I feel much smarter now

I’m a pretty intelligent person. I have a well-above average IQ, I like to think I have common sense. I would also believe I’m a decent writer, judging by the visitors who stop by and read this blog.

I have a few friends who make me feel dumber than a box of hair. My friend Rick, I am convinced could kick most Mensa members in the nuts when it comes to smarts, and my buddy Sniper should probably be included in the World Genius directory. Compared to these two, I’m a window licker. I don’t begrudge them this. I feel honored to know very smart people in my life, even if they do make me feel like a slow child every so often.

I’m fairly sure most of us know a few people who make us feel like this. For those times when you’re feeling not too bright, I give you the following, fresh off Twitter. (h/t: Seriously For Real)

Dear Tom – damn, you’re ignorant!

While I share the sentiment about America… REALLY? And he wasn’t the only one. There were several geniuses on that list who Tweeted similar sentiments. Of course, they are all now claiming their Tweets were a joke. After the Interwebz called them out.

OK, but let’s assume these were all joke Tweets (after these folks made the list). It points to a bigger issue – an issue that today’s youth doesn’t seem to understand:

The. Internet. Is. Forever.

Whatever you decide to put out there, rest assured someone is reading it, and if you leave Teh Stoopid™ up for the world to read, the world will come back, point at you and laugh.

From what I’m seeing, today’s teenagers simply forget that the Internet is a public forum. Twitter, Instagram, etc. They are all public, and they’re not to be treated like a simple, private conversation with friends. There is no such thing as “private” on the Internet.

So maybe you meant it as a joke, children, but you have now made the list – and it’s a list that college recruiters and even future employers can access and marvel how you managed to survive as long as you did without stabbing yourselves in the eye with a spork. And guess what! By the time you stammer, “but… but… but… I was just kidding,” it’s a little too late. Because the Internet is forever.

Maybe you’re not so stupid as to believe that America is 2,014 years old, or that our planet is that old, or that dinosaurs only died out 2,014 years ago. It doesn’t matter, because you forgot that the Internet is not a private venue, and now the world thinks you are a cretin.

You can’t fix stupid.


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  1. I actually belonged to Mensa for a short while, and I have to agree with you Nicki. Most of those at the meetings I attended spent the majority of their time explaining how they were “smarter” than everyone else, but damned few of them actually ARE. All a high IQ really means is that you have a bit less difficulty learning stuff than people with low IQs do. In at least one such case, the guy had an eidetic memory–which isn’t an indication of intellect at all. He just took the qualifying test twice and remembered the correct answers from the 1ST time he took it.


    1. By the way, I got disgusted and dropped out after two months.


      1. *snort* They’re a mutual mental masturbation society that does nothing but talk about how smart they are. Meh. I never even tried.


  2. I once worked with a young fellow that was trying to defend his reputation, because a wannabe girlfriend posted on her Facebook page she’d slept with him and everyone now believed it was true – including his estranged wife.

    I tried to explain what he faced with social media; the twisted facts, future problems -, when character is scrutinized by influential people – and how he brought it on himself by friending people that he couldn’t trust.

    I hope he understood, but I doubt it. His problems in life were due to his poor decisions and he was notorious for rationalizing his mistakes.


  3. Now if folks would realize this BEFORE they post all those “selfies”…


    1. No kidding, right?


  4. Knowing the right search terms, you can find posts I made in 1989. It’s all out there…


    1. You made posts in 1989???? I did too. In my diary!!! LOL


  5. When I was a teenager I had this great idea of joining Mensa after pretty much acing one of their sample entrance tests. I thought it would look good on a resume. Mom told me no. Nobody wants to hire someone smarter then they are. Didn’t do it.


  6. Couldnt find a better spot to contact you guys; wanted to say hello and thanks for the good reads!

    Ive got a couple books for you if you want to tackle some more dystopian fiction.



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