Another furry little friend that needs your help

When my kids were growing up, the oldest was best friends with a set of twin girls down the street. Lauren and Ashley practically grew up at our house, and I have always considered them as sort of my own (sorry, Lori!). These girls are now in their 20s. They’ve graduated college, and have grown into beautiful, intelligent, kind adults. Ashley became a teacher, and Lauren is in graduate school studying psychology at Marshall University. Both young women make my heart sing!

Recently, Lauren rescued a little dog – a beagle, who wandered up to her one day a few weeks ago without an address. Lauren took him to the vet, found the owner and with a heavy heart returned the little guy. That was mid-January. It is now mid-February, and the scumbags who let this little guy just wander away, decided they didn’t want him. Just like that. Apparently, the sweet little guy needed medical attention, and they weren’t willing to provide.

So Lauren stepped up, and little Oliver is now her pup!


I’m a happy little dog!

But, Oliver’s medical problems didn’t go away. The list of procedures is not overwhelming, but for a grad school student still looking for a job, Oliver’s bills can seem insurmountable! So Lauren set up a GoFundMe site to help with Oliver’s medical needs.

Unfortunately, due to his mistreatment before he reached our home, he needs quite a few medical procedures. Some of these medical procedures we were aware of and others we were not. To ensure that he has the best quality of life, he will be undergoing surgery on February 27th, 2014. 

List of procedures:
4 Teeth Pulled
Cherry Eye Surgery
Skin removed (possibly cancerous)
Pre-Blood Work for Surgery
Vaccines (Lyme disease, Bordetella, 2nd distemper booster, Leptospira)
Antibiotics/Pain Medicine for After Surgery

Lauren told me that she was willing to sacrifice whatever she needed to get Oliver well, and the vet says this little man will be perfectly healthy after all these procedures are done! The entire thing will cost about $900, and I am committed to helping Lauren and Oliver to reach that goal!

I know I ask you guys for a lot of help for these poor abused, mistreated, neglected, lonely animals, but this one is more personal to me. I know Lauren, and I know her heart. I know how much she is willing to sacrifice for this tiny little creature that stole her heart away.

I know I have a lot of readers on this site. I know some of you come for the politics, some come for the military stuff, and some of you come to bask in the glory that is my invective (OK, I may be kidding on that one a little), but if you would… please… just contribute a minute amount ($5, $10, $20… anything!) whatever you can right here, you would be helping a little dog who once was abandoned, but now has found someone to love and care for him!

Just click on this link, and give whatever you can! Any amount – big or small – will help get Oliver the help he needs! $900 may not seem like a lot, but to a young woman just starting out, working on her degree, it seems like a fortune! If just a few of you went over and donated a few bucks, she could easily reach that goal and help Oliver get better!

So I’m asking you today, as fellow human beings, as those with a heart and soul… please help heal Oliver!


oliver 2


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  1. In wish I could have helped more than I did. But like they say, every little bit helps. I love beagles, they are such great dogs


    1. Robert, I can’t even begin to thank you! It doesn’t matter how much. What matters is you opened your heart. I know Lauren is grateful for every penny! Thank you. Thank you so much! If I can ever repay your kindness, please know I would in a heartbeat!


  2. This little guy is amazing. I am fostering him for Lauren until she moves into a home that will allow dogs. Lauren has already sacrificed so much for him. She paid $200 in vet bills before she even knew he was going to be her dog, drove seven hours to bring him here, went shopping to get him all of the necessities for a dog, and will be moving into a new house in June when her lease is up just so she can keep him!

    He is currently snuggled up next to me and my hound dog in bed. He deserves every bit of help we can find for him. Thank you to every one who helps out. He is such an amazing dog. It will be so difficult to say goodbye to him in June.


    1. Thank you so much for being so kind and helping Lauren with this sweet little boy! 🙂


  3. […] Another furry little friend that needs your help […]


  4. We just went through the same thing last October – older golden retriever whose “people” were going to dump him in a park because he needed too much $ in medical treatment. After going thru a couple other people we wound up with him and got everything dealt with, then adopted him to the head of a local golden rescue. I love it when we can make these into success stories, and sometime hate people 😦


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