Everyone, please help me make this person infamous

Matt Walsh recounts the story of a slimy, old pervert band teacher who had been stalking a 15 year old girl.

The pervert in question didn’t get punished. He got suspended with pay, and then resigned. All that time he was making the usual claims cocksuckers such as him make:

It wasn’t that bad…

It was taken out of context…

They had a “father-daughter” relationship…

Yeah. Right.

The slime resigned without so much as a slap on the wrist, because the prosecutor’s hands are tied in the matter.

This, while schools’ zero tolerance sense policies are destroying the lives of good kids all over the country.

So Matt asks, and I echo the request…

Everyone, please help me make this person infamous.

The motherfucker’s name is Jared Murray.

That’s right Jared Murray.

He’s a pervert and a predator and shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near children.

So please,  Internet. Let’s make sure he gets his nuts slapped.



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    And this is one of the tools perverts use! Not in this specific story but …..


  2. More excuses, reasons, ‘Ignoring” what is going on in schools with the teachers has been going on since I was in High School (1964).
    I don’t understand turning a blind eye when it comes to those who “have POWER over children.”


  3. Why is this fiend still alive


  4. This is a true story. It is my story. When I was much younger, I bought, managed, promoted and/or worked in nightclubs (in the beginning where I learned). I learned how to bring a nightclub up into the black (profit margin) within 30-45 days after I took them over.
    I walked into my new club I just bought one night. The place was, basically empty, except for the huge round bar. I hadn’t met the personnel yet, so I just sat at the bar having a drink and watched the bartender work. I looked at this one young guy sitting there on the bar stool with several “watered down drinks in front of him.”
    I walked behind the bar and introduced myself to the bartender and asked him if he would join me in the back for a chat. “Why in the world are you “over serving” that young man. He already had several “watered down drinks in front of him” and you took him a fresh one.


    He explained. Seems the young man had just got out of prison (Texas). There was a rapist who targeted young ladies (under the age of 14. He hunted the guy down and shot him. Of course, he admitted “Guilty”.

    Seems that man had been raping young women in his neighborhood. The police had done nothing. Wanna know how long he was in prison?

    2 yrs. TWO YEARS and they set him free!


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