For those of you in Texas, beware!

If you’ve never seen former Navy SEAL Don Shipley bust the literally hundreds of lying shitbags claiming to have been Navy SEALs and profiting from their fraud, it’s a treat. This one actually made me giggle.

A muscle-bound clown, whose steroid use has obviously rotted his pathetic little brain has decided to promote himself as a Navy SEAL in order to make a profit from his fitness business.

Not. So. Fast.

Don Shipley pounds the pathetic maggot into so much smelly goo and forces him to admit he’s nothing but a fraud.

So, if you live in the Mesquite, Forney, Sunnyvale, and Rockwell Rockwall areas, and you’re thinking of taking a fitness class from Mark Lloyd, who claims to have been a SEAL commander, who, when confronted with his fraud, claims to have attended a BUD/S class number he pulled out of his asshole that is so far removed from a real class, that had he attended this class, he would have graduated 82 years from now, think again. He’s a liar who sees absolutely no problem with stealing valor from those who bled and died for their country, and claiming achievements he didn’t earn to make a profit.

Mark Lloyd, you are a true shitbag.

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  1. Nicki .. way off topic .. you going to the Mall WWII Memorial tomorrow?


    1. Can’t. I’m still sick, and we’re getting ready to ship my daughter off to the marine corps. She leaves Monday, so we have lots to do.


  2. Reblogged this on LadyRaven's Whisky In A Jar – OH! and commented:
    I called the phone number (214-641-4849) in the video and got a recording: “Hello you have reached Mark with the Body Connection…” Guess he’s screening his calls and/or left town without taking care of the little details. He caved to Don pretty fast. Brave man! Not!


    1. BTW, it’s Rockwall, Texas…not “Rockwell.” Actually named for a rock wall there. Just up I-30 from Dallas


  3. Also, if you’re in the Dallas area today, you might want to stay indoors since Texas FINALLY beat OU 36-20 a bit ago after losing by 45 points or more each of the last three years. OU stunk the place up…big time.


  4. I’ve known a few former special forces members. Those I’ve known were quiet, unassuming and dangerous as hell, although they never gave any reason for you to feel threatened. Besides their lack of size and bravado, they didn’t promote their former tasks and quietly went about their lives.

    People like Lloyd insult those that made the grade and served the country in a grueling and mostly thankless way.


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