Dumbest Drudge Headline of Late

And there have been some doozies over the years.

If you haven’t heard from every Facebook post, every TV station, every radio broadcast, every bloody headline on every east coast website, it’s snowing!

Yes, it’s snowing. Fluffy, cold, white stuff is falling out of the sky, and it’s making people soil themselves.

Also if you haven’t heard from every commercial on both TV, radio and those incessant autoplay website ads (the owners of the sites that have those should be stabbed repeatedly with plastic sporks), tomorrow is also Valentine’s Day.

In commemoration of both, here’s Drudge’s headline this morning.

valentines day ruined

Really? A day created to boost sales of stupid greeting cards, jewelry, flowers and those ridiculous gigantic, $100 stuffed bears (anyone who gets me one of those will see that stupid thing dismembered and set on fire) is ruined because of snow?

The stupid is bold with this one.

You don’t need Valentine’s Day to celebrate your love for each other. You don’t need a greeting card holiday to show one another your love. You don’t need fancy dinners, jewelry and chocolate to prove your love on one day during the year. Frankly, if you need all those things, you might want to reconsider your relationship!

No, Valentine’s Day is not ruined. Snuggle in front of a fire. Light some candles. Have Chinese takeout picnic-style on your living room floor. Take a bath together. Watch a movie cuddled up on the couch – or in bed. Do what people do in bed.

You know for whom Valentine’s Day is ruined? For all those who hope to cash in on the vapid, shallow idea that you need one day a years to show someone that you love that you love them.

So Drudge, please shut up. You’re making me weep even more for humanity than I already do!

And while you’re trapped in the house watching the snow flakes fall outside, look at this happy fox.


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  1. Agree. I gave my wife of 47 years a paid-up subscription for the next year for the local newspaper (a fairly conservative one, by the way) The Oklahoman. Her favorite thing is to read the paper every morning over her coffee while I rush around getting ready for work. Then she saves the crossword for me, which I usually work when I get home in the evening. A bit pricey, at $260/year, but we don’t have to worry about it until NEXT Valentines Day.


  2. Could you YouTube the dismemberment and burning of the bear ? That’s a hundred bucks of entertainment right there !!!! (evil grin)


    1. Well, someone has to get me one first! LOL


    2. I’ll kick in 10 bucks.


      1. OK, someone get me that hideous bear, and you’ll see some carnage! That’s a fact!


  3. “You know for whom Valentine’s Day is ruined? For all those who hope to cash in on the vapid, shallow idea that you need one day a years to show someone that you love that you love them.”

    A holiday invented by the people at Hallmark Greeting Cards. Them and FTD Florists.


  4. Been married 33 years this month. We have rarely celebrated Valentine’s Day ( AKA Single Awareness Day to those who don’t have significant others) mostly because in his army years, my husband was almost always TDY for the whole month of Feb (in which also falls his birthday, daughter’s birthday and our anniversary as I mentioned). Valentines Day was just another day to us. And in case we are both in the same geographical location, we go to the grocery store, find two appropriate cards, show them to each other, laugh, have a kiss and then say, “OK, now put it back.” Then we go out for coffee or ice cream. We’re both cheap dates. 😉


  5. I’m in for 10 bucks for the bear also, with the youtube requirement. 🙂


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