A mistrial in the Grisham case

As many of you will remember, an acquaintance of mine was arrested by police a few months ago for lawfully carrying his AR-15 rifle on a hike with his son. CJ Grisham was doing nothing illegal. He threatened no one. He was on a peaceful hike with his kid, when some hysterical twit saw the rifle and shat her underpants, leading to a police call.

What ensued was an arrest, recorded by CJ’s son, in which the statist fatass dressed in uniform tells him people don’t care what the law is, admits he knows Grisham was doing nothing illegal and accuses him of “rudely” asserting his rights. He also grabbed the rifle. He didn’t ask CJ to put it down or hand it over. He grabbed it.

Lovely, right?

Well, they attempted to charge CJ with an assorted ton of crap, including disorderly conduct displaying a firearm and interfering with the duties of a “peace officer,” after they figured out they couldn’t charge him with the former. There was also the spurious accusation of walking on the wrong side of the road.

The complaint went through three amendments of the charges, starting with resisting arrest, then changed to a violation of the disorderly conduct statute – rude display of a weapon in a manner calculated to cause alarm – and ended with the charge of interfering with a public official as he was trying to perform his appointed duty, that of disarming a soldier loudly protesting the loss of his weapon to a police officer unwilling to acknowledge that he could legally possess a firearm though he has a concealed carry permit for handguns.

CJ chose to go to trial rather than set a negative precedent of being bullied into admitting a crime he did not commit, and on Friday, the judge declared a mistrial, after a jury of 6 could not agree on a verdict after two days of deliberations.

{Defense Attorney Blue] Rannefeld said the length of time the jury deliberated showed that Grisham committed no crime.

“We went out there to do a 10-mile hike,” Grisham said at a post-verdict news conference. “There wasn’t any law broken.”

Grisham said he has no plans to accept any plea offers in order to avoid a second, third or fourth trial.

“I will go through this as many times as the county wants,” Grisham said. “I will fight for liberty and freedom.”

Rannefeld said he hopes the issue of being able to openly carry a rifle or shotgun, which is not strictly prohibited under Texas law nor explicitly allowed, will be clarified by the Legislature.

The case is scheduled to be retried next month on November 18. I’m having a hard time believing that this prosecutor would continue wasting taxpayer dollars on a case where no crime was committed just to assert his AUTHORITAH! in the matter. But I don’t suppose I should be surprised. A misdemeanor turned into a high profile case such as this would be a nasty little black mark on his record of statist prosecution.

I also find it instructive that the jury was deadlocked 5-1 in favor of CJ Grisham’s innocence. One juror hung the jury. One juror who I believe was so obviously biased and disgustingly anti-Second Amendment that it would vote to convict an innocent man and destroy his military career just to support its political views!

Because having watched the video of the arrest, I cannot believe anyone with half a brain cell would vote to convict CJ Grisham!

Nonetheless, one juror apparently decided this was the case in which it would exert its political muscle, and while I hope that the prosecutor will just give it up, I have a feeling this particular prosecutor is an authoritarian swine that will keep going.

Good luck, CJ! We’re all pulling for you, for your family, for our freedoms and for our system of justice!

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  1. Just WHERE in Texas is this case being tried?


    1. Near Ft. Hood. Killeen, I believe.


  2. What a waste of the courts and the people’s time, I’m sure they have better things to do. Anybody who thinks was anything other than an attack on the Second Amendment has an agenda against it.


    1. If you read the original blog post I did on this, that’s exactly what this is. A prosecutor with a vendetta.


  3. we all hope this fat assed. cop is fired from his job and run out of town. it is scumbags like him that give law enforcement a bad name


    1. Unfortunately, it won’t happen.😦

      I just don’t understand how anyone can look at that video and think that CJ is anything by innocent!!


  4. These mental midgets are from Temple, Texas- and otherwise friendly community. But badgering the military by the police and government hacks is legendary. CJ got one of the remaining toadstools in uniform to bully him. But this slob is not alone. He’s backed by the government locally.

    CJ’s battle is against the entire establishment in Temple. Maybe military folks should just boycott Temple until the people toss these intellectual cavemen favor of real Americans



  5. I was stationed at Fort Hood for a short time before leaving for my 1st tour in Vietnam (1965). Temple was NOTORIOUS for spotting vehicles with Ft. Hood bumper-stickers on them and stopping and harassing the drivers. I once did a bit of research there and discovered that the City’s income just from fines to military people from Ft. Hood was enough to pay their entire police force.!


  6. Texas – like any state – has kangaroo courts interspersed with good justice systems. The national attention, the fact the prosecution is using trumped up charges and an unwillingness to allow this type of action will not go well with the community.

    Although much of the media will ignore what happens, I doubt this prosecution will continue. Just the fact the community looks like it’s populated with fools is enough for the pressure to start and the charges dropped.


  7. Wasn’t one of the jurors a LEO’s spouse?


    1. Not sure. Where did you see that?


    2. Followed this on CJ’s FB page, Believe I saw it there – although it may have been a comment from someone else. I’m not 100% sure (hence the question mark)


      1. OK… let me look into it. That would surely be interesting if it was the case.


      2. Looks like that twisted fuck Michael Yon was the one posting that shit, among other dirt, in his usual quest to stalk CJ.


      3. I have it on good authority (very reliable source) that Yawn is talking out of his ass again. No, there was no LEO spouse on the jury. Period.


    3. Sorry for posting that and thanks for running it to ground, if I knew the original source I never would have shared it. Interesting how lies grow feet. grrr


      1. No worries. I’m hoping that eventually this bastard’s lies will be brought to light. That’s why I posted the next blog post.


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