Missouri State wins Dumbest School Title

I know a few people from Missouri. I’m fairly sure the ones I know are pretty bright. And then there’s these doucherockets. To be fair, they’re tied with a couple of other unspecified universities mentioned in this story, but still…

…Missouri State is considering a ban on Nerf Guns.

In October, a professor mistook one of the neon toys for a real gun and called police, causing the university to be placed on lockdown, The Associated Press reported.

“When we get that call, we have to make the initial assessment that it might be a real gun,” said Don Clark, director of the university’s Department of Safety and Transportation, the AP reported.

Several colleges across the country have banned Nerf guns, the report said.

Nerf guns, boys and girls. A professor saw one of these toys and shat his pants so hard, he probably blew out his dusty colon! They were right when they said hoplophobia is a mental illness.



And this panty-crapping ignoramus is teaching at a university! Can you imagine the intellect level of the kids who take his class?



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  1. Yep. I read that somewhere. Ridiculous!


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