Let’s make our nation REALLY safe… not just a little safe

This went viral a few days ago, but I was a bit busy trying to solve issues with the Redhead’s car by desperately trying to reach Absolute Auto Sales. Now that I have the information I need and have gotten the Virginia State Police involved in the matter, I can get back to actual blogging, and working to keep our children REALLY safe. Not just a little safe, but REALLY, TRULY, ABSOLUTELY safe.

Much like this concerned citizen in Ashland, OR.

If you don’t understand the sarcasm and biting wit of this refugee from Europe, get off my blog!

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  1. I’m saving this until I get home from work. I don’t want to play the dialogue too loud here in my office and I can’t hear what he’s saying otherwise. Old age IS taking its toll. BTW, I decided to retire effective March 1 and had a meeting with the HR people yesterday to sign some paperwork. At that meeting, I discovered that, by waiting two full months after the first of the year, because of Obamacare and some “bond rate changes” mandated by the feds, I somehow LOST $10,000 from what my retirement account was worth last December–which is when I checked it last! $10K which just disappeared into the ether, apparently, because the feds simply CANNOT keep their hands out of our pockets.


  2. Utterly fantastic! I especially like the shot of the smiling woman; apparently she got it. I also liked the stern looking grandpa dude. No nonsense for him, thank you.


  3. The proposed gun ordinance won’t go any where, it’s in violation of ORS 166.170, state preemption of gun law.
    I do believe that many of the Ashland Politburo actually take that guy seriously, and think it’s a good idea.


  4. Well he certainly makes a lot of sense. We really do need to protect our children from everything. I mean gosh, there is so much scary dangerous stuff out there. He did not go far enough though. Children should be kept out of the sunlight, because of skin cancer, they should not be any where near water, they could drown simply drinking the damn stuff. Hell they should not be allowed to breather air either, because it contains that dangerous stuff oxygen, which is highly flammable, and very corrosive. Should I go on?

    This gentleman hits the nail square on the head! We need to get back to being responsible for our actions, raise our kids right, and look out for each other, and rediscover good old common sense.

    Thanks for posting that vid Nicki. Semper Fi!


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