Arapahoe High School shooter – my amateur attempt at profiling (UPDATE)

Here we go again. Yesterday, as I was leaving the office, I got wind of another school shooting. In Colorado. Again. What is it about Colorado that brings out the nuts? This time it was an 18 year old student (legally an adult) at Arapahoe High School that brought a shotgun to school and shot two of his classmates before blowing his own head off.

Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson identified the gunman as Karl Pierson.

Who was Karl Pierson? Well, the Denver Post has a profile, and if you think he was a typical TEAbagging ultra-conservative, you would be wrong. He was a strong leftist, who strongly believed in gun control and mocked and castigated Republicans.

So why did he pick up an implement he obviously hated and go hunting at his high school?

The paper immediately tries to mitigate his actions by pointing out that he may have been bullied for his leftist beliefs. So let’s get this straight. He was a gun control advocate and a self-described “Keynesian,” who was apparently ridiculed for being a leftist and a gun banner, so he picked up a… GUN and decided to use his school – a place filled with disarmed people – as a shooting gallery. So it must be the righties’ fault for ridiculing the poor sod for his beliefs. Right.

Why? For what purpose? To prove a point? What point? On the eve of the anniversary of a horrific attack by a mentally deranged monster that left children dead and families broken, this bag of dicks goes out and shoots his classmates, attempts to shoot his teacher, and then offs himself to prove guns are bad?

I don’t get it.

It’s quite clear this douchecracker slipped off the Cliffs of Insanity. No sane person would pick up a firearm and start shooting at disarmed targets for no reason.

CNN says he had a disagreement with a teacher. OK. Is this cause for murder? Or was this rosy child so enamored of himself, accustomed to winning awards, arrogantly castigating “republicans” on his Facebook page, so anxious to show himself special that he decided to exact revenge on a teacher who may not have thought he was the special snowflake he considered himself?

The DailyMail sheds more light on the story.

The high school senior student who walked into his Colorado high school with a shotgun and two explosives was targeting the librarian and was upset over the fact that he had been benched from the debate team earlier this week.

  • Gunman Karl Pierson entered school and said he was targeting librarian Tracy Murphy who also worked as the speech and debate team coach
  • Pierson is thought to have been demoted within the ranks of the speech and debate team earlier this week and may have been suspended

Local station KDVR reports that Pierson was suspended earlier this week after shouting at a teacher. Others in the school were apparently aware that the student was having a difficult week because the otherwise calm and happy student seemed to snap.

No, we don’t have all the facts in this story. What we do know is the following.

  1. Pierson was a hotshot in debate circles and was a student athlete.
  2. He was a dedicated leftist (who apparently had little understanding of actual economic theories) and mocked those with whom he disagreed on Facebook. “I was wondering to all the neoclassicals and neoliberals, why isn’t the market correcting itself? …If the invisible hand is so strong, shouldn’t it be able to overpower regulations?”
  3. He arrogantly mocked his political opponents, “you republicans are so cute” and posted an image that reads: “The Republican Party: Health Care: Let ’em Die, Climate Change: Let ’em Die, Gun Violence: Let ’em Die, Women’s Rights: Let ’em Die, More War: Let ’em Die. Is this really the side you want to be on?” (Yeah, because that’s exactly what Republicans believe.)
  4. He got into it with his debate coach, and was benched – and may even have been suspended, which makes me wonder how much of a dick he really was to her him (my apologies – I initially thought Tracy Murphy was a female).

Know what I see here?

I see an entitled, spoiled snowflake who thought himself above others who disagreed with him politically, and who hypocritically decided to prove his points by committing the ultimate crime – a crime against others and ultimately against himself, ending his miserable life when he didn’t get his way.

I’m sure other details will emerge eventually that will paint a brighter picture of this shitbag, but based on what we know now, that’s my assessment.

UPDATE: Apparently the Denver Post story I cited above was doing a little creative editing of its own. Gateway Pundit reports that the paper edited out a classmate’s real statement on Pierson that called him a “very opinionated socialist.”


This was the original article the Post had online. It was edited later to say the following:


I wonder why…



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  1. Wow Nicki, you really knocked this one out of the park, Got to post it to FB.


  2. Great post. Appreciate the research and honesty.


  3. Eighteen years old and already knows how to rule the world….hmmmmmmmm….should have been a sign.

    Perhaps the debate he lost was with his instructor.

    It’s a different world now. Perhaps he thought his “career” was over losing one little debate. Too much pressure!

    As an adult taking classes with younger students, I learned that bullying and conforming are more important than the actual learning of the material. In a group setting they seek leadership qualities. The biggest bully rises to the top-not through knowledge but the natural assumption that the meanest is the smartest. Wanting out, but still having to participate in a competition, I did the project on my own. I tried to lose, but couldn’t. I brought a weapon with me as I knew by instinct the outcome could get messy.

    That’s the education system today. “Real World Stuff.”


  4. Nicki, you said it better than I could. Can’t find anything to argue with here.


  5. The whole gun thing? Dude, it’s not hypocrisy…it’s like, ironic.


  6. Let’s see. . . Checklist:

    1. Near Columbine. Check
    2. Anniversary of Newtown. Check.
    3. Obama Scandals to get off the headlines. Check.
    4. Liberal Kid. Check.
    5. Happens on Friday, but not too late to insure that every Dem Talking Head will have their Talking Points on Gun Control ready AND polished.

    Hell, the last three are EVERY “massacre” during this administration.

    And shortly we’ll learn that the kid was on prescribed psycho-active meds.

    Sometimes I wonder if there’s some PROCESS out there, warming up these human time bombs as needed. . .


  7. I’m wondering if he was or had recently been on some psychotropic drug. It seems that other than being leftists, almost all of the shooters in schools are/were drugged.


    1. A lot of people are wondering that, but I’ve seen no indication of this so far.


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  9. Thank you for this letter. You stated the truth about this kid and what he did very well. With all the info about him, who will the liberals be able to blame now…except the evil shotgun! Because we all know that guns kill people all by themselves. Again, thank you for your letter. It was well written and truthful. Something we won’t get from CNN and MSNBC.


  10. Society would be better served if these crazies skipped the ego-masturbation and jumped off a bridge.


  11. schools and marxists including movie theaters, just don’t seem to mix well in Colorado.


  12. I see your points 1, 2, 3, and 4. I see his liberal politics. I just cannot get from there to the shotgun. With absolutely nothing to back me up I wonder if there is going to be something else that we do not know about.

    We don’t need this crap. His school doesn’t need this crap. And that girl who he shot for no reason that we know about sure as hell didn’t need this crap. This is very sad and very frustrating.


    1. The shotgun comes in when entitled, precious snowflake doesn’t get his way, because he DESERVES it, and decides to prove to the world how awesome he is. *shrug*


  13. Right around Newtown, Colorado, new commie anti-gun laws just passed in state if I recall correctly. I am sure the Regime, I mean government had nothing to do with this.


  14. Wow, I guess now we got to watch those kids on the debate teams. I hope congress does something soon to ban them in high schools. I mean why would a high school kid need to debate. Shouldn’t they be out at parties?

    It’s sad whenever a young person does this, but I’m sure you know controlling tools will not help the mentally ill.


  15. The MSM must be getting thier facts through a sign language interpreter…


    1. A crazy, unqualified one, probably.


  16. I’m not sure what you mean here. Are you blaming the school? Explain, please.


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