*GASP* It’s a cross!

I often write about frothing fundamentalist fruitcakes on this blog – those who screech about the First Amendment even as they seek to use government force to impose their beliefs on everyone else, and those who picket funerals of children and fallen troops to get publicity for their asstarded “Got hates fags” message.

I also often blog about butthurt, shitslurping atheists, who become faint at the mere sight of a cross, and who spend their apparently copious amounts of free time, suing everyone and everything in order to force the removal of any trace of religious symbols from their sight, because apparently it makes their genitals ache to hear someone say a prayer in public.

This blog post is about the latter. (h/t Jonn at This Ain’t Hell).

Apparently, an overly sensitive atheist became horribly agitated and shocked… SHOCKED, I tell you… at the sight of a Bladensburg Cross memorializing fallen Soldiers on what is apparently public land!

Oh, noes! I has an ache in my anus from seeing cross! It hurts! It feels like I’ve been sodomized with a cheese grater – all because I was exposed to… A CROSS!

Steven Lowe, a plaintiff from Washington, said was “shocked” when he first saw the cross and is “upset” whenever he passes it, according to the complaint obtained by the newspaper. 

“He believes that the Bladensburg Cross associates a Christian religious symbol with the state and gives the impression that the state supports and approves of Christianity, as opposed to other religions, and that the state may even prefer Christians and Christianity over other religions,” the complaint reads.

Sorry, dude. It gives no such impression. As an atheist, I’m really embarrassed to be associated in any way, shape or form with this band of douchebags, for whom the mere sight of a symbol that could be associated with Christianity creates such pain and suffering, that they have to waste taxpayer resources in a lawsuit to remove the thing that so offends their tender sensibilities!

Seriously? Shut the fuck up!

It’s a historic memorial to remember fallen Soldiers. Not a single person with any common sense would somehow mistake this for any kind of “preference” for one faith over another.

But then again, butthurt atheists don’t have a shred of common sense. Whether it’s the campaign to remove “In God We Trust” from American money, or the incredible, painfully burning stupid of their efforts to pressure Tim Tebow to stop praying during football games, these blubbering dildoes have taken up a crusade… pardon my religious reference… to eradicate any trace of anything religious from the public eye.

My view is the following…

You want to pray? Pray. I don’t give a shit where you pray, as long as you’re not staging your revival on my lawn, or passing legislation mandating that I pray.

You want to put up a work of art that contains a religious theme, teach classes about various religions in public schools? Go for it. It’s art. It’s history. Whether the perpetually enraged atheists like to admit it or not, religion is an indelible part of history and art, and acknowledging it or teaching about it does not equate to a violation of the First Amendment.

This cannot be equated in any way with an “establishment of religion.” Establishing or preferring one religion over another is not equal to learning about it or even seeing a damn cross as a memorial and a historic reminder of the sacrifices made by our military!

Ferpetessake, humanists! Get a life!

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  1. Agreed, Nicki. I AM a Christian and I’m becoming more and more concerned for my country and some people wanting to eradicate an essential and vital part of our history from the public square. Prayer, crosses, menorahs, stars of David, even crescents HARM NO ONE. If you are that easily “offended,” you always have the option to look at something else, cover your ears, don’t READ a prayer that’s printed somewhere or just busy yourself with something else while someone is praying within earshot. Don’t like “In God We Trust” on our currency or coins? Don’t READ it. Don’t like the “under God” part of the Pledge of Allegiance? Don’t SAY it.


    1. Actually, I must disagree with you on one point; the words “Under God” do not belong in the Pledge of Allegiance, not because of some fetish for “Separation of Church and State” but simply because the man who wrote the thing didn’t put them there. If you like a man’s work enough to use it in ritual, you owe him the respect to NOT EDIT THE DAMN THING.


  2. I use a cross or crucifix for many pastoral care activities. Including an exorcism, where demons are repelled in anguish at the notion of it.

    Sometimes it even works without the liturgy. Like now…



    1. I use a cross to mark the spot for hidden treasure.😉


    2. I think my analogy fits this situation better…don’t you?🙂


      1. Wikstrom says whatever you say is right. :-p I don’t argue with him. Ever! LOL!


  3. Really? When are he and his partners in crime going to start suing city municipalities because they can drive by a church on a public street and see a cross on a church? How dare a church put a cross on its building so close to a public street! Oops….I shouldn’t give them any ideas!
    PS …and whatever McNeely says!


    1. Well look who decided to show his furry ass up around here!!🙂


  4. I used to be an atheist, like yourself. However, I wasn’t an antitheist like this lost soul. Atheists simply don’t believe there’s a God…antitheists FIRMLY BELIEVE there is no God, and you’re going to fall in step with that whether you like it or not. (I don’t really dig that sort of attitude in any context, and I don’t think you do either. 😉 )

    I know it won’t mean anything to you, Nicki, but may God bless and keep you.


    1. You’re wrong. I appreciate good wishes and good thoughts from people, so it DOES mean something.🙂


  5. Your god is my next Big Mac.

    Honestly, I don’t care if you worship God, Allah or Dweezel. As long as you don’t try to shove your beliefs down my throat, I couldn’t care less. And if you’re an Aethist, or Agnostic, why do you care? Nobody is shoving you into a church to pay homage to a mythical being. Let the believers believe, and leave the rest alone. You’ll have less ulcers.


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  7. I remember being ranted at by a proselytizing atheist about public crosses and the horrors of Christianity. I suggested to him that as a member of a faith responsible for one hundred million state sponsored murders in a single century, possibly he should shut his damned mouth. I think I shocked the little twit.

    Not that Christianity is blameless. Neither is any other faith. I have had dabbling Western Buddhists assure me that Buddhism does not meddle in secular matters, and I have told them “Go look up the word Yamabushi, and get back to me”. But Moral Superiority from the Atheistical Left that has been at the forefront of cheerleading for every Psychotic Head of State with a nice line in Revolutionary patter is a little bit much.


  8. Hello all, a quick intro, I call myself the reader because I normally never comment on anything I read. This time is different, I almost pissed my pants laughing at the article written, very clever wording ( although a little on the brash side lol). I prefer to not comment on my view of sex, religion or politics but I enjoy seeing the opinions of others.


    1. Welcome! Glad I could give you a laugh!


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