And just like that, the GOP caves…

with a whimper.

At Obama’s meeting with Senate Republicans, Sen. Susan Collins of Maine laid out a proposal to raise the debt limit until the end of January, reopen the government and take a slice out of the health care law.

Under a proposal she and other GOP senators have been developing, a medical device tax that helps finance the health care law would be repealed, and millions of individuals eligible for subsidies to purchase health insurance under the program would be subject to stronger income verification.

At the same time, federal agencies that have been affected by across-the-board cuts would gain greater flexibility in the use of their remaining funds.

Everything else would be negotiated later.

That is to say, the Democrats got everything they wanted, with nearly no concessions to the GOP, and the GOP folded like a cheap lawn chair.

It’s not that I’m unhappy that I may finally get paid for the work I’m doing. It’s just that the Republicans have once again proven to be inept in the face of appalling Democrat intransigence and arrogance.

You know those elections where you’re hoping to make gains in 2014, GOP?

I wouldn’t count on it if I were you.


4 responses

  1. The difference between Republicans and Democrats is that both are willing to take hostages. But Democrats are the only ones willing to execute the hostage, with a smile on their face.


  2. I doubt that the Republicans really CARE about the 2014 elections—or the 2016 election, for that matter. I’m very much afraid that the GOP has been subverted at the national level and we’re going to have to look elsewhere for our representation.


  3. My only surprise is that they lasted this long.


  4. […] other day, the GOP finally cut its own balls off and sent the left pretty much everything they wanted, along with its collective testicles in a nice, golden […]


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