Good Riddance!

I just got news that Evie Hudak has decided to quit the Colorado Senate rather than face a recall.  You remember Evie Hudak, don’t you? She’s the same petty, tyrannical twatmold that told a rape victim who testified that had she had a gun for personal protection at the time of her rape, she might have been able to defend herself and avoid the traumatic, humiliating and agonizing experience, that the odds weren’t in her favor anyway – that statistics weren’t in her favor, so she might as well lie back and take it.

The outcry against Hudak’s heartlessness, ignorance and outright callousness was huge. I will admit to having used some pretty strong language to describe this… well… it’s difficult to call her a woman. More like a sideshow freak or a rodeo clown. Because when you are a woman, listening to another woman’s heartwrenching story of physical and mental violation, if you’re a decent human being with a heart, you would not be quoting statistics from a gun control group, while telling the victim that she wouldn’t have had a chance anyway, so why bother even trying?

Well, Hudak’s callous comments have come back to bite her in the ass.

Democrats in Colorado have been dropping like flies after passing odious gun control laws in that state, and Hudak, faced with a recall herself, has decided to toss herself under the bus (we can only wish it was in the literal sense!) rather than give the GOP the majority and the ability to get rid of the damaging, noxious, tyrannical bills passed by the leftards there.

“By resigning I am protecting these important new laws for the good of Colorado and ensuring that we can continue looking forward,” Hudak wrote in her resignation letter in regard to her gun votes.

Hudak’s move ends the recall process, as now a Democratic vacancy committee can appoint someone to fill her seat until 2014.

Her announcement comes as proponents of the recall were wrapping up a petition drive in which they needed to submit about 18,900 valid signatures to the secretary of state’s office. If enough signatures had been ruled valid, Hudak would have been the third Colorado lawmaker to face a recall election this year because of her support for tougher gun laws.

Don’t worry, you fetid boil on the ass of society.  The Demtarded appointment who will replace you will likely not last real long, so the results of your oh-so-selfless act of tyranny will be short-lived when your party’s pathetic, razor thin majority in the Senate is deleted.

The good news about all this is that despite the hundreds of thousands of dollars Michael Bloomberg spent trying to prevent two other Democrap petty tyrants in suits from being recalled, his efforts were a FAIL.

Good riddance, Evie Hudak. Don’t let the door hit you in that appallingly large ass of yours! You won’t be missed, you repugnant, coldhearted sow.


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  1. good riddance indeed, as a Colorado native now living in Wa state I have kept up on the politics there in my home state. Looks like the good people are waking up and taking that state back from the leftist transplants. She is a piece of work, I was there last year during the election and read a lot on her that was pretty disturbing….she treated the state coffers and her own election accounts as her personal expense money and really took advantage of it.


    1. She really is a repulsive pig! Can her replacement be any worse?


    2. Nicki. . . her replacement could ALWAYS be worse. . .


  2. Given the whole Hunger Games bit lately. . . . as far as Gun-grabbers go. . .

    May the odds NEVER be in their favor. . . .


  3. The best thing to expose Libtard stupidity is allowing Libtard stupidity’s enablement and public exposure. We’ve seen this with Obamacare on a federal level…and the Lamestream Media is even calling out the President’s…err…well…less than fully forthright…promises about the sham.

    When my Mrs. got her panties in a wad in 2008 (When Obama clobbered the hapless John McLame), I said this may be the best thing for America. In 1976, the electorate voted for a Georgia peanut farmer to be Chief Executive. This paved the way for Ronaldus Magnus. Could the Obamanation be the red-carpet-rollout for President Ted Cruz?



  4. I’ve had this ear-worm lately…Hope it’s prophetic…..

    Na-Na-Nana Na-Na-Nana HeyHeyHey Goodbye!


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