I hate being sick, and other observations…

Ever since I got back from Europe, I’ve been fighting this lung crud. It seems to get better, which prompts me to do all the stuff I like to do, go to work, go to the gym etc., and then it slams me on my ass and forces me to consider purchasing SCUBA gear to wade through the gallons of snot my body all of a sudden decides to produce. This sucks.

So I finally decided to take a day off and try and heal. Aside from a quick trip to the Social Security Administration office in Rosslyn to get my name changed, which went surprisingly smoothly and only took 20 minutes, I’m in bed today, feeling sorry for myself and drinking vast amounts of tea.

I don’t feel like dealing with politics, although, I will admit the amount of butthurt schadenfreude over the squealing leftards about their skyrocketing premiums and canceled policies due to the UNAffordable Care Act is giving me tingles. But overall, I’m not feeling well enough to be angry or indignant or any of the other emotions politics usually evokes. As a matter of fact, I’m watching Netflix in bed and waiting on a quart of hot & sour soup I just ordered. Yeah. A quart. I also have a bottle of Tums for the aftermath.

So what is there in the world other than politics?

There’s photos of funny cats and funny captions.


There’s the occasional funny post on FAILbook.


And there’s always BuzzFeed with some amusing list or other.


But overall, I just want to lie here and be dead for a while.

So if I’m not interesting lately, blame the crud that has infested my body and won’t go away!


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  1. One would think you’ve kissed me on the mouth or something Nicki. I’ve been blowing snot through a couple of large boxes of Kleenex since last Saturday and it’s no better today. I stayed away from work, worried that I might be contagious and didn’t want to pass it along to anyone else. I’ve been taking an antibiotic but this is obviously viral because the antibiotic hasn’t TOUCHED it. My sinuses are full, my lungs keep producing phlegm by the buckets–something that hasn’t happened since I quit smoking last year–and I can’t lie down without coughing my head off. I feel sorry for you.


    1. Get well soon. Keep very warm. Keep drinking hot fluids. Not much more you can do but wait it out. 😦


  2. Thanks. Same to you. I ate some of the wife’s home-made chicken-noodle soup for lunch, but she’s off all day helping our daughter at her apartment and is volunteering this evening at the nursing home where her mother resides as they have their “Halloween Party” a bit early. (She also does the little old lady’s nails every Thursday.) So, I doubt I’ll see her at all today. I’m home alone, watching CSI re-runs and feeling sorry for myself. Boo-hoo. I’m also wandering around Huffington Post poking fun at the liberals who are trying to blame Obamacare’s miseries on Republicans.


    1. I can’t even look at these idiots any more! Nap. Just woke up from one. Nap good. 🙂


  3. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Listen to your body!


  4. I, too, judge Chinese restaurants by their hot & sour soups, and have numerous times downed a quart to relieve my cold symptoms.

    Feel better soon!


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