Egypt jails 3 for “unorganized protest”

The furor over some duck guy getting suspended from some network for some stuff he said in some magazine and Charlie Sheen‘s ridiculous threat… (WTF! What’s next, Alec Baldwin trying to resurrect his dead relevance by hypocritically condemning Duck guy’s comments?) has finally died down.

Meanwhile, in Egypt…

Three prominent Egyptian activists from the 2011 uprising that led to the fall of Hosni Mubarak have been sentenced to three years in jail.

Ahmed Maher, Ahmed Douma and Mohamed Adel were found guilty of organising a recent unauthorised protest.

They were arrested after protesting in November over a new controversial law that restricts demonstrations.

The move will deepen concern in Egypt about a growing crackdown on dissent, says the BBC’s Orla Guerin in Cairo.

Really? Ya think?

And we continue to send billions of dollars to Egypt, why?

It amazes me how many Americans bitch and moan about relatively mild things, claiming tyranny and screeching about taking up arms and hanging politicians from streetlights. Not that we have it perfect by any stretch, but as someone who came here from the former USSR, I’m pretty sure I know tyranny better than panty-shitting, Walter-Mitty wannabe warriors such as this, whose response to any government misdeed is to advocate the following:

I’d imagine stringing a few of them up might change their tune – and we’ll get to that point eventually. A place where these bastards and their goons are being hunted like dogs, and executed on sight. It won’t be a pleasant or happy time. Lots of good people and innocent people are going to die.

But it will be necessary to avert an even greater tyranny. Sadly. We should have been put a stop to this in the 70′s when it was possible peacefully. We didn’t.

Anyone who salivates at the prospect of violence and advocates murder as resolution for public officials who abuse their power as the first course of action has no place in polite society.

There are real problems going on in the world out there.

There are women getting forcibly mutilated so they don’t become sexually promiscuous.

There are rapists who are given little to no punishment for violating little girls.

There are political prisoners who spend years in prisons in the world’s shitholes for the crime of challenging the leadership.

There are people being deprived of their freedoms for organizing protests, and gays being jailed for life merely for being what they are.

There are wars in the Sudan and Syria.And yet, conspiritard sites like Infowars (no, I’m not providing a link to that lunacy) exist and have millions of readers, and we spent an entire week debating the First Amendment as it pertains to some guy voicing his opinions on gays, as if it was news, as well as dickweasels who advocate killing politicians for voting in favor of a shitty budget.


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  1. “. . . executed on sight”, wow! I’m just an old country boy but that sounds like a nazi mindset to me. If I agreed with this guy I would be too embarrassed to tell anyone. What a jerk.


  2. Not certain the poster was “advocating” so much as “predicting” what may happen if “our” politicians don’t cease and desist in tearing down the sole remaining lamppost of personal freedoms on the planet, Nicki. And, Sheen, with his $50K hooker bill, isn’t exactly the paragon of morality I’d choose to advocate for my position. People in this country are ANGRY–and getting angrier by the minute. There’s NOTHING we can do to keep women from being mutilated or prevent little girls from being raped in other countries. There IS something we can do about the evil that’s overtaking OUR country…and we’d better be getting AT it or we’re going to become just like those countries who countenance mutilations and rapes.


    1. Pappad – I’m taking his words in the context of what else he has posted over the years over there.

      Yeah… Sheen… seriously. WHATTHEFUCK

      No, there’s not a whole lot we can do about some of the shit going on in other countries – other than maybe stopping sending money over there! LOL But we should be aware of things, and we should take things in perspective.


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