Meet the ObamaCare PajamaDouche (UPDATED)

So by now, I’m sure you’ve at least heard about the hilarity that ensued after a pajama-clad Organizing for Action dweeb was portrayed in an ad, encouraging clueless morons to accost their families about ObamaCare this winter.

pajama dork

UberDork here has become an Internet sensation, with ridicule pouring in from all corners of the Interwebz. Because sitting around in your onesie with a somewhat vacuous, but nevertheless arrogant look on your face, as if to say, “Mom and dad, I love you, but you really are quite stupid for not genuflecting in gratitude in front of Dear Leader’s creation,” is not even remotely reminiscent of the at least one Jolt Cola-slurping, Twinkie eating, basement-dwelling, metrosexual hipster virgin we all know! Not at all!

mock one

Well, the insufferable PajamaDouche has been outed. His name is Ethan Krup, and he’s an OFA employee. He also thinks he’s wicked cool for being a sensation on the Interwebs.

UberArrogant PajamaDouche does not get it. He’s not cool. He’s the object of ridicule, because he is promoting a program that has so far been a massive FAIL with hundreds of thousands of sick people losing their health coverage, and because his arrogant, slightly androgynous and creepy. And he reminds me of Pat from Saturday Night Live, the sexually ambiguous androgynoid, who drove you crazy as you felt like you were so close to figuring out what sort of plumbing it had!


Look familiar?

Here’s Ethan with a bunch of people at OFA who also never get laid.


The short chick may get a date every so often, but she’s probably so shrill and annoying, that any date she manages to get probably wants to stick a spork in his (or her) ear drum just to escape the ShrewSpew.

Well congrats, PajamaDouche! Everyone now knows who you are, and if they didn’t think you were an assweasel before you became an Internet sensation, chances are they now know, and you will remain a virgin well into your 40s.

UPDATE: Salgak, one of our awesome commenters created the following. LOVE IT!

Or testicles.

…Or testicles


11 responses

  1. I hate, HATE to say this, but I thought it was Rachel Maddow at first.

    Yes, I was wearing my glasses.


    1. ROFL!!!!! No, darling! Madcow is actually more attractive than this tool!


      1. I KNOW!!! I feel bad for thinking it was her.


        1. I know, right? I feel like apologies are needed! Sorry, Rachel!:)


  2. And you know what? I bet that pajama has a “trap door”, too 😉


  3. One more for your collection Nicki. . . I made this one up earlier tonight. ..


    1. That’s GREAT stuff! I’m publishing that. Thanks for that. It’s awesome!


  4. To borrow one of your words Nicki, these douche bags are fucktards except they wish, really wish they could get fucked. Well they are are by Obama but they are too STOOOPPPIIIDD to know this.

    I am recovering from pneumonia and laughed so hard at these great comments I may have cracked ribs. No worries, I never and never will be part of Obamanazicare.


  5. Ican’t tell if he is wearing ballerina slippers and i bet he throws a ball just like his mentor


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