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An update on Browni: It looks like they were able to get this little guy some wheels. His little hind legs don’t work that well, but thanks to the generosity of strangers like you, he was fitted for a new set of doggie wheels. He took a test drive on them and did great!

Drop by the link below and take a look at this sweet, gorgeous little dog!


I’ve been stunned and appalled lately at the number of defenseless, sweet animals I see abandoned by heartless, sub-humans – left to starve and die. I don’t understand this. You make a commitment to an innocent, vulnerable creature that relies on you for its very life. It asks so little in return for its unconditional love! A little food, shelter and some attention. Care, when it is in pain.

It shouldn’t be that difficult! You receive so much in return!

Animals know when you’re sad, when you’re hurting and when you need some extra affection. They understand you. They feel you. they have pure souls that ache when you ache and rejoice along with you when you’re happy.

And yet, people (and I use that term loosely) adopt these helpless beings and abandon or destroy them when things get a little hard!

The slew of heartbreaking stories lately has been breaking my heart.

Meet Browni.

The repulsive vermin who owned Browni decided to dump him in a kill shelter and demanded he be euthanized – murdered, because he has a problem with his hind legs.

But the shelter staff fell so in love with him that they begged us to take him… So he’s arriving in a few days! Browni is a 9-year-old, 15-pound terrier mix. The vet has said that his spine may have been injured at some point or the leg trouble could have been caused by an illness… Sadly, the vet also said that if this issue had been addressed when it began, it could probably have been treated.  His legs wobble all over the place, and he needs veterinary care and a pair of wheels. Now Browni has a run down body, but his spirit shines like gold. He’s eager to give and receive love and would be great in pretty much any home that’s willing to provide him with the patience and cuddles he needs.

Not only did they not get him the care he needed for what was likely a curable condition, but they decided to have him killed instead!

What kind of people do this? What kind of heartless, callous, cruel shitbags decide they would rather kill an innocent creature than care for it like they made a commitment to do when they took him into their home?


And what sort of scum would look into that face and decide to murder it?

Browni can live out a good, loving life if he gets some care and some love. I ask you now, to look deep into your heart and click on this link to help Browni live.


I know times are hard. I’m there with you. Believe me, if you knew the extent of my financial issues right now, you’d probably cringe, but I cannot look at that sweet little face and do nothing. I cannot sit idly by while cruelty rules this world. I can’t turn away.

And I hope neither can you. In the face of hideous callousness, I beg you to drop a few bucks into Browni’s fund to help fix his legs and find him a good home. I beg you to be the face of salvation for this little defenseless creature. I beg you to help him and urge others in your circles to do the same.

Browni needs so little – some medical attention and some love. That’s all.

If you could find it in your heart to save this little guy – to be his angel – I just know your kindness will come back to you many times over!

And while I have your attention, please spread the word about Chelsea. Chelsea was abandoned and rejected.


She knows. She knows she has very little time left.

Chelsea is only one-year-old, and sits with her back to the public. The emotionally dejected pit bull hides her beautiful face in the corner; who says dogs don’t feel the pain of rejection? She has been described as extremely sweet.

Monday is Chelsea’s last day to leave the shelter by the front door …could her tail be wagging and could she be happily jumping into a car on the way to either a safe organization, a foster home, or the ultimate reward; a new home with a family who wants to lavish her with love, attention, and affection?


Today is her last chance at life.

Today she will either find a family to give her the love she deserves, or she will cross that rainbow bridge without a soul to love and care for her.

If you know anyone on the west coast who can help, please spread the word! Please save her life!

I feel strongly that each of these beautiful creatures has a soul that is brimming full with love! They are truly angels. They don’t need to learn love. They are love.

This makes them more human than most humans I know, because they love with every single breath. They love with every look and every wag of the tail. They are bones, skin, fur and love.

And they deserve a chance.

So if you know anyone in the San Bernardino, CA area, or someone willing to drive over there, or can do so yourself, please save a life!

They would save yours if they could.


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  1. We’ve been doing this too, only with kittens. There are a couple of semi-feral cats that frequent our backyard. . . .and over the past year, they have dropped two litters of kittens. We ALSO have several other species of wildlife in the backyard (we KNOW of an opossum. several skunks. and a groundhog, and have seen raccoon prints. . .), one of which have raided the nest each time, and killed and eaten most of the kittens.

    We have had the survivors of both litters, as whatever got the other kittens ALSO scared off Sasha, the mom-cat (who we’ve TRIED to trap so we could get her spayed, but no luck so far. . .), and so have rescued 3 kittens.

    One of which died several weeks ago, of Feline Leukemia, and losing Lucky absolutely broke our hearts. . . . the other two, Lumo and Burrito (who got her name because she was obviously the run of the litter, and was burrito-sized when we found her. . .) are doing fine. . .


    1. There’s a special place in hell for some of the things I’ve seen done to cats as well! I have adopted three homeless kitties over the years. One from a shelter, and two off the streets. I have never regretted the decision. Thank you for caring so much! Just thank you!


  2. Even if you can’t afford to donate money you can help. Once a year I ask everyone in the office to bring in old blankets, towels, sheets, etc. and we take them to our local SPCA. I ask family members to write a check to them in lieu of Christmas presents for me. This usually raises a couple of hundred bucks! I also donate as I can. It breaks my heart that people can be so cruel to animals. Do whatever you can whenever you can!


    1. Thank you, Paul! I don’t know why it’s been eating at me more than usual lately. I blog about these poor creatures. I want so badly to be the difference in their lives! I think if Rob didn’t put a kebosh on my crazy, I would probably be an animal hoarder!


  3. It is making me crazy, too. Browni has been giving me nightmares for a few days. I showed that video to husband and he even got a little upset, which is extreeeeeemely unusual.

    Seriously girl I’ve been doing research on starting my own shelter or rescue group. Probably will never manage to do it because of all the legal hoops but maybe. I do know that this week I have appointments to meet with volunteer coordinators at two shelters near me. I gotta DO something.

    Sigh. All those poor dogs and cats in the world. People are such assholes.


    1. Rachel, I hope you somehow figure out a way to do it. Even if you just foster a bunch of dogs! Problem is you want to adopt all of them in the end, and you’ll wind up a crazy animal hoarder lady like me! I would love to give any help I can with the shelter idea, so let me know!


  4. I volunteer at a no-kill shelter. Just up the street is the town’s pound. The staff there works with the shelter to try and move animals out to forever homes.

    A few months ago, some asshole dropped his elderly cat at the pound because it had cancer. The animal control officer told the shelter, which immediately rushed over and picked up the cat. The shelter staff fitted out a crate for the cat with blankets and a cat bed. Both staff and volunteers made time to be with the cat and let it know that it was cared for. A few weeks later, the visiting vet said that it was time and euthanised it.

    If there is not a special circle in Hell for someone who would take their lifelong companion to a cold, noisy shelter and leave it there to be killed, there should be.


    1. My God, I hate people sometimes! Seriously. Hate. With a cold rage.

      My kitty Socks died in April from cancer. He was in a lot of pain, and I decided to have him euthanized instead of watching him suffer and bleed. He died in my arms. Peacefully. But he knew I was there and that I loved him.

      People who just dump their animals off make me want to go all stabby.


  5. It will be 2 years this May that my wife and I lost Kole to cancer. He was a cat abandoned by his previous owners. They just left him behind in our apartment complex. We had him for 8 years. When we finally had to say goodbye, it was hard, but we got through it. My brother and Sister-in-law volunteered at a no kill shelter, and that very same day, my wife and I went to the shelter and were adopted by 2 wonderful kittens. Misty is a beautiful Maine Coon, she is now 2 1/2. Azrael is pure black domestic with medium long hair, she is now 2. They are both wonderful cats, and love to play with each other as well as us. Even better, Azrael is a wonderful alarm clock, waking me at 06:30 to feed them breakfast. To me people who abandon, or are cruel to animals, are no better than rapists and child-molesters. Anyway, my wife and I have vowed that any future animal companions in our lives will be ones that we get from shelters, or through the adoptions services at PetSmart. I really do hope that someone will adopt Chelsea.


    1. People like you restore my faith in humanity, because right now, I pretty much hate everyone!


  6. I don’t countenance cruelty to animals (or people, for that matter.) However, as much as I love my Yorkie, it would be VERY hard for me to take her to a vet to be euthanized–even though we’ve done so with two other dogs…another Yorkie and a miniature schnauzer. I’ll never have another cat in my house, however. The last one did about $3,500 damage to the carpets because she didn’t like closed doors and I don’t believe in de-clawing animals.


  7. The Justice for Joseph page on Facebook reports that Chelsea has been removed from the kill shelter


    1. So relieved!!!! I know there were a couple of folks trying to adopt her. She looks so sweet!


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