What is this personal responsibility you speak of?

Y’all remember Carolyn McCarthy, right? McCarthy (D-umbass) has made it a personal crusade to relieve Americans of their Second Amendment rights because her husband was killed in Collin Ferguson‘s shooting spree. Since then, McCarthy has been a shrill, shrewish, shrieking shill for all kinds of gun control. Because, those of us who didn’t commit a mass killing with a gun should be punished for the actions of those who did. And guns are bad… or something.

McCarthy’s latest folly is suing a bunch of companies for exposing her to asbestos and giving her lung cancer. Never mind, she’s a long-time smoker. That suing the tobacco companies for your failure to cease willingly and happily inhaling carcinogens thing is so yesterday!

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.) is partly blaming her lung cancer diagnosis in June on exposure to asbestos as a child and is suing more than 70 companies to hold them accountable. 

McCarthy’s lawyer, Daniel Blouin, told Newsday on Saturday they are asking those companies to take responsibility for the “disease that will likely cause her death.”

Blouin said McCarthy’s long history of smoking likely also contributed to her cancer, according to Newsday.

New York politicians are a particularly odious brand of turd (see: Bloomberg and Cuomo), but this one is really quite special. There’s no personal responsibility. She claims she was exposed to asbestos while washing her father’s clothes as a child, after her father came into contact with the substance at work. Why she’s not suing her father is quite obvious. No money to be had there. And suing tobacco companies is passe. So… it’s not a lifetime of smoking that’s responsible for her lung cancer, but rather these 70 companies that somehow exposed her to asbestos. And it’s not the criminal responsible for crimes committed with firearms, it’s the gun manufacturers, and weak laws, and those pesky rights protected by the Constitution, and those of us who choose to exercise them.

Carolyn McCarthy has exhibited a pattern of refusing to assign responsibility where it belongs. It’s much easier to go the victimhood route.

Don’t worry, dear reader. Her cancer is apparently treatable.



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  1. Hmmmm….If they did cause her impending death, should each and every American send these companies a little money to help with their legal defense in gratitude for the service they’ve rendered to America?


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