The Duck Flap

I don’t know why I’m even mentioning this, other than I need to get this off my chest, and my Facebook feed is filled with photos of those bearded doofi and calls to boycott A&E.

If you’ve been living under a rock, the flap is over some show on A&E called Duck Dynasty (which I never watch), because the guy starring in it (who looks like a scarier version of Willie Nelson), who is apparently some really successful businessman, but looks like he lives in a rundown trailer in the middle of the Ozarks, said some ignorant shit about gays, so A&E suspended this redneck owing largely to a whole lot of screeching on the part of gay groups and advocates.

Point 1: What he said was absolutely ignorant and repulsive. He went on a rant about how vaj > anus, and how homosexuality is something akin to bestiality.

“It seems like, to me, a vagina…would be more desirable than a man’s anus,” Phil Robertson told the magazine.

“Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there: bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that women and those men…it’s not right,” he’s quoted as saying.

Classless. Stupid. Repulsive. All of the above. For someone who is supposed to be a successful businessman, this Duck Dynasty fellow is sure ignorant about human relationships. It’s as if he thinks relationships are all about where you stick your penis. Additionally, comparing a sexual act between two consenting (human) adults to animal cruelty and abuse (and essentially comparing both human beings to animals merely because of whom they choose to love) – let’s just say it’s not exactly Christian, as this Duck guy claims to be.

But hey – whatever. It’s his views, and I’m not out to change them.

Point 2: Duck guy is a celebrity, and he represents his show, and by extension his employer A&E. The “vaj>ass” remarks were simply in bad taste, and reflected poorly on his employer.  I’m not A&E, nor am I GLAAD or any other homosexual advocacy group, but I would venture an educated guess that had Robertson said “I’m a Christian, and my beliefs are that homosexuality is a sin,” I doubt there would have been much to suspend him for. But no… he had to venture into “gays = beasts” territory, which makes him seem ignorant and crass in the eyes of a lot of people.

Point 3: Robertson’s suspension from A&E has NOTHING to do with his First Amendment rights. The First Amendment protects individuals and groups speech and expression from government prosecution and persecution. It certainly does not protect them from the consequences, which include job loss, and outcry from others when they say something stupid. In other words, Duck guy has every right to air his views about gays, dogs, adulterers or anything else, but he’s not free from the consequences of his words. No one is jailing him for speaking out about his views. No one is imposing fines on him. He’s free to speak and continue speaking. And his employer is free to end the association if need be.

Point 4: Robertson has no right to a job. A&E is and should be free to suspend him, fire him, etc. should the network feel it necessary, for whatever reason. If what Robertson said impacts the station negatively and impacts its bottom line, it should have the right to get rid of him. Again, Duck dude is not free from the consequences of his actions.

People screeching about his First Amendment rights should understand this.

That said…

Point 5: Come on, GLAAD! It’s some redneck on some reality show! It’s not like you’re being hanged for being gay in Iran! Get some perspective. Get an enema. Don’t watch the show. Don’t watch the channel. Boycott whatever advertisers that show has. But understand that everyone has a point of view, and while society in general is a lot more accepting of gays and lesbians, not everyone is going to accept you. Sorry, but it’s true. You can’t force people to change their opinions, and you shouldn’t. I know not everyone is going to like me, because I’m a ginger… or because I was born a Jew… or because I’m an atheist. I know many Christians who tell me I’m going to hell. So what? If I took everything they say about me seriously, I’d be rotting in a mental institution by now, drooling on myself and excited for my next lithium pill.

In other words, chill the hell out!

All of you.

It’s a redneck on a reality show voicing his opinion in a pretty ignorant manner, not some plot to imprison you for your lifestyle!

I was pretty vocal in my defense of Dan Cathy in the Chick-fil-A flap, because the chain really was persecuted by local and state officials in some areas for its owner merely voicing his opinion. I don’t agree with his views on marriage, but he’s Christian and he’s entitled to voice them without fat, drooling shitbags like Menino in Boston trying to hinder his livelihood because of them.

In this case, Duck guy has no right to a job. His employer is a private employer and has every right to fire him.

So, please – stop yammering on about his rights being violated! All that has happened is that the guy said some pretty ignorant shit in public and his employer decided to end the association. That’s it. Get over it.

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  1. Oh please, he did not equate it to beastiality other than to say that they are both sins – and he pointed out that this is just one sin among many in our society. He also has indicated that he does not hate gays, he merely sees their actions as sinful. Perhaps, you don’t think it is a sin; fine. But if you think someone is ignorant just because they think it is a sin; you are at least as bigoted as Si.

    And as far as A&E goes – typical corporate hypocrisy… This is exactly who Si is and anyone with a clue would have known it. Is he crass? Yes, but that is his exact character on the show. (Yes, I have seen it, but only one or two episodes out of curiosity)


    1. Ken, his exact quote was “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there: bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that women and those men…it’s not right.” I don’t know what that says to you, but to me, it puts homosexual behavior in the same category as bestiality, and that’s ridiculous. I think he’s ignorant, because he talks as if human relationships are merely made up of sexual behavior. “Homosexuality” is much more than just sticking one’s sexual organ into another’s anus, as he so ignorantly states. I have expressly stated that he’s entitled to his religious beliefs, and I’m not going to judge whether or not he’s ignorant based on them. What makes him ignorant is exactly what I said above. “It’s his views, and I’m not out to change them.”

      Who or what is Si?

      I don’t disagree about corporate hypocrisy, or as someone else pointed out, the dumb (if it was that, I don’t know the show or the data about how many people watch it) decision to suspend the guy. But it’s THEIR decision, based on what THEY perceive, and it’s THEIR right. We can certainly have our opinions about whether or not this was a smart business move, but to claim that the guys freedom of speech was violated is wrong. Plain and simple. This is about the employer’s right to fire someone just as much as it is about the employee’s right to voice his opinions.


    2. I beg to disagree, Nicki. He said START with homosexuality and then “morph out” from there. We’ll assume that by morph he meant “move from that position.”

      Then he says “bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that women and those men” in the same breath, effectively lumping THEM into the same category.

      In other words, he’s equating bestiality with promiscuity (which includes both adultery and heterosexual fornication) and saying that those things are WORSE than homosexuality.

      I don’t have a dog in this fight, I just wanted to point out that he was taking straight folks to task as well. According to Conservative Christianity, all sex outside of wedlock is a sin, and all sin is equally repulsive to God.

      That said, I don’t care who you fuck or what you believe in so long as you don’t try to alter who *I* can fuck or what *I* believe in.


      1. I never said he DIDN’T take straight folks to task. I did, however, say that lumping homosexuality, which harms no one, with bestiality, which harms innocent animals, is ridiculous. The way he said “morph out from there” implies a causal relationship as well, which is creepy.

        I don’t have a dog in this fight either. My initial reaction was, “Does this guy think that sex is the only feature of a relationship? Does he understand that homosexuals also fall in love, have families, etc.? DAFUQ? Since when is it all about sex?”

        Again, I find those comments ignorant, but that’s just me.


  2. WRONG, Nicki. Read what he said before believing someone else’s “translation”. A&E needs “Duck Dynasty” MUCH more than “Duck Dynasty” needs A&E. Phil Robertson answered a question of his religious faith honestly and forthrightly. A&E has the right to “suspend” or even fire him for those comments–which were NOT “profane.” He merely said that homosexuality is a “sin” in his view…as are beastiality, gluttony and drunkeness. The Bible agrees with him….not the PC crowd. A&E viewers have the same right to call A&E to task for their ill-advised and precipitous actions towards Mr. Robertson. This is going to hurt A&E MUCH more than it’ll hurt the Robertsons. If I were advising them, I’d be on the phone offering my show to every other cable station in the country. Wanna bet they’d not get MULTIPLE takers? The show is mostly wholesome, profanity- and sexual innuendo-free and each episode ends with a {horrors} sincere, Christian prayer. LGBT has crapped in their own messkit on this one. I, for one, am sick and tired of them stifling any speech with which they disagree. I won’t watch another A&E program until and unless the network IMMEDIATELY reinstates Mr. Robertson and issues a sincere apology to all Christian Bible-believers everywhere. You are free to believe (or not believe) whatever you wish, but you do NOT have the right to stifle me or anyone else from expressing my beliefs publicly…nor condemn me for doing so. If you, Nicki, disagree with what Phil ACTUALLY said, that’s your right…but you owe your readers to actually KNOW what he said in that interview before condemning it. He ended by saying that it wasn’t his place to judge anyone and that he, like God Himself, loves all of humanity.

    I’m reasonably certain that you and I disagree vehemently about “gays” and their so-called “lifestyles.” I don’t condemn you for your beliefs–or how you express them–often infinitely more profanely than Phil Robertson expressed himself in that GQ interview. The Robertsons are pro-gun, pro-Christian, anti-abortion and as patriotic as ANYONE on TV today. If you choose not to watch their program, that’s your choice. Millions choose otherwise and A&E is going to rue this action for a LONG time to come. Of course they are owned mostly by Disney and one of the major networks, so maybe they won’t bat an eye about it. In the last 24 hours, over 125 thousand people have signed an on-line petition demanding Robertson’s re-instatement and an apology by A&E. That’s gotta get SOMEONE’S attention there.


    1. Then that’s on A&E, and it’s a bad business decision. They should be able to make that decision, based on whatever faulty data they have.


    2. I quoted his words exactly. In quotes. Relationships are not just about where you place your cock, and you and I both know it.


      1. Except “gays” are the ONLY segment of our society who self-identify almost solely based on where they “place their cocks,” Nicki and you and I both know it.


        1. Actually they do not. That’s only YOUR perception, and not actual reality. Gay people fall in love, spend their lives together, and yes – they even have sex – just like anyone else.


        2. …except it’s NOT “just like everyone else,” Nicki…and I expect that even you know that. Human beings are DESIGNED for male/female sexual activity. Just because there are other body orifices that will marginally accommodate a penis, doesn’t mean that we are compelled for stick it there. I will suggest to you that “love” has little to do with most human relationships…at least initially–hetero OR homosexual. It’s a matter of lust–not love. Our media has studiously taught us to equate the two–and the media is WRONG. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that two men cannot love one another and even want to live together. I’m saying that the sexual aspect of such an arrangement is LUST…not love.


        3. OMG, here we go again. Look, I’m not going to go into what human beings are “designed for” again. We’ve had this debate in the past, and we’ll never agree on it. And what is this “even you know that” crap? What I know is that gay people fall in love, live together and have families. What I know is that love is often expressed in sexual ways – JUST LIKE STRAIGHT LOVE (unless you’re going to claim that the only reason you have sex is for reproductive purposes) – and not the ONLY way. And what I know is that it’s none of anyone’s goddamn business where a man sticks his penis.

          Just because there are other body orifices that will marginally accommodate a penis, doesn’t mean that we are compelled for stick it there.

          You must have an incredibly dull sex life, then!

          I will suggest to you that “love” has little to do with most human relationships…at least initially–hetero OR homosexual.

          And a very dark, depressing view of life.


  3. You go girl! Point well put and clear! What surprises me is that people are surprised by his statement.


    1. Well, I don’t know about the surprise part. I honestly don’t know the guy, and I don’t know anything about this show.


      1. Be a good idea to watch it sometime, Nicki. It’s wholesome and funny and full of human foibles while being entertaining. Of course, each show ends with a simple, Christian prayer–which offends some people.


        1. Meh. Sounds dull, and I frankly don’t have time for it. I watch very little TV as it is. Mostly it plays in the background while I work a second job.


  4. Nicki,

    I agree with most of your points. My issue is how one side ‘free speech’ has gotten to be. And yes, it is a free speech issue just not a Constitutional Free Speech issue. And yes, I agree A&E has the right to fire him/put him on hiatus, whatever. That really isn’t the issue.

    What I’m seeing and I think most people are tired of is simply how politically correct everyone has to be regarding the LGTB issue but they don’t see to be very tolerant of dissenting opinion.
    Had the community taken the “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” approach I would say great. But that isn’t what is happening. They are all over anyone who says anything that offends them — pushing the point that those people can NOT say that.

    Yet, no matter how offensive of a statement they make; no one tells them they can’t. Shouldn’t is different from Can’t.

    The other issue I would like to see address is A&E’s blatant hypocrisy; trying to claim what Robertson said isn’t a reflection of the values of the show. BUNK.
    A&E airs the show because of the family’s Christian values; a large part of their audience considers that a main draw. Then Phil expresses — rudely, profanely and insensitively (but also check out the language the author of the article used ) to describe those Christian values and now A&E wants to distance themselves?

    Come on — A&E is making money hand over fist because of those values. Again, I think A&E should have taken the approach “Not our view but we defend his right to say them”. I would have applauded.

    I’m tired of seeing conservative and/or Christian values being described as hateful. NOTHING in what he said was hateful. He didn’t compare it to Bestiality, he was asked what is SINFUL and included homosexuality in with the list, he also included adultery also and many more.


    1. Hence my point 5.


    2. And by the way, I’m not so worried about the profanity. Frankly, I use worse language on the regular basis. That shit doesn’t offend me. But I’m not a celebrity working for an employer that relies on my celebrity to make money. I just find it incredibly stupid that to him human relationships boil down to dick+vaj > dick+ass.

      If I said that shit in an interview with a national magazine, representing my job (and by extension my employer), I would fully expect to be fired.


  5. Nicki,

    This is what I don’t understand:

    If I said that shit in an interview with a national magazine, representing my job (and by extension my employer), I would fully expect to be fired.

    The employer hired Robertson based on what he said and the Christian viewpoint that it came from. This isn’t an ESPN commentator talking about religion or politics during a game. This is a Christian man, hired because he is Christian talking about his Christian values.

    It seems like A&E is shocked, absolutely SHOCKED to here him utter basic Christian values !

    The man preaches at the local Church of Christ (same non-denomination denomination I am a part of — for full disclosure). Isn’t A&E being more then a little hypocritical in firing him after making so much money off those values?


    1. Hard for me to say, frankly, because I have no idea why he was hired. Maybe the show was interesting? I have no clue. I’ve never watched it. Whatever the reason, the employer has the right to end the association. Is it hypocritical? Sure. But it’s their right. I don’t know enough about his contract or his show to speak intelligently on that. What I DO know is that I’m an advocate for both individuals and employers, who should enjoy the freedom to speak, but also the freedom to fire someone based on that speech if they see fit.


      1. You are absolutely right about that Nicki–and the viewing public has the freedom to express its outrage towards the network for firing Mr. Robertson…and, so far, that outrage has been expressed vigorously and vociferously. The losers here are going to be the stockholders in A&E’s parent companies. The two main sponsors of Duck Dynasty have already said they stand behind Mr. Robertson and both have said they’d follow the family where ever they choose to go.


        1. And I’m all for that! I’ve stated this repeatedly. I have absolutely no problem with it.

          My whole point with this post was to reiterate that a) this is not a First Amendment or a Constitution issue, b) A&E is an employer just like any other and should have the right to hire and fire as they please, even if they make stupid business decisions and c) Everyone needs to chill the hell out.


  6. You knocked this one out of the park, Nicki. Good job.


  7. I was planning on watching this show just to see what it was about but now that I know it ends with a prayer my curiosity has been satisfied. I don’t care what anybody says about homosexuality (or Christianity), whether they’re for it or against it, I simply don’t care and would never ask anyone what their views are. My question is why would the media keep asking the question if the only acceptable answer has to be politically correct? Why do they keep stirring the pudding and why does anyone care?


  8. The man was asked a question and gave an answer. You are now saying that he was wrong in telling what he felt about an issue. That is what is wrong with our country. This would be a non-issue, except that an activist organization decided to make an example of him and destroy him in a manner that has been used on any number of others, mostly wrongly. I don’t necessarily agree with Phil, but I am sick and tired of moral outrage in this country.


    1. You are now saying that he was wrong in telling what he felt about an issue.

      Nope. That’s not what I’m saying. Please don’t insult my intelligence. What I said was that if his employer felt what he said reflected badly on him, the employer had every right to shit can him. I disagree with his beliefs, but I defend to the death his right to voice them. People act all surprised at what he said on one side, even though, his beliefs were apparently well known. Why is it that in our PC climate anyone is surprised that there were repercussions to his words?


      1. I don’t think anyone is particularly surprised–rather dismayed that his relatively-benign (and yes, that’s what they were) comments in a fringe magazine article would move Hearst and Disney to “shit-can” one of the stars of their most popular show. He was asked a question and answered it truthfully and according to his understanding of what constitutes sin. If you don’t believe in sin, that’s your privilege, but what he said wasn’t a lie. By the way, he did NOT say that beastiality was the logical progression of homosexuality. He said BOTH were sins, along with adultery, gluttony, etc., each equally despised by God. The man has everyone fooled. He has a PhD, for Pete’s sake. He was a millionaire LONG before A&E came along and he’ll continue to be. I don’t worry about him or anyone in his family. If you don’t like Duck Dynasty, don’t watch it. By the way, if you think homosexuals “don’t hurt anyone,” you’re barking up the wrong tree. Not all do, for certain, but they account for about 40% of all child predators even while being only 2% or so of the population. A nurse friend in Vacaville, CA, tells me that fully 80% of the inmates in the California Institute for the Criminally Insane are HIV positive while only 10% are when in-processed.


    2. I actually know a bit about these people. I have a practice in West Monroe and while I don’t know them personally, I have reliable people who have told me about them. Phil is very outspoken about his beliefs and doesn’t give a flip if he offends someone. From what I have been able to understand this statement is relatively mild and he frequently gives sermons incorporating gays as a topic. Then on the flip side, the family is very friendly and supportive of homosexuals who are friends and for whom they employee. Don’t be fooled by the appearance of these people. They are some of the smartest people in any room, built a major business from nothing, and could likely buy A&E if they saw a profit. The whole think is likely a set up by the family. They are very interested in spreading their message and have given interviews in which they desire to have a major confrontation with the Hollywood bunch over morals. This is a much deeper story than what one may think.


      1. A friend of mine, who is very familiar with show business, said the following on FB, which may be very astute.

        The important thing here is that A&E has been careful NOT to say that they are dropping Phil Robertson and his family. Only that they have put the Patriarch on an indefinite “hiatus” right now. The family has indicated that they are in conversations with A&E as to the future of the program going forward, which tells me that things are going to work themselves out in time.

        I think that A&E is looking for a “cooling off” time here, whether it be a week, a month, or even three months. I also see that in the near future Phil Robertson will make an “apology” of sorts without really giving up his comments and core beliefs.

        What I see in all of his comments is the fact that he COULD have stated his beliefs a little better. Perhaps not be so graphic with the vagina and anus routine, then making his comparisons of homosexuality to pedophilia and bestiality. I won’t even comment on the insinuation that blacks were probably better off under Jim Crow.


  9. Nicki,
    your analysis (pardon the pun) of this is flawless. He indeed has the right to speak his mind just as the clan has the right to march. And his employer has the right to fire him. I don’t agree with his rant or his dismissal though; when AE hired him they should have known his views on things, and if they didn’t want him speaking about those views that should have been part of his employment contract. Similar to Juan Rivera being fired from NPR; they had the right, even though they were wrong.
    Nicki, with your extensive vocabulary you should probably never work for A&E…


    1. LOL! Thanks!

      I doubt A&E would approve my extensive use of the word “fucknugget.” But hey… you never know.

      Frankly, A&E may have done this Duck dude a favor. If his show is, indeed, that successful, it could easily get picked up by another network, and he could wind up making even more. Notice how quickly Juan Williams got picked up by Fox.


  10. Juan Williams I mean


  11. Ditto NIcki, except I think GLADD et al should be all over Robertson, and vice-versa. I think that kind of social shunning and stigmatism, back and forth, is vital to a free society and its changing attitudes with respect to time.

    Besides, as you alluded to, if name-calling upsets someone, then they probably aren’t an adult yet.


  12. Sorry, got my characters confused, Si is another person on the show, this was Phil. As I say, I don’t really watch it, have just seen a couple of episodes.
    Now, let’s get order and context straight (no pun intended). He was asked a question about the sinful nature of man – not about homosexuality. His response started with homosexuality, but also included beastiality, adultery (heterosexual), etc. I’ll concede it was not stated perfectly, but heck, it was an interview not a prepared statement… Everyone just needs to get over it and stop trying to read 10 levels deeper into meaning.
    You are right that A&E has a ‘right’ to fire him, assuming that the contract gives them that right for virtually any reason at their sole discretion. But let’s face it, in context, this was no more offensive than atheists mocking Christians for their beliefs and less offensive than Bill Mayer saying Christians should not have the right to vote. But okay, A&E has a right.
    But this is also a free speech issue. This is part of a concerted effort to silence a certain point of view. A&E should have defended his free speech rights of expressing a philosophical opinion rather than firing him. His actions did not hurt anyone’s. A&Es did (I.e. Phil’s)


    1. Ken, you know I don’t get offended easily, but badly stated or not, this dude said some pretty repulsive things. “You homos are as bad as animal abusers, but I and God love ya anyway.” He sounded like a jerk. Not like a Christian. Not like you. Not like Julie. But OK, let’s say he just had an unfortunate turn of the phrase. It happens.

      He said it. He wasn’t thrown in prison for it. He wasn’t fined. His employer decided to terminate the association based on this unfortunate turn of the phrase. Whether we agree with it or not, it’s their right to do so. You agree with me on that.

      I agree that people tend to overreact, and I said as much in this blog post. What I disagree vehemently about is that it’s a free speech issue. Whatsisface spoke freely and expressed his beliefs. No one stopped him. But there were consequences, and no one is free from those, whether we agree with them or not.

      It’s amazing to me that people were shocked by what this guy said, given the nature of his show. But at the same time how can you be surprised by the result, given prior similar incidents? Neither is surprising.

      I understand why people found his remarks offensive. I also understand that people need to chill the hell out. AND I further understand why the network shitcanned him. Whether it was the correct decision or not is not up to us. Only they are responsible for their bottom line and their reputation. The market will bear that out in time.

      Meanwhile, if this show is as good and successful as they say, I’m sure there will be another network waiting to grab it.


  13. MS Nicki – While I agree with your read on this idiocy I strikes me that A&E and GLAAD have become the very bullies they claim to hate. With all the problems we face as a nation… this headline is right up there with the Kardashian (sp and I don’t care) – Lohan-Hollyweird stupidity. I gotta say, welcome to the US of PC!


  14. Nikki,

    You should watch the dang show, or at least a little of it, so as to see the message put forth. It is not really all that faith- oriented content, until the obligatory family dinner with the grace saying and all. You also would be well served by reading a few industry articles that detail the original agenda of the producers to create a show depicting a bunch of rednecks making fools of themselves, for the entertainment of enlightened “coastal elites”. Didn’t work out that way, as the duck boys and girls acted just like they are (real folks, imagine that) and 14 million viewers agreed with their values. A&E is trying to figger a way out of that now, as firing Phil is like shooting your prize bull for shitting in the wrong pasture. BTW, I ain’t darkened the door of a church in a long time, and I also don’t care who pokes their whatever in what orifice they choose. Nikki, I’ve enjoyed your writing, your personal drive, and esp. your dog rescue efforts; you are a hell of a lady. Lately you have gone a bit off the rails it seems. I say that with a great deal of respect. Oh, and my personal favorite is “fucknozzle”….


    1. a) I have no interest in the show, or much of any other TV. There’s very little of it I watch, and frankly I don’t care.
      2) Whether it was a good business decision or not, it was A&E’s decision. If it turns out to be a bad one, that’s on them
      *) I’m curious to know how you think I’ve “gone a bit off the rails, it seems.” Going off whose rails? What rails was I on in the first place? I write something with which you disagree, so I must be on the wrong track?

      And finally, with all due respect, if you disagree with something I write, you’re certainly free to debate it, or simply say you disagree. But you don’t know me – especially not enough to claim I’ve “gone a bit off the rails, it seems.” However, if for whatever reason it bothers you that I write something with which you disagree, no one is forcing you to read this blog.

      I write for me, and not for anyone else. This is a diary of sorts. Catharsis. A personal journal that some people like to read, and some don’t. There have been times when I’ve had less than 100 visitors on a given day, and other times when I’ve had thousands. I care about neither. If no one read this blog, I would still write it.

      I appreciate the fact that you think I’m “a hell of a lady,” but my rails are my own, and no one else’s, so if something bothers you enough, you know where the door is. And I say that with a great deal of respect.


  15. We need a new post/thread on “Most Creative Cursing.”

    I vote “twatmold.” That one made me shoot beer out my nose.


  16. Yeah Nicki…
    A&E is such a PRINCIPLED bunch of folks that they are showing a marathon of this evil cretin this very weekend, and have NO plans to not show the entire next season of his show…in which he features prominently. “Indefinately Suspending” him is just one more meaningless gesture that the PC twats throw out to appease the butt-hurt, especially since the quote in question is a couple of months old now. If A & E was seriously offended, they would have changed their programming line up and DROPPED the entire show….not made some meaningless supsension..which pretty much guarantees that a show that didn’t turn out the way the big-wigs at A & E intended, but makes them a butt-load of money so they can’t cancel it, moves to another network.


  17. Nikki
    You’re right, I don’t know you, but I do greatly admire the passion which you conduct yourself, and the way you stand up for what you believe in. Great deal of respect for all that. My comment about rails has to do with a recent post re: a person with y in their name; I have a small personal connection there, and I thought the post was, I guess, a bit “out there”. No need to get your back up, and I do know the location of the door. No more on that from me.


    1. My back is not up. I promise. I just need it understood that my road is really my own.

      And now I’m SERIOUSLY confused as to the person you’re referring to. And genuinely REALLY curious!

      Maybe it’s just to early in the morning….


    2. Wait, you’re talking about YON?????


  18. Nicki,
    I would suggest that you look closer at these folks. First, Phil could give a damn about A&E. This is a guy that had Terry Bradshaw as his backup quarterback and walked away from a major deal with the NFL to duck hunt and hang out at his bar. The other thing is understanding his mission. He could give a care about being on a TV show. What he wants is to preach. With this controversy, he now has a huge pulpit. What he said was not terribly bad, if you understand how these people talk. He was using what I call “church speak”. I have a brother-in-law that is a preacher and these phrases come out in normal conversation and you just sit there and wonder. Now, I am not defending what he said, nor do I care for the GLAAD reaction. But what I am waiting on will be the outcome. This will not be like what your friend described. This guy is going to play it and so will his family. They don’t need the money and they are aiming at the power they will get by the conflict. Look at American history to understand what they are after. In the 1830’s, one single lawyer changed the course of the US with the 2nd evangelical transformation (or whatever it is called). That is what they want. They just declared war.


    1. I know all this about him. Why is it that if I say I don’t agree with his views everyone shits themselves and refuses to even read further? I thought my points were pretty clear. No, I don’t agree with him and think his statements were repulsive. Yes, he had every right to make those statements. No, he doesn’t have the right to a job if his employer no longer wants him. Yes, his employer may or may not suffer economic consequences. And yes, the crazies from GLAAD need to chill the fuck out. Just as the other side does. It’s NOT a first amendment issue. Period.

      So why are people constantly advising me to get to know and research this guy/family/etc? Is this supposed to change my mind about the above?

      I have zero interest in this beyond what I’ve written. There are frankly more important, bigger things in the world. *shrug*


  19. one last word on this subject. The article itself is dead-bang right….the comments, not so much.


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