Пусть земля ему будет пухом (Rest in Peace)

The designer of the Kalashnikov rifle – the AK – has died today at the age of 94. Mikhail Kalashnikov died after a long, unspecified illness.

Mr. Kalashnikov said the automatic rifle was designed “to protect the motherland” after World War II. But the AK-47 and its descendants and knockoffs became mainstays for armies and guerrilla soldiers around the globe. Light, durable, cheap to manufacture and simple to maintain, the rifle creates a deadly spray of bullets without much of a kick.


Mr. Kalashnikov said he regretted that it became the weapon of choice for guerrilla armies. “It was like a genie out of the bottle, and it began to walk all on its own and in directions I did not want,” he told Britain’s Guardian newspaper in 2003. But he added, “I sleep soundly. The fact that people die because of an AK-47 is not because of the designer, but because of politics.

In a lot of ways, Kalashnikov’s life is an homage to the self-made man.  His family was sent to Siberia after his father was deemed a class enemy, and his family’s land was stolen. Kalashnikov, nonetheless, used his mechanical prowess to design a light, effective, durable rifle that is still being used today. He was a testament to overcoming challenges.

Rest in peace, sir. You’ve earned it.

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  1. Bravo Ms. Nicki – well said.
    до свидания Старшина


    1. Nicely said, sir.🙂


  2. May he rest in peace. However, I’ve had enough of those things aimed at me and fired at me to last several lifetimes…thank you very much.


    1. Agreed. Just remember, it’s the people, not the tool.

      Merry Christmas!


  3. 94 years…must have had an incredibly strong liver!


  4. I like duffelblog’s article on him.


    1. Me too. That’s some funny shit!


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