  3. O_O

    i love this book.
    i emailed the author a few years back and got a response which was awesome.
    i gotta rob peter to pay paul but its so worth it to have a second book signed by him.

    i view your blog from time to time but i picked a great time to drop by again.


    1. Mike is usually very responsive to correspondence. I’m really glad you stopped by.


  4. Just a note to let you know my copy of Kratman’s “The Caliphate” arrived in the mail this morning! I look forward to starting it tonight. Thanks for the tip. I forgot in which thread it was we discussed this book. I’m looking forward to my copy of “Freehold,” too. I found my other copy yesterday–hidden away in the back of my bookshelves. I’m eagerly anticipating my signed copy in May.


    1. Let me know how you like it.🙂


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