Media – they report, they decide, screw you (UPDATED)

So yesterday, in my assessment of the Arapahoe shooter, I cited a report that clearly showed the Denver Post deleted a direct quote from Pierson’s classmate that referred to him as a vocal socialist. I didn’t speculate about the reason for the deletion; I merely wondered why.

Today, I see that after being questioned about the change, the Denver Post news editor Lee Ann Colacioppo tried to explain away her paper’s decision on Twitter. The explanation struck me as arrogant, ridiculous and ignorant as a former journalist. Someone asks Lee Ann why she deleted any reference to Pierson being a passionate socialist from the report.

She then adds the following in reply to another question:

So, the student, who is at least 16 years old and took an economics class with Pierson, is too dumb to understand what “socialist” means, but not too dumb to be quoted by the paper overall.

Why does the paper decide what the student – who is ostensibly the subject matter expert here – understood and what he did not? This was supposed to be a report, not an analysis of his classmates’ ability to discern whether or not his political views fit the “socialist” mold. They interviewed a classmate. The classmate told them concretely what he thought of the kid. Lee Ann decided that he wasn’t qualified to have an opinion?

It’s called reporting. Report what your source said. Don’t pick and choose what you think is correct and what you don’t. That’s not your job. Or did they not teach you that in journalism school?

Fact of the matter is the paper reported Pierson’s views as “Keynesian.” It quoted other classmates as saying his views were “out of the mainstream.” But Lee Ann apparently considered directly quoting a subject matter expert – a person who knew Pierson personally and ostensibly had more objective knowledge of his views than Lee Ann did – as allowing him “to apply a label he likely didn’t understand.”

There you have it, folks. Lee Ann thinks the student who attended school with Pierson is too dumb and uninformed to understand the basic political and economic concepts he was learning in school, and the rest of you are too stupid to judge for yourselves whether you believe what he said, especially coupled with Pierson’s own words on Facebook and other reports from other classmates.

Therefore, Lee Ann Colacioppo is going to edit the story to tell you only what you need to hear. Because she’s smarter than you are.

And this is why I don’t miss journalism.

UPDATE: Real Clear Politics has video of a student confirming that Pierson was a proud socialist.

“He was friendly enough. Very proud of being a socialist. He was very outspoken on his political views,” student Angie Mock said. “To him, it just meant economic — more economic equality.”

Now, people throw the “socialist” label around a lot. I explored the “socialist” meme in this blog post a while ago. There are certainly varying shades of socialism.

They range from libertarian socialism (which to me is an oxymoron), but is so named likely because it shuns government control of production and advocates worker control instead to authoritarian/state socialism, where the almighty state controls all.

I assess Barack Obama falls somewhere in the middle of the socialist spectrum, although there’s a lot of evidence that he trends toward the statist model, given his partial nationalization of America’s health care, auto industry and banking industry. But overall he’s more of a social democrat – someone who advocates increased social spending and redistribution. And given his constant yammering about paying “our fair share,” I doubt there’s any way you can say he’s NOT a socialist! …

While most seem to think the “socialist” label is, on the whole, very specific, it’s quite clear that government control of production and distribution is a central tenet. These kids get it. Pierson got it, and was very proud of it.

Lee Ann apparently either doesn’t get it, or is afraid to name it.


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  1. Very good Nicki, but I have to wonder if she has been so indoctrinated by the Obamarat socialist and NEA socialist views that she really doesn’t understand the truth. Ignorance of the truth is sad, but true stupidity is far worse. I think she has bought the lies of the left, and it shapes her view of the world, she’s wearing blinders, that’s how she’s been taught.
    She probably laments the death of Mandella, but to most of us it’s just , oh well another dead terrorist just like Arafat.


  2. Obviously a calculated self-defense reaction.

    It is apparent that the real reason Colacioppo omitted the reference is that…

    …SHE is a socialist, and knowing the majority public opinion of the philosophy (when the public even bothers to think about it), she deliberately obfuscated the reference.


  3. Remember all the news that fit to print, doesn’t include anything that twists the agenda you are selling.


  4. I have used communist and socialist to describe Obama and many of the progressives. In turn, I am informed that I don’t know what I am talking about as I don’t understand the terms. This seems to be the new abuse of the English language that is the mantra of the leftist, progressive, socialistic, communistic folks that call themselves the Democratic party and there admirers. So, I guess that we are all ignorant and only the enlightened can determine things for us.


    1. Well, as someone who was born and lived in the former USSR, I can tell you that the people who screech that you don’t understand the terms are ignorant shitbags.


  5. Gee, does this newspaper (I’m not familiar with it as I live in the “occupied territory” called New York State) ever delete any comments some prominent person says in a statement because they have no clue as to what they’re talking about? I’m thinking of things like “If you like your health care insurance policy, you can keep it” or any of a myriad of clueless statements by Barack Obama.


  6. I’m thinking they’d let another student characterize the shooter, if the shooter kicked puppies and tried to light neighbor’s houses on fire.

    Dumbasses. They’re so smug with their deceit, they have no idea how much the public is growing weary of their deception.


  7. Traveled here from the Rott to follow the story Nicki – thanks. Rest assured that if the 16 year-old student had characterized the shooter as a Tea Party member, then there would be no such concerns on the part of the Denver Compost editor.


    1. Hi, darling! Good to see you! Yes, I’m sure they were looking for a Tea Party connection as soon as this happened.


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