Conspiritards at it again

There’s a particular group of paranoid cranks whose first kneejerk reaction subsequent to any tragedy is to claim United States involvement, U.S. government responsibility, CIA, etc. You know the types. 9-11 was a CIA conspiracy. Boston Marathon bombing was a false flag operation (of course these dipshits are also frothing anti-vaccination crusaders, who think that cancer can be cured by cinnamon and vinegar enemas or something, so this is not suprising). Sandy Hook massacre was a government operation. There’s never been a conspiracy theory these freaks haven’t embraced, as long as it involves the eeeeeeevil government and the victimized people. It makes them feel good that “they” are the only ones with the open mind and the intelligence to discern the conspiracy, and everyone else (according to their twisted logic) who doesn’t believe their theories on sedition must be an ignorant sheep.

These fruitcakes’ latest crusade is to blame the U.S. government for the violence in Ukraine. Apparently, according to their latest calculations based on exactly nothing, is that this is “another government overthrow backed and funded by the US.” Because apparently Ukrainians are so poor, they will get themselves shot at by Ministry of Interior forces for a few thousand bucks. “Ave GDP in Ukraine has fallen 20% in 6 years. GDP per person is now $60 a week,” he says. “$25 Euro to go riot against the Government they hate along with all their mates already angry at the Government?” He claims that’s a realistic scenario, and of course, you’re a dumb sheep if you can’t see this happening. “Yep I can see that happening. Why can’t you?”


Why can’t we? Perhaps, because we’re not fucking idiots.

Ukraine is not by any means a leading world economy, but at the same time, it’s not bad enough for anyone to accept a few bucks to get shot at by Ukrainian forces.

Ukraine’s GDP grew from nearly $108 billion in 2006 to $176.3 billion in 2012. GDP per capita in 2012 was roughly $3900, up from $2300 in 2006. Ukraine’s economy declined drastically during the 2009 global economic crisis, but whose didn’t? And Ukraine’s shadow economy, which experts estimate to be about 40 percent of its overall economy? In other words, this conspiritard is full of shit, as they usually are.

In order to believe what this douche canoe is saying, one must believe that the United States somehow paid individuals to put themselves in the line of fire after months of peaceful protests, knowing that there’s a chance they would die, because we wanted Yanukovych deposed, opening the door to a special election, risking already fragile relations with Russia, and causing the deaths and injuries to hundreds of people in the process and supporting the extreme right Pravyi Sektor – a bunch of violent neo-Nazi freaks – who hop up and down with joy at the thought of violence.

Oh, and why did we do this?

Because apparently, we want to put missiles in Ukraine.

Um. What?

Hey, conspiritards – do us all a favor, and stick to chemtrails and Big Pharma schemes to kill us all. This foreign policy thing is not your forte.

IN ADDITION: I really need to add the following. The head of the Russian Duma’s international affairs committee blamed the West for the violence in Ukraine, claiming that Western pressure was responsible for the influx of extremists into Ukraine. I find this to be amusing, considering the mini trade war Moscow initiated against Kyiv last August in order to pressure Ukraine into refusing to sign the association agreement with the EU, as well as the gas prices and loans Russia has been using as an extortion tool.

But hey conspiritards – if you want to ignore obvious Russian involvement while spreading around bizarre “CIA paid demonstrators to get violent in Kyiv” theories, go right ahead. No one takes you seriously anyway.


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  1. I agree with you about the Ukraine. However about the Marathon Bombers and Sandy Hook, they happened at a suspiciously beneficial time for Obummer.


    1. There’s is NO beneficial time to have people maimed and children murdered. Ever. For anyone.


    2. Consider it from a power hungry sociopaths point of view. I’m getting flack, I need something to get attention off me, a few peasants are not a big price. Or someone who worships Obummer doing it on its own.


    3. While I’m not in agreement with VonZorch, your reply was naive at best. Well placed tragedies and outrages have been politically useful since man invented the 1st fence.


  2. I **HAVE** seen a little evidence that one of George Soros’s organization had sent some funding to several groups which became central to the Resistance.

    But that’s as far as ANY link to the US of A goes, and Soros funds a lot of crap. . .


  3. …and Soros isn’t an American. His only relationship to the U.S. Government is that he “owns” Obama and much of his cabinet.


  4. I’d be naive to think there wasn’t some influence from world powers to promote their current political opinion. It always happens, and politicians lick up the gravy, like dogs under the table.

    Hopefully, the people of the Ukraine are blessed with a new government; founded on a belief that liberty is most important, and thrive in the coming years.


  5. Will you permit me to place this on twitter?


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