Shut up, racists! It’s all for the greater good!

Well, peasants, so what if a million of you in California lost your health insurance! So what if you can’t keep your doctors, cancer patients! Don’t you know that now, thanks to ObamaCare, millions thousands OK, maybe hundreds tens of people now have health insurance? Don’t you know that thanks to ObamaCare, 60 year old men will now be responsible for 20 year old women’s birth control pills, and females of all ages will be paying for prostate exams? Don’t you know that even if a bunch of you pathetic seriously ill losers lose your coverage, it’s worth it because people will get free shit, and you won’t be draining precious resources from those who really need them – you know the architect and his wife who voted for the current resident of the White House, continue to support him and this ridiculous health scare plan, had their policies canceled, and will be using loopholes and outright lying to get subsidies on the ObamaCare exchanges, because they’re too rich to do so otherwise.

So if you’re upset about having your health insurance policy canceled… SHUT UP, RACIST!

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