Dear productive class, meet your REAL boss

I realized it has been a long while since I have whipped out a few F-bombs and C-bombs. Mostly, because I do think overusing them makes them lose their effectiveness, and I would rather convey actual  ideas and not distract from, but rather enhance, my fury with my sometimes salty language.

Sometimes my rage gets the best of me, and I cannot find words strong enough to express my utter and complete disdain and disgust for what I’m seeing and/or hearing. That’s when the invective comes out. This is one of those times.

The above is a warning to those of you who whine about my bad words. I know you’re out there. I’ve addressed your concerns and whining pedagogy before, so I’ll just tell you that the following will contain language that will make you soil your Depends. Therefore, if you’re easily offended, don’t read it.


Dear productive, hard-working Americans,

Would you like to meet your boss?

No, I don’t mean the supervisor who gives you assignments, sometimes provides guidance and mentorship and rates your performance. I mean your REAL boss – the person for whom you work. The person for whom your supervisor works. The person who receives the fruits of your labor, not as profit and reward for what they have created, but as entitled parasites, who take advantage of you, who exploit your values and morals, who avail themselves of your hard work, and who steal from you by consistently voting for politicians who use government force to redistribute what you earn to those who couldn’t hope to match your achievement and skill, and who feel entitled to the results of said achievement and skill merely because they can.

That is your boss. Your boss is this odious, shitslurping cunt named Lucy.  Lucy is 32 years old and lives somewhere in Austin, TX. She and her three fuck trophies, along with her worthless, barely working spouse are the recipients of your tax dollars.

Your boss doesn’t understand why you bother working. After all, she gets to sit around the house all day, visit her friends and smoke weed. All at your expense! “…and we are still gonna get paid, on time every month,” she says. “Can you really blame us” for sitting around on welfare, she says? We get subsidized housing, she says. Our checks come on time every month come hell or high water, she says. Our kids even get gifts for Christmas, she says. Can you blame us?

And yes, this pestilent fuckmonkey savage also has an Obama phone, gets food stamps, gets subsidies for water and energy. Her husband doesn’t work very much, because he doesn’t see the need for it. And why should he? The system is there. It’s available. And Lucy has been on welfare her entire life, just like her parents. It’s a generational thing. Why should she work, when the government gives her nearly $1500 per month not to? Why should she make an effort, when the less she does, the more she gets?

This is your boss, America. This indolent, ignorant, entitled, cockmunching doucherocket, who has shit out three bloodsucking parasites who are also – judging by this family’s history – going to become drains on society. She feels no guilt, and she feels no remorse at being the beneficiary of your hard work, because it’s there.

She doesn’t care that the government steals your earnings, so she can sit around, smoke weed and be a drain on society, because it’s there.

She likes being a freeloading cum dumpster, because she can.

This is your boss, hardworking Americans. Take a good listen. This is the gonad-gobbling cuntwart for whom you work – not your supervisor, who ostensibly got his or her position after years of hard work, and not the owner of your company, and not even the person who needs a temporary leg up, who has lost employment, but is desperately trying to get back to work.

This. Is. Your. Boss.

And she’s happy and fat and stoned, squirting out future leeches to perpetuate the cycle of indolence and entitlement.

Doctors – aren’t you glad you struggled in college, medical school and your internships, so you could provide your knowledge and skill without being able to set a value to your own labor, so this oozing twatmold can lay a claim on your services and your tax dollars?

Entrepreneurs – aren’t you thrilled you sacrificed, scrimped, worked long hours, made a success of your business, so you could earn and achieve more for this assgobbling twunt’s pot habit?

To each and every one of you who worked hard in school, took risks, worked long hours, used your considerable determination and skill to get ahead – this jizz-shitting bag of fuck is getting your earnings and laughing at you with every check she receives and every joint she smokes and every bottle of booze she and her worthless pals guzzle.

And as long as the politicians who will create more laws to redistribute your earnings are allowed to return to their offices, she and her kind will continue to drain you of your lifeblood.

So keep voting for the same scum that will keep this asspig in front of the TV, smoking her dope and shitting out more crotchmonkeys.

And when you’re ready for a change, you’d better hope it’s not too late.


19 responses

  1. There’s millions like her and they don’t realize that they’ll be first on the trains, if it ever hits the fan.


    1. You know what? Good. Get rid of the parasites first. That will give the rest of us some time to prepare to fight back.


    2. Not necessarily. After all, the “progressives” NEED as many of these people as possible to go cast multiple votes for them.


    3. They wont be on the trains, they will be guarding the trains that we are on.


  2. Thank you Nicki, I would love to see the bill Eisenhower signed in 53 totally revoked. NO welfare at all ! They are nothing but a pimple on the ass of society, you can’t reach it to squeeze it !


    1. Well, she did admit she would have to go to work if they removed her welfare benefits! Time to test that theory!


  3. Pappad, you make a valid point, for NOW. But the next step is electing “for life”, and there’s ALREADY a slime-mold that can write suggesting that, in the form of “fuck the Constitution, let’s give the Ear Leader more terms!”

    Once they are no longer needed, they’re gone. But the trains won’t go to camps. They’ll go to “processing facilities”, where the useless eaters who vote for a living will FINALLY get a useful role in society. After they’ve been transformed into tasty, nutritious wafers of Soylent Green. . . .


  4. Nicki,
    Don’t hold back like that its unhealthy. Just tell us how you really feel.

    Just another ghettopotamus. There are millions of them soaking up SSI because they are to depressed to work. Here is a link to just one of the buildings occupied by welfare cheats. All sixteen floors.


  5. Nicki, save your colorful vernacular for the true villains; the politicians who passed laws which allow this to happen. This “lady” is simply availing herself of the programs which are available to her. We are the dummies for setting up a system where you are incentivized to not marry, have many kids, and you would actually lose benefits and make less money if you went to work! I actually respect Lucy’s honesty in running down her list of benefits, and she did admit that if they were cut off then she would have to go to work. Millions utilize programs like Medicare and Social Security, and most elderly cost these programs more then they have contributed to them. You would call someone crazy if they refused their SS check, and bought private insurance over Medicare. Lucy is just a more “efficient” utilizer of our entitlement programs. And she has the same vote as you and I do.
    I believe it was Madison who warned about the danger of “making poverty too comfortable”.


    1. Oh, don’t worry. I have more colorful and violent invective for the politicians. Leeches like this one just need extermination. If we can’t reform the system, let’s at least reduce the number of shameless parasites taking advantage of it.


  6. One of the laws in the business world is “if you want more of something, subsidize it; if you want less of something, tax it”. It seems clear where we’re headed; we’ve taxed prosperity, and subsidized poverty…and poverty is BOOMING!


    1. True. On the other hand, we get rid of the parasites, and poverty becomes not so appealing. I’m sick and tired of working for them.


  7. $1500 per month? Piker! Here’s a debate in the UK about capping benefits at £26000 per year. As that isn’t taxed, that’s equivalent to £33000 gross income (IIRC) or around $50000.

    My quick pre-work google shows claims of 56000 households being affected by that cap. I REALLY don’t want to believe that figure.


    1. I was about to quote those figures myself, CMB, but you beat me to it.

      The £26000 figure (tax free) applies to families, or to single parents with dependent children. The incentive for parents working the system is therefore not to marry or cohabit, as this allows the mother to claim £26000/yr and the technically-single father to claim a further £18200/yr.

      Most of the people in the office I work in earn less than the lower figure, and we’re not badly paid by UK standards. I personally earn more than the lower figure, but only my boss earns the higher one. For someone receiving this much in benefits, assuming they are unskilled or have been out of work for a long time, finding work that pays more than the benefit system is impossible. Benefits on this sort of level act to trap people in unproductive, unfulfilling lives.

      Can I rail against the people who play the system and live the benefit lifestyle? Yes, certainly, and I’m far from alone in that opinion. It’s worth considering though that no politician over here in the UK would *dare* to suggest any serious reform of the system, for fear of the number of votes that would immediately be lost. I would imagine that the same situation obtains over in the US, too.

      The above is not offered as a justification, more to highlight the problem we’re up against. When I first heard about a proposal to cap benefits I had naively imagined they’d be about half the actual proposed figures. More fool me, apparently. How are we paying for all this? I have no idea, and suspect we aren’t in any sustainable sense.


    2. She’s getting more than $1500 a month. She forgot to mention ADWC (welfare) and medicaid, which total another $2500 monthly.


    3. @Alex:
      I’m not sure if you replied in the right place, but in case you did…

      The UK cap does not include healthcare costs, as the NHS is free at point of use. That said, the $4k per month is comparable with the UK benefits cap. Now figure on the 56000 households in the UK over that cap, in a country a fraction the size of yours. This is where you could be heading…


  8. I think welfare should be a state’s rights issue. Actually I think just about everything should be. The “generous” states can give away all they want. When their taxpayers move to other, more “hateful, racist states”, they’ll go broke and damn the Feds if they bail them out! The hateful, racist, backwards, neocon, nazi states will blossom. Look at everybody leaving NY and CA. In France under their socialist govt. and taxes of up to 90%, the richest people have left the country. In fact, the 50 richest people in Switzerland are Frenchmen!


  9. No doubt she is busy making more crotchfruit who will some day go on to play the “knockout game”.


  10. I listen to KLBJ-AM every morning every day as I drive in to work. I was already at work for over an hour when this… THING… called in.

    Just about makes me want to go Gault


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