Oliver is a good news story

Yesterday, I published a blog entry on my friend’s little dog Oliver, who needed a host of medical procedures, and who was consequently abandoned by people (and I use that word VERY loosely) who made a commitment to care for him.

Well, Lauren just sent me a note with very good news: the vet is kind enough not to charge her for Oliver’s cherry eye surgery. This drops the bill from $950 to $750, and they’re almost there, with $190 to go.

Lauren says she and her boyfriend can easily afford the remainder, and she’s floored and grateful at the response and support she’s gotten from all of you, as well as the notes of love for her tiny little guy! (I say “tiny,” because Tucker is about six times Oliver’s size!)

In any case, Oliver is a good news story. He will get the care and medical attention he needs, and thanks to those of you who helped make this little guy a healthy dog!

I promised I’d post photos of Oliver, and I will once he’s healthy and Lauren sends me some!

Thanks again to all of you wonderful, kind, generous folks out there for helping Oliver find the love, care and happiness he deserves!


3 responses

  1. That’s awesome! I could draw some socio-political corollaries from this but I think, for the sake of not bogging down good news with such things, I’ll just leave unsaid but vaguely alluded to.


  2. The giving just had to be done.


    1. You have no idea how grateful she is!!!! I am too. Thank you!!!


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