Do not do business with these ripoff artists… EVER (UPDATED)

Just a note to those who want to purchase keyless entry systems for their vehicles, or replace them. Do not EVER EVER EVER deal with the shitbags at Original Keyless of Prescott Valley, AZ. I will not link to their site, because I refuse to give them any traffic. But in a nutshell…

On 20 December 2013, I ordered a keyless FOB for the Redhead’s car from Original Keyless in Arizona. They processed my $82.49 payment on 23 December 2013, and informed me that “We ship out most orders through USPS with Delivery or Signature confirmation within 3-5 business days of actual payment receipt. Once your order is packaged and delivered to USPS you will receive an update email with your shipment information.”

My aching asshole.

I contacted them on January 4th, with a request about the status of my order. I received the following reply:

“I looked up your order information and show the order has been authorized and sent downstairs to the shipping department to be packaged and shipped out.

I will send a note downstairs to check on your invoice # to pull up the tracking information..

I know once your order is packaged and shipped, you should have received an automated email with the tracking information that can be entered on the USPS website.”

Since then, I have sent numerous inquiries, and finally demands for a refund, and they refuse to respond, to refund my money or to communicate in any way. Their phone number has no voice mail, and no one picks up. Today, I attempted to call them at their listed phone number (928) 999-8005 only to get an automated message saying their voice mail box was full.

Essentially, they have stolen $82.49 and have not provided the product as promised.

I have reported these thieving bastards to the Better Business Bureau. The BBB has sent them correspondence, to which they have until 23 January to respond. I have also reported these scumbags to my bank, although I doubt there’s anything that can be done on that end.

So, if anyone has any other ideas, let me know.

UPDATE: According to my bank, the address for this shitbag outfit is:


The current resident of this address is listed as Nicole Cucuzza on Zabasearch. This is the correct person, because the search also has the PO Box of this crooked outfit listed under this woman’s name. Her phone number is listed as (928) 771-0050, although I am not sure if this number for her is current. But there is no doubt that this woman is somehow associated with this “store.”

Apparently, she’s also doing business as Desert Pro Transport LLC –  a moving company with the same physical address, but a different PO Box.

MC Number: MC783290 US DOT Number: 2293925
Phone number: 928-308-8005


UPDATE #2: I was correct. The number above does belong to the Cucuzzas, and it conveniently goes to voice mail. Nicole Cucuzza is also the owner of this Original Keyless scam. More on her at the Ripoff Report.


UPDATE #3: I don’t think Nicole Cucuzza likes the attention she’s getting. I have received two emails tonight so far.

Hello,  Again no money was taken. We do not collect money until it ships as shown to you on the email sent to you on 12/22/13.Your item was Temporarily Authorized.     Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    REMOTE PARTS – BASIC KEYS – “TRANSPONDER KEYS” & REMOTE COVERS for all types of vehicles! – Be sure to check out our NEW parts, keys & cover listings!Thanks!

    Tech Support

This is a blatant lie. My bank account clearly states the money was taken out of my account and sent to Nicole at the N. Lady Dove Ln. address listed above.

The second email claims that there’s no way she will return my money once the order has been authorized, even though she claims in the above email that she didn’t take my money. And she claims that the return policy is clear on this. Except this is not a return, since I never received any confirmation of shipment, nor did I receive the merchandise I purchased. Ergo, the policy is invalid.

    For your review, the order terms & conditions/return policy:      Please note, the above link is posted on every single page of the website, and as indicated in checkout, by placing an order, you are indicating that you agree to all terms & conditions.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

I don’t give a fuck about your link, Nicole. Which is it? Did you take my money and won’t return it, or did you not take my money, as you claim in the first email? My bank says you took my money, so if you haven’t delivered the product, you may not keep the payment, you fetid cunt.

UPDATE #4: I’ve received a reply from the Prescott Valley Police Department. They’re very aware of Nicole Cucuzza and will be forwarding all information to Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office and the Postmaster General. I get the feeling there will be unpleasantness.

UPDATE #5: I just received the following email:

We are not a fraud company, we deal with hundreds of customers a month. We do get slowed down around the holidays and I apologize for that. Your order has been canceled and all funds returned. Have a nice day

My reply was as follows:

…since you claimed in a previous email that you took no money from my account, I find it fascinating that you now claim you will return money you supposedly didn’t take. Again, I will wait for confirmation from my bank of an issued refund for $82.49.


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  1. You used a credit card, right? Contact your bank and have them reverse the charges.


    1. OK, I used my Master Card, which is my debit card for this. I have already contacted my bank. I’m hoping they can help.


    2. It was a Master Card debit card, so the money came right out of my account. Does that matter?


    3. You can dispute it even as a debit charge.


  2. AZ Consumer Protection site: including complaint page


  3. This kind of thing is why I use American Express for net orders. A situation like yours is dealt with (refund issued by AMEX) with one call instead of many.


    1. Yeah but my wife lost $350 on a cloak she sold to an AMEX card holder. Card holder swore she never got the cloak. She showed proof of delivery by UPS tracking, signed by AMEX card holder. To bad AMEX reversed the charges and her bank pulled money from her account. Person got custom made cloak for free. AMEX is no longer accepted for payment.


      1. That’s some bullshit! 😡

        This bitch didn’t even bother sending the order. She finally refunded my money today after a whole lot of prompting by me.


  4. Bank chargeback is easy breezy if you used a credit card. Tell them you want a chargeback and why and that’s usually it. They give a temporary credit and give the company a chance to respond to your claim.


  5. If you paid by credit card, call the customer service number on your credit card and contest the charge for the item on the basis that they have not sent it.


    1. I paid via my Master Card, which is a debit card and debits my account. I have contacted the bank and asked for recourse, but I’m not sure what they can do.


  6. Saw your post, did a google search and you aren’t alone. These scumbags have been doing this to others as well. You can follow this link there are four pages of people who have had the same issue.

    You could contact our local station channel 3 they go after people who have scammed people. Not sure they will help or not, just an option if your interested.

    Hate to see people getting scammed in the first place, worse when it’s from my state.


    1. Thanks for the info. I may contact them, especially since they’ve been doing this to others. I’ve literally been sending them an email an hour too.


    2. I will contact the media as well. These people are scum of the highest order. Thanks for the info.


  7. You don’t call and ask for recourse.

    You call and DEMAND a chargeback, sweetie.

    You paid for a product and it was not sent. You now found out they are a scam operation doing it to many people.

    MasterCard has a DUTY to protect you from scams and to give your money back and go after the scammer.


    1. But what if it’s a Debit Card? Does it work the same way? That’s what I’m not sure about.


    2. Debit cards immediately debit (hence the name) your account and it’s usually (in my experience) more difficult to get a timely refund.

      Using a debit card results in lower costs for the seller (it roughly halves any card transaction fees the seller pays) but they never seem willing to pass that along to the buyer – remember the “discount for cash” signs?

      You have fewer rights (it seems) in any transaction where a debit card is used and I refuse use my bank card in that manner for that very reason.


      1. I’m with a federal credit union. When I spoke to them, they said 3-5 days, so maybe it will work quickly? 😦

        I’m going to report this Nicole Cucuzza cunt to the police too.


  8. Theft in that manner is a federal crime.

    Sorry, but I doubt you’re a really huge thorn at this time. They’re either running from the Feds are dealing with a bankruptcy. Either one will leave you with nothing but an IOU.


    1. I have to send the bank a form, but they said they would refund my money in 3-5 business days.

      I’m going to keep emailing and calling them until they’re sick and tired of hearing from me.


  9. Nicki, I saw your comment on that thread Blaine shared. I read a few others, all the same. They are even using the same email blowoffs — cutting and pasting, as part of their systematic theft strategy.

    Emailing them any more is a waste of your energy.

    I suspect they are strategic in replying to banks to contest chargebacks, too. If they claim it was shipped and produce a fake delivery confirmation, they may even get the bank to give them back the money. That happened to me, only the theft was $1,300. I closed my bank account to prevent them giving my money back to people who make this outfit look sweet. BBB had over 1,000 reports on the company I got screwed by, yet the bank ultimately sided with them. And since I’d closed my account and withdrawn all money, they came after ME in collections and I ultimately had to settle with them. That was National City bank, now PNC in Michigan. Lost me for life by not protecting me from thieves.

    So don’t expect it’s over just because that money is put back in your account. It’s a temporary restoration until they “do our investigation,” which amounts of ignoring rock solid evidence, covering their rear ends and not really caring too much. That’s how it was with the above bank anyway.

    Just don’t waste your time writing them. They are scammers who do this for a living. It’s like writing Al Queda a heated email telling them off for killing innocent people. Harsher crime, obviously, but has the same chance of mattering to the intended target of your frustration.

    Love ya. 🙂


    1. Hmmmmm. I doubt my bank will side with these assholes, but I’ll talk to them again. I also reported them to the AZ Attorney General. There’s no way they’re going to produce a fake invoice, especially if USPS has no record of it, which they will not. But we’ll see.


  10. Do you have a physical address on them? I’ve got friends all over AZ, having lived there for 9 years. Perhaps I could get someone on the ground to eyeball their operation.

    But my guess is it’s a postal box somewhere, which would require a stakeout to catch them and a willing police officer to make the arrest.

    I once did the entire investigation on someone using my debit card to buy electronics and send them to a vacant house for fencing. Four pages of detailed notes including IP address cross references that showed the McIntosh County, Georgia sheriff’s department where the thieves were placing the orders — plus the address where the goods were being sent.

    I hand-delivered that complete investigation to them in person late on a Friday afternoon. The undersheriff calls me on my cell Sunday to inform me that the culprits were in custody and one was going back to prison, having just done three years for doing the same thing.

    So IF you go after these people, you’re doing a favor to their other victims who’ll be spared. But the pleasure of knowing they are in a jail cell is reward of its own kind, of course.


    1. It is a post box, but my bank has the address. 11690 N Lady Dove Lane, Prescott Valley, AZ 86315

      Maybe it’s time to contact the sheriff’s office out there?


  11. Darn tootin’ I’d be calling them. Without emotion. They need the facts and details, laid out plainly, that’s it.

    But I’m guessing they aren’t in the area and may not even be IN Arizona. If they only do electronic fraud, they could be anywhere on this planet. The bank holds the key to where those monies are going — and a local law enforcement officer who really wants to paint the thieves’ wagons can get what he needs easier than we can, obviously.


    1. Apparently, it is in Arizona. See the update.


    2. And this woman is apparently doing business as Desert Pro Transport LLC from the same address.


  12. Neither the name Nicole or Cucuzza googles up with the LLC name. Unfortunately. That would’ve made this a snap.


    1. The link I provided does, however.


  13. Still, someone in that company may be in a heap of trouble if you can find a local cop and get him interested.

    Federal prison awaits, no doubt.


    1. I pulled up the property records too. Wondering if I should dial that number just to see who answers.


  14. I’ll use my sky pilot powers and see what happens.

    If you mess with the chaplain (or those he loves), God will probably give you this:

    Eternity: smoking or non-smoking?



    1. You mean: smoking or smoldering, right?


      According to court records in AZ, this bitch married a David Norris in like 2003, and divorced him in 2007. Her full name is Nicole Michelle Cucuzza. I have already reported her to the PVPD down there.


  15. Since the order went over Telecom lines, it is now *wirefraud.* Report it to the FBI, as such.


    1. I did that as well.


  16. I see you contacted the sheriff’s dept, and I also saw the links somebody else posted to the AZ AG’s consumer protection site. You might also want to file a complaint at,


    1. Thank you, Judy. I hadn’t thought of this. If I don’t get my money back, that will be my next step.


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