Why should anyone forgive Cherish Byers? (UPDATED)

Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock during the past few days, you’ve seen the three-year old photo of Cherish Byers obscenely tonguing a POW/MIA picture. If you haven’t, you need to take a look here.


After the photo went viral, the military promised to take swift and decisive action in this matter, and is investigating Byers, who is now an Air Force Staff Sergeant with the 92nd Security Forces Squadron.

Not unexpectedly, several opinion pieces followed the revelation of the disrespecting photo, along with several excuses for this woman’s unacceptable behavior. One such sniveling, excuse-laden piece was published yesterday here. Entitled “Why Cherish Byers should be forgiven,” the dimwitted author of the piece makes every excuse for her embarrassing behavior – from “she’s hot” to “she’s in the military” to “RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACIIIIIISM!”

As evidence, the author shows nine photos of Cherish Byers (one of them, a close-up of her ass in booty shorts – how classy!), ostensibly to portray her as human and deserving of “forgiveness.” He (I’m assuming the writer is male) then goes on to list several reasons why we should “forgive” this dumb bitch.

First of all, she’s currently in the military — a civilian doing that would have been much worse.

No, moron. A civilian doing that would not have been worse. It’s disrespectful, foul, disgusting, repugnant, disgraceful and insolent, no matter who does it, but a person wearing a United States military uniform, who should know and understand what a sacrifice these men have made for their countries, who should respect and revere this sacrifice, and who should feel a camaraderie and fellowship with those who still haven’t made it home, as well as a measure of human decency for people like Clara Gantt, whose beloved just made it home a couple of months ago, and whom she spent a lifetime loving and missing and awaiting, and being true to her entire life… Not that I would expect a person who posts photos of her booty short-clad ass all over the Internet to understand that.

Secondly, perhaps this was her way of dealing with stress and anxiety of military life.

OK, dickhead, let’s start with the fact that this dumb twat was wearing what looks to be a black rope in this photo, which is apparently not authorized outside of training and signifies the wearer is part of a Student Drill Team or Special Activities Team. So she was in school. In. School. Hardly the type of stressful and anxious environment one would use as an excuse for inappropriate behavior! And you know what? No matter how much stress she was trying to blow off, SHE. WAS. IN. UNIFORM. She was in uniform, embarrassing herself, that uniform, the United States Air Force and the military overall. There’s no excuse.

Third of all, the footage is from three years ago and she has undoubtedly grown since then.

She may well have grown since then. However, a grown up person does not hide after this photo goes viral. An adult owns up to her own stupidity, apologizes publicly, and takes responsibility for it. But, the photo in question has been out there for three years, and only after it went viral did this dim bint delete her social media pages. She hadn’t thought about maybe doing this before? Or maybe issuing an immediate and public apology for her stupidity?

Yeah… grown up my ass.

And finally, a portion of the hate is race based. A blonde, white wouldn’t get the same level of vitriol — which is an undeniable fact in today’s society.

And here we have it, folks. The inevitable race card. She’s only causing outrage because she’s black! She’s being targeted because she’s black! She’s a victim, because a white person would not have been castigated in such a manner!


How many remember the story of Lindsey Stone?

lindsey stone

Who? This twisted, obnoxious, very white piece of Caucasian detritus that was eventually fired from her job for stupidly posting this photo on her Facebook page from a trip she took with her employer – on her employer’s dime – being a disrespectful, toxic, pernicious twat. The outrage on the Internet was so palpable, it was surprising, this dumb twat didn’t feel millions of hands bitchslap her stupid face through her computer screen!

Yeah. Your allegations of racism are invalid, schmuck.

Here’s what happened. Three years ago, this savage posted a disgusting, disrespectful and disgraceful photo of herself on the Internet wearing the uniform and dishonoring her service and the military in general. And now she’s facing the consequences of her actions. Period.

Forgive her?

There’s no forgiveness to be given here. It’s not up to me to issue forgiveness.

But I can certainly issue a judgment, based on the evidence available so far. And my judgment is that she’s repugnant to the core and doesn’t deserve to wear the uniform.

What, if any, penalties will befall this idiot, will be decided by the Air Force, not by me.

UPDATE: The guys at This Ain’t Hell found this odious dildo’s Facebook page before she deleted all of her social media.


She doesn’t care what she did was wrong. It doesn’t occur to her that maybe she should apologize for this mistake. She can only make the excuse that she was young and stupid AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL those years ago (three, to be exact) and that people need to stop bugging her, because she’s been oh-so-awesome since then! No apology. No contrition. Not even a sign of remorse other than the fact that the photo was leaked. So just get off Facebook, all of you offended racists! Go take care of your children, because they might one day make the same stupid mistakes.

Well, you dumb bitch. My daughter is now a U.S. Marine, and I guarandamntee you I raised her better than to show the ultimate disrespect to people who made the ultimate sacrifice.

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  1. I spent a few minutes this afternoon watching YouTube videos of service members surprising their families, when they arrived home.

    The videos brought tears. These people, who endure the absence of those they love, were rewarded with surprises that can only be described as wonderful moments, and testaments to the sacrifices of our members of the military.

    So, when anyone disrespects those that serve – especially those that never come home – it’s a deplorable action that demands the derision of anyone with a decent heart.

    It’s not our forgiveness that’s important. When they develop a conscience, realize the evil of their actions, they should only hope they can find peace.


  2. Excellent fisking, Nicki. As to those who defend her, I only say, “As a member of the military, she WOULD know better.” Not just “should”. What a twatwaffly fucktard.


  3. I am sure that when your daughter was in Boot Camp, she was warned more than once that doing something idiotic and disrespectful like that will bring a whole bunch of wrath on your head.

    But it looks like Air Force higher ups are going to be sitting down with a meal made from her ass over this.


    1. Well, I’m sure the race card will be played in full force. :-\


    2. Sadly, that’s pretty much a given. But since the military is now in draw down mode, she chose a very bad time to be stupid.


  4. First, I really like your writing style. Straight, to the point, with enough large words to really pique my interest. I had to look up one of them. Lol.

    Second, you bought up the point that she must be in a school. That’s very true. In the old days, you went to Airman Leadership School and/or NCO
    Prep School. If you were lucky, you went to both. TAH has a new picture on their FB, that shows, what looks to be our young Cherish, along with a few friends engaging in the same shenanigans. Two licking the sword. And two in the reflection of the glass case.

    I’m researching the background to see what school it was. They also need to be schooled on Honor, Discipline and Heritage.


    1. Thank you.🙂 Glad you like my writing.

      What these idiots need is an ass kicking. Grrrr


    2. Just saw the photo to which you refer. Seems like the photo was from the same day as the one where she’s tonguing the POW/MIA poster. Except this time she has a dumbass friend with her. Stupid. Really stupid!


  5. Oh, and they can’t scream racism, cause the second pic shows the rest are young white airman.


    1. On third look, the photographer might be a young Black male. Hard to tell.


      1. Certainly looks that way from his reflection in the glass.


  6. Not to be a pest, but, contrary to my chosen nickname, I’m actually retired USAF. Stuff like this really pisses me off.


    1. I completely understand. I’m former Army, and I want to kick her ass!


  7. I’ll be the first to admit I might have done stupid things as a younger troop. But, I was taught to own up to them, forthwith. And never, ever, post them for the world to see.


  8. They need to give her the Big Chicken Dinner and be done with it.


  9. Cherish Byers, Lindsey Stone-two examples that ass hattery is color blind.


  10. I’d pay Premium money to watch 10,000 Vietnam Veterans to each get one turn to kick her on the ass!


  11. Boy Ms Nicki – I gotta admit, I’m more than a little torn over this one. Had to sleep on it… As a young airhead back in the 70’s I did some pretty dumbshit things. I joined back when my Chief Msgt could give me a choice of standing tall before the man or accepting “his punishment.” I will NEVER dick around with the pins on a Martin-Baker Ejection Seat EVER EVER again… just remembering it reminds me of the two big Msgts who provided me specific and focused wall-to-wall counseling over it. Nowadays I’d get slapped on the wrist and go on to get somebody killed. A MSG touches me and he’s in jail… the old days.

    If she were one of my troops it would start with the proverbial ass-chewing and any additional instruction would be balanced against her response. The less verifiable remorse the heavier the balance. She gets stupid over it and we take a walk to the first shirt…she gets REALLY ignorant, a barracks lawyer say- and I’ll make the appointment with Commander myself. I’ll even go with her, stand right next to her… just like my leaders did when I screwed the pooch bad enough. I wasn’t much of a barracks lawyer myself – too honest, I admitted it’s was amazing how a bunch of beer, a hurricane evacuation and some white paint made it so easy to change one little letter on the Ft Rucker sign to a whole new meaning…

    Sorry folks, young enlsited sometimes do dumb-shit, ignorant, stupid, cretanous crap… had a young troop turn the US flag halyard into a noose and put it around Attaturk’s head… you served in the Turkish Republic and you know what that did. Kipling once wrote something about men in barracks not being plaster Saints…


  12. It’s a simple of matter of “conduct unbecoming,” a well-established codicle of UCMJ specifically designed to deal with this sort of behavior along with a host of others that have no place in anyone wearing the uniform.


    1. Yep. I just read a news report that she’s been suspended.


  13. Her behavior is inexcusable. Your comments are as well. There is no need to refer to her as a ‘savage’. For someone who doesn’t want to give validity to the race card, you are doing nothing but stirring that pot. So, please don’t hide behind words like “opinionated, stubborn, passionate,” to be rude.
    Stick to the facts: what SSgt Byers did should have her removed from the service immediately; medals and school status be dammed. If she was young and dumb as she says, then let be a lesson to her and a warning to the force that your actions have consequences. True, everyone did something stupid at one point or another, but there are some lines you just don’t cross. I’ve been out for six years and I still won’t see anything with Jane Fonda, including The Butler and man, I really wanted to see that. I’ll never forgive her. I really feel the military needs to get back to the notion that once you sign up and put on that uniform, YOU ARE DIFFERENT. There are things that you never do. Never. You never disrespect the flag; you never disrespect those who have gone before and you never embarrass the uniform. SSgt Byers did that. She may be a good troop and if this was 15 years ago where everything wasn’t so damn ‘viral’, MAYBE she could have gotten away with it. But this ain’t that world anymore.


    1. Race card????? What the flying hell are you talking about? Have you lost your fucking mind? How is pointing out UNCIVILIZED behavior (synonym: savage, for the illiterate) racist? Don’t give credence to the race baiters! I’m going to assume you’re smarter than that, even though that was an incredibly dumb comment.


    2. And by the way, I don’t hide behind anything. I am what I am. I find racism repugnant. I’m going to assume you’re a new reader and just don’t know anything else I’ve written to make that kind of comment.


    3. And this was three years ago.


  14. “Race card????? What the flying hell are you talking about? Have you lost your fucking mind? ”

    I rest my case. Enjoy your freedom to be ignorant.

    The circus above aside, SSgt Byers should be dismissed.


    1. No, enjoy YOUR freedom to be a dumbass. You’re obviously great at it.


  15. From a prior Honor Guard member, what she did is very disrespectful. I don’t give a damn what awards she WON; says that alot of people haven’t gotten in trouble, I think she needs to open up her eyes. I know ALOT of members that haven’t gotten in trouble and when I get stressed out I do my thing out of uniform. Stress is always a part of life and her excuse is just total BULLSHIT! She doesn’t deserve to be in the military and a disgrace to the uniform; say BYE BYE!


  16. First the picture is immature i will say that, secondly based on her career and workmanship thats what her punishment would be based on. The lady in the cemetery was flippng the bird, which means F@#k you in most cultures. She was doing kiss face with the POW/MIA sign which is a no no however the punishment should fit the crime. There is another photo a woman avoiding saluting the flag and bragging about she should be kicked out, but Ms. Beyers should be given a chance and learn from it give classes on her shame. I know the article brought up race and it had nothing to do with race, however some people were foaming at the mouth to trounced this woman and give there two sense on this story. i have been in the military for 12 years and trust me when i say i have seen a lot worst and i have seen people be redeem over time that was the best part turning around young members attitudes and the ones we couldnt salvage we kicked out. People have two D.U.I.S are still in members accused of beating there wives after deployment and etc they are still in.


    1. Race was only brought up because there are certain sorts who use being non-White, especially being Black, as an excuse for any and all sorts of uncivilized and unworthy behaviors. As such, those claims should be simply ignored as should ANY and ALL claims of racism by Blacks and their White enablers.


  17. First what she did was immature. However I don’t think her intent was to be disrespectful to POW/MIA everywhere as for she was kissing the picture. I am sure that she will be punished for her buffoonery. I would only kick her out by looking back on her military career and see if she was worth keeping in. I see people are for blood on this one, slow your roll lol. the lady at the cemetery was acting like she was yelling and giving the fuck you sign all at once that is way more disrespectful to me. In most cultures flipping the bird means f#$k you no matter what. Hopefully she gets extra instruction and some type of punishment and that is all. I have been in a long time I have seen a lot worse in the military and they are still in, people with two DUI.S and the ones who come back that have beaten there wives are still in. What she did was immature but on the scale of other offenses that I have seen while serving my 13 year career, it is not the worst that I seen someone stay in with.


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