Let’s Call a Penalty on the NFL’s Anti-Gun Bias

What Dan said.

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There are certain groups of people who support gun control for very logical reasons.

Criminals are obviously big fans of gun control because they prefer unarmed victims.

Dictators also are big supporters of gun control because they want unarmed subjects.

Other segments of the population like gun control for inexplicable ideological reasons.

International bureaucrats advocate for gun control because they apparently think government should be daddy and citizens should be children.

Foreign politicians impose gun control because…well, I’m not sure why, but probably because they’re weenies.

And some American politicians want gun control because it appears they viscerally oppose individual freedom.

But I’m at a loss to understand why other segments of the population are on the wrong side of the gun issue. Why, for instance, does the National Football League have a policy prohibiting this very simple and innocuous ad from airing during the Super Bowl?


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7 responses

  1. They’re assholes and are a non-profit, which isn’t supposed to allow the likes of any politician to spout their bullshit.


  2. In light of this did anyone else shake their head at the close-up of some dude racking his pistol in the ad for some tv show?


  3. Nicki, how could the NFL possibly be anti-gun? Look at all the Felons they have playing! Ask Plaxico Burress!


    1. Isn’t he the one who shot himself in the nads?


  4. Arse, actually! In the NYC!


  5. Nads woulda been more Darwinian, though!


    1. Nads would have been fantastic!


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