Good Riddance!

I knew 2014 was going to be a fantastic year, and so far I haven’t been disappointed. Sarah graduated Marine Corps boot camp, my job is so far fantastic, challenging, terrific and never dull, and the third season of “Sherlock” (what I’ve seen of it) is masterful, to say the least. Plus “The Walking Dead” is coming back in a few weeks. WIN!

But today… today promises to be an EPIC day! I got some fantastic news from my buddy Poet that I want to share with you. Jim Moran is leaving. Retiring. Vacating. Getting the hell out of Congress. Moran and his filth and corruption will no longer soil the 8th district Congressional seat of Virginia! Best. News. I’ve. Heard. All. Year.

“After 35 years as a public servant, as Mayor of Alexandria, and for the past 23 as a member of the House of Representatives, it’s time to close this chapter of my life and move on to the next challenge,” Moran said.

Translation: I’ve sucked at the public teat long enough. There’s nothing left to steal. I’ve done my damage. Seeya, suckers!

But with Moran’s departure, the House does lose a member with deep ties to the institution. In his 23 years in office, he served all but two terms on the Appropriations Committee, and he’ll leave in December as the ranking Democrat on the Interior-Environment Appropriations Subcommittee.

“My chosen role in the U.S. Congress has been an appropriator,” said Moran in his statement on Wednesday.

Translation: I’m a thief. That’s what I do. I steal. I couldn’t do it without getting arrested, so I got elected instead.

The timing of Moran’s retirement announcement is significant in that respect: It comes just hours before the House is set to vote on an historic omnibus spending bill that could restore Congress’s power over the federal purse strings.

Moran could be gaming to leave Congress on a high note.

In other words, the more than $1 trillion budget deal sucks, gives a whole bunch of money to idiotic, unneeded bureaucracies (yeah, I’m talking to you, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Farm Service Agency, Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration, “Food for Peace,” the ever so awesome National Labor Relations Board, ad nauseam… ad infinitum…), and even the thieving Moran wants nothing to do with it.

Over the years Moran has served on Capitol Hill, his professional accomplishments were sometimes overshadowed by personal scandals. Brash and occasionally outspoken to a fault, he has shoved members leaving the House floor, suggested that the Jewish community pushed for the U.S. invasion in Iraq in 2003 and possibly squandered a small fortune in the stock market. In 2012, his son resigned as field director for his father’s reelection campaign after he was caught on camera advocating voter fraud.

And yet, the idiots in Arlington continued to vote this thieving thug into office like drooling automatons.

But Moran has always been a team player in the Democratic power structure, trusted by leadership to take reliable, liberal, party-line votes.

Translation: political power was more important to Moran than actually doing what is good for the nation and representing his constituents.

I’m sure we’ll wind up with another “progressive” representing the 8th District in Congress, but I’m equally sure that whoever it is could not possibly match Moran in arrogance, ignorance, corruption, violence and pure malice.

Good riddance, dude!


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  1. I think he’s leaving now because he doesn’t want to be in the minority party in 2015 when voters hold the Dems to account.


    1. You’re very optimistic. I just don’t think the voters are that smart.


  2. I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately there are DOZENS MORE just like him from both parties. I think arrogance is his best trait. With his connections and his fat retirement plan, he is set for life.


  3. Sherlock 3rd Season is out, and you watched it!? Where!? I went to Netflix, and it’s on DVD Save.

    Pictures of your new Marine, please. Here are mine.

    null 813

    Jim Moran, oh, yeah, he can eat a bag of dicks. I hope he gets kidnapped and cornholed by a Mexican drug cartel.


    1. It’s on a site called Livestream. People upload their recordings of the series. It’s not great, and I’m excited about watching it in HD on BBCA in a few days, but I couldn’t wait. Go to Livestream, register, and then do a search for Sherlock. 🙂


  4. Nicki, you poor deluded optimist, things can always get worse, and usually do. The next crook to misrepresent the 8TH district will probably be more corrupt and arrogant.


    1. It will be difficult to find a racist, violent, thieving anti-Semite as bad as Moran!


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