The Republicans have just ensured they will not get my vote

As many of you know, I’m an immigrant. I’m an immigrant who came to this country with her parents. I am an American. My family came here legally, waited the required time, filled out all the paperwork and finally became American citizens in 1986.

My parents and I waited in Italy for more than a month for permission to enter the United States. We had to get family already in America to vouch for us – that we weren’t going to mooch off the taxpayers, that we were going to look for employment, that we weren’t criminals… you name it, we had to guarantee it. My parents had to go into debt and pay an organization $3000 to help them fill out paperwork properly to enter this country.

We followed the law. We worked.  We achieved the American dream.

Now we have roughly 11 million people in this county who did the exact opposite. They enter illegally. They use our infrastructure – hospitals, schools, water, electricity… They work for low wages. They squirt out anchor kids in order to stay in this country. They demand the “right” to stay in a country they entered illegally, and many times they commit voter fraud and other crimes. They elect those who give them the most free shit, and the politicians are only too happy to do so, because they’re simply expanding their voter base.

And now, Republicans hoping to capitalize on the whole “If you give us free shit, we’ll give you our vote” phenomenon, are planning to allow these people, who are here illegally, not just to stay, but to legalize them – to allow them to remain.

And that will ensure I will not give any of them my vote. Ever.

Now, look. I’m not against immigration. This nation was built by people who came here for the opportunities to succeed and achieve – to work hard and to earn. I get that. That’s what my parents wanted for themselves and for me when they left their home country and set out for a strange nation. If you have an employer who is willing to hire you – regardless of profession – go for it!  If you want to come here and pick fruit, sweep streets, milk cows or run a computer firm, you should be able to do so. I don’t believe in employment quotas. I think if one can get a job here, they should work here. Get a letter from your employer, showing intent to hire you. Pay your own way. Don’t live off others. Wait the required amount of time. Learn the language. Pass the citizenship exam IN ENGLISH. Don’t demand bilingual drivers’ exams, government services, etc. And welcome to America.

But don’t sneak here illegally, work under the table, burden our infrastructure, and shit where you sleep by turning the neighborhood into a festering pit of crap like the one from which you escaped. Obey the laws of this nation. Don’t like them? Become a citizen LEGALLY and work to change them. Don’t demand the “right” to be here, and claim a love for this nation, when your very first act was to violate its laws!

Fact is we are a nation of taxpayers. This is our home. You come into our house and make yourself at home without permission, and you have no rights. You have no right to stay. Sorry. Nope. Do not come into my house and claim the “right” to be here. That’s not the way it works! And no politician has the right to put a figurative gun to my head and tell me that you can come on in, settle in my home and I have to like it.

My libertarian friends will claim that everyone has the freedom of movement. That’s true, but not into my bloody home! They will claim that if we just reform the welfare state, many of these mooches won’t have incentive to come here, and what we will get is people who truly want to work and succeed, and who come here for opportunities they cannot get elsewhere. That’s true, but in the name of Zeus’ right testicle, reform the system first before you start to allow millions of mooches into the country!

And certainly don’t reward them with citizenship for violating the law!

Additionally, whether you like it or not, there is a national security component to the border issue. Like it or not, there are bad people out there. Like it or not, there are people out there who want to kill Americans. And like it or not, evil exists. I don’t want to hear how it’s our own fault that there are those in this world who hate us! It’s our fault, because our foreign policy is interventionist. It’s our fault, because we pour money into terrorist states. I’ve heard it all, and whether you’re right or not is beside the point. Evil exists. Bad people exist. And despite any cause for their existence that you might want to pull out of your ass, they are out there., and there’s no common sense reason to open up the borders and allow them free entry without so much as a look into their background.

So yeah, mine may not be a libertarian position, but it’s a common sense one.

If you insist that you have the “right” to remain here after you snuck inside our borders…

If you demand government services in your native language without so much as an effort to learn English…

If you turn your new home into a roach-infested shithole…

If you use schools,, hospitals, energy and water without paying for them, because all that cash getting is going right back to your shithole of origin…

If you claim the right to this nation without respecting her laws…

You shouldn’t be here at all! Leave!

And as for the GOP, you want to pander to illegal alien votes? Don’t expect my vote. Ever.

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  1. It used to be that anyone who came to the USA and became a public burden could be deported. No more. The rolls are filled with legal immigrants and illegals. Our politicians say one thing and do the exact opposite. We are treated worse than illegals. The GOP is dead to me and has been since Dole.


  2. I cannot disagree. My Grandparents had to do it the hard, legal way. Learn English. Assimilate to our culture. They LEFT Italy for the privilege, the opportunity to become Americans.
    I am a registered Republican. I am sad to say, they are not the party they once were. The democrats ALWAYS stand firm in their positions, even though they are almost always wrong.


  3. This really pisses me off! I came to the U.S. with my mom when I was 2 1/2. My dad was in the Army, but because of a paper work screw up, I was born before they were married. My is now a citizen, I served in the Marines. I put in my application for citizenship in the mid 90’s. The INS has lost my paperwork, and I have been struggling with what to do now, since the cost of reapplying is beyond my current financial means. Now this idiots in Congress want to give the illegals a path to becoming legalized? I say hell the fuck no! Pardon my vitriol, but this just really, truly gets under my skin!


    1. WkAvngr, in case you see this: I would recommend getting in touch with the Department of Veterans Affairs and the VA, as well as your state Senators. At the same time. Let the bastages at INS get hit from multiple angles.


  4. As far as the “anchor kids”, well if the parents are here illegally, then the damn offspring shouldn’t be given automatic citizenship. Just my humble opinion on that.


  5. My mother never got her citizenship, but came here legally. My father got his citizenship and my stepmother got hers. But it’s just SOO HAARD to follow the law, so we should just give everything to anyone who invades our country, no questions asked, because RACIST or something. 🙄

    Yes, I said “invades.” These people are not “undocumented immigrants” or “illegal aliens.” By sneaking across our sovereign borders, they are de facto INVADERS. Call ’em what they are.


  6. I’m insulted Congress members – that live isolated, protected lives – are so willing to allow illegals to trespass with impunity; while finding nothing wrong with capriciously closing off public funded areas for political gain.

    Every culture has taboo behavior and most I’ve seen consider it wrong to invade the home of anyone without permission. This is no different, they know it’s wrong and there should be no discussion on enforcing laws that prevent this behavior.


  7. The Dems are great at playing a long game, and the GOP pretty much sucks at it. They see 31 MILLION new Democrats and a chance to rule the nation +/- uncontested for the next 60-80 years or longer. I used the term “rule” purposely here too. Not govern, rule. They have been building toward this for decades.

    The GOP sees this. They have been played into a corner so effectively by the Democrats that they see their only hope is to go along here and hope they can pull over 10-20% of these new voters to their side. It all goes back to not having any private parts (balls, ovaries, whatever) and crappy leadership in the GOP.

    Easy to fix this immigration issue. It is an artificially (politically) created problem to begin with. Expand the number of guest worker visas issued yearly to something closer to what we need vs. a number that doesn’t even serve the needs of Texas. Why? Before Ceasar Chavez this wasn’t NEARLY the issue it is today. I rarely heard about it growing up, but after Chavez and the cap placed on guest workers…..

    Even my Democrat friends who happen to be legal immigrants are pissed about this. Heck, look at the MEXICAN immigration laws!


  8. Ditto to everyone here! Not only should we deport every one of them, but we should bill their country of origin for the COST of deporting them…and we should send them back first-class so the cost is HIGH.


  9. […] but mostly anger with regard to the issue of immigration, both legal and illegal, in America. The Liberty Zone Yesterday a video was uploaded of a group of people who were told that life was fixing to get much […]


  10. Excellente senorita!


  11. A hearty golf clap, stomping of feet, and cheering !! Only second generation American here (from both sides of the family). Both of Dad’s parents came over from Czechoslovakia, and Mom’s from (at that time) the Hungarian provence of Transilvania. All of them became Americans (there were no hyphens either!) All of them learned English, and spoke same fluently. Granted they had accents to a lesser or greater extent…and could still speak in their native tongue as well, but they assimilated! And I know none of them would have ever supported the current state of affairs!


  12. The sad thing to me is that I don’t think it would require deportation to get rid of more than 1/2 of them. Simply quit rewarding them, punish employers who hire illegals (not a slap on the wrist) Don’t let them us the system. You can’t enroll in school if you can’t prove you are here legally. You can’t rent. etc.


  13. I used to work in IT. Not surprisingly, a really large number of the people I worked with were foreign nationals on work visas; some of them of course were hoping for eventual green cards and citizenship. Anyway, they had to jump through hoops to keep their work visas up to date. Some of them would use their vacation to go back to their home countries to get their paperwork updated at the consulate because -apparently- it was harder to do it here in the U.S. They did this EVERY year. Trust me: this is not a group who thinks that illegal immigration is a good idea. In fact, the very idea pisses them off. Hell, I work with a guy from Armenia now who had serious issues with his visa due to paperwork and red tape problems. It got so bad that he kidded about simply visiting Mexico and then walking back across the border so as to have fewer legal problems.

    It’s been 26 years since I voted for a Democrat. I cannot foresee voting for another. The GOP is trying to ensure that I will never vote for another Republican as well.


    1. I think pretty much any person who immigrated to this country illegally is pissed off at the whole “let’s give illegals legal status” bullshit. I am so done with all these effing people!!!


    2. It’s being phrased as a) caring and b) helpful to the GOP because caring.

      My FIL is a smart, relatively conservative guy and he has fallen victim to this mentality. “The GOP is intent on pissing off the Mexicans.” My response is not printable here.

      Hey. didn’t Justice Kagan (or maybe the other lefty chick) recently say that it was wrong to call illegals “law breakers”? There are times when I wish that SMOD would simply make it all go away.


      1. That was Sotomayor, who said calling illegals “illegal” is insulting. This is the same dumb bint who said that a “wise Latina” should make better decisions than white guys based on her experience. I wanted to kick her in the giblets!


  14. I get the two confused because, well, they’re hard to tell apart politically or intellectually. When it comes right down to it, who cares? They’re both useless and likely to negatively impact my life for the next 25-30 years.


    1. To be fair, I think Kagan is marginally smarter, albeit cut from the same commie cloth.


  15. Democratic Politicians play such a great game of twisting the truth. You are blaming the republicans…that is wrong…blame the democrats that have caused all of this. My family also came from Italy the correct way but I see and understand our government. Wake up and realize the democrats will brain wash you to believe they are there to help you when their intent is to make slaves out of you?.. They consider you an animal. The republicans know this…the republicans are FOR the people…except for RHINOS…they want you to have a job and security and not be a mooch. BUT REMEMBER there is an elite group working in the background trying very hard to destroy our country and with this horrible president they are darn near close to doing it. The pressure is put on congress and threats by this elite bunch of satanic psychopaths. Reason why the demand for amnesty…to finally destroy the USA. This is a war of good against evil. What government says is politically correct is actually politically WRONG each and every time. They are not obeying the constitution…if they were …we would have no problems. Our Dear Founding Fathers are turning over in their graves…to have schools now teach they were terrorists…these school instructors are nuts. The history books have been changed…full of lies. Communism was started in England and France but they have lied about WWI and WWII. Our men were in Europe fighting to bring communism to the world. Wake up people.


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