The Imperial Schadenfreude

My most beloved brother, the Emperor Misha I (I bet you didn’t know I was royalty, did ya?) has a post up today that literally makes my nipples tingle with the schadenfreudiness of it all!

Apparently the “GIMMEE! MINE! FREE!” crowd is experiencing somewhat of a sticker shock now that their (UN)Affordable Care Act has kicked in.

Oh NOES! We have to pay for shit we’ll likely never use, but that’s mandated by ObamaCare, and is driving up our insurance premiums!

Oh NOES! We “upper middle class” people are being asked to foot the bill for an expensive insurance exchange that would help those without insurance, if they could afford it, which they can’t!

Upper middle class like my buddy Danielle, whose family was forced to drop insurance coverage for her and her kids, because they just couldn’t afford it, resulting in more uninsured middle class, in addition to the uninsured poor, who can’t afford insurance on the exchanges because of ridiculously high premiums!

Oh NOES! Our votes to force “the rich” to pay for free shit for “the poor” are now making our lives more difficult!

But we didn’t knooooooooooow!!!!

But that’s not what we voted for!

Yeah, shitbags. It is. You expected to have the government give away stuff on your behalf, while sticking others will the bill. What you didn’t realize is that you’d have to foot some of it too, and now you’re complaining!

“I was laughing at Boehner — until the mail came today,”


“I really don’t like the Republican tactics, but at least now I can understand why they are so pissed about this. When you take $10,000 out of my family’s pocket each year, that’s otherwise disposable income or retirement savings that will not be going into our local economy.”

Awwww, did reality just give you an enema? GOOD!

You wanted people to have health care. You just didn’t want to be the one paying for it. You wanted to cover millions of uninsured, the libtards claim are suffering without health care (a lie used to shove this crap down our throats for years) , but force others to foot the bill.

Welcome to the world of “free healthcare,” dimwits. You have earned it.



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  1. What Vinson said was telling, too. Just where the everloving FUCK did she think the money to pay for this shit sandwich was going to come from??


    1. From everyone but her! LMAO!!!!!


  2. I’m beginning to think many of the true believers are realizing unicorn farts are noxious.


  3. One would think that people would listen to those of us who have actually, you know, studied economics. Well, actual economics, not that Keynesian BS peddled by former Enron financial advisor Paul Krugman.


  4. Obama Care is dependent as you well know on the young and old signing up for it and then the young & healthy are supposed to carry the older people who are more apt to use it. I look for the system to implode since I don’t think that the young will sign up – they can’t afford it – if they do sign up they will have a high deductible for the bargain rate that Obama advertises. The # of bankruptcies will grow since no one will have the money to cover say the $5,000 deductible. many companies are even dropping their gap insurance for Medicare (Blue Cross for one).

    Jack & Jill went up the hill
    they each had a dollar and a quarter
    Jill came back with two and a half
    but still couldn’t buy Obamacare
    and Jack was screwed again……………..



  5. Whenever you talk about your nipples tingling it makes my earlobes twitch…


  6. Schadenfreude is such a perfect word. Not very Christian but perfectly expresses the feeling when John Edwards was busted for cheating on cancer-stricken wife, $90,000 found in Representative William Jefferson’s freezer , or progressives discovering this time Obama was being generous with THEIR money!. BTW, anyone notice the Obamacare increase in their payroll tax?


    1. Not yet, since I’m not getting paid. 😦


  7. We have a lot of greyhaired wonders from the North East who always vote democrat and have moved South for their place in the sun. (See Florida and die) They are now realizing they are on the expendable list and they are screaming. I guess they didn’t get The Word when that one in the WhiteHouse yanked millions (billions?) of dollars from medicare for His mbombo care. I wonder if Tehy give out the Black Pill near the end?? But…if yall are happy with what is being done to Americans…..just keep voting democrat.


  8. Well color me shocked. So all the nimrods who voted for Obama, and who fell in loeve with the ACA, are now realizing that it is going to effect them? Too effin bad!!! the libtards can go drink the Kool-Aid and break out your butt lube, they’ll need it!


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