Furlough, Day 4

It’s fascinating watching my attitude get more sour by the day. Yes, I was angry on day one that the lazy parasitic swine in Washington couldn’t get their heads out of their asses long enough to pass a budget and not screw more than 800,000 families out of an income. I will admit, however, that my attitude was a bit complacent.

“How long could this possibly last?”

I had things to do. I went to the offices of the company for which I do part time work. I brought my laptop. I worked, and continue to work, squatting in an empty office. I’m not getting paid extra or anything. It was just nice to see all my co-workers, with whom I normally only communicate via email or text message. This is a company for which I have been working since 2000. I started out here as a copywriter, and was promoted to Creative Director four years later. I love the staff here, and it feels like home.

When I left for my current position, I continued (and still continue to this day) to do part time copywriting. It keeps me busy, allows me to stay in contact with folks about whom I care very much, and it’s nice to have some hard copy resources at my fingertips that help me be a more effective copywriter.

So yeah, it was nice to come back here for a few days.

But now we’re in day 4 of this mess, with no end in sight. It appears I won’t be able to return to work for at least several more weeks. Maybe longer.

I was supposed to take an exam that could potentially give me a raise. This won’t happen anytime soon.

I was supposed to start working on a new and pretty fascinating topic at work. That won’t happen either. Not anytime soon anyway.

I get up every morning and come here to the part time office, because I need somewhere to go. I could easily do this work in bed, in my pajamas, like I always do, but I would rather be here. At a desk. Doing extra work, even though I’m not getting extra pay.

It’s just nice to have somewhere to be every morning.

I’ve worked – at least on a part time basis – since I was 16 years old.

I’ve never not had a job or a purpose, and I’ve always had a way to make a living.

All of a sudden, I don’t, and I admit, I’m starting to get worried.

Rob still has a job, so I know we won’t starve. But without my salary, we won’t be able to pay the rent either. Arlington is not a cheap place to live.

I have wonderful parents, who will jump up and help out, but I don’t want to depend on them, and it irks me to no end to have to ask them for help. They’ve worked hard all their lives. They should be relaxing, not taking money out of their account to give to their kid, because her employer refuses to allow her to work for her pay.

Meanwhile, the circus in DC continues unabated.

Our Dear Leader refuses to negotiate, and is essentially throwing a fit, because the representatives of the people are doing the people’s will – the will that says his health care initiative is a cold turd that is a) not ready for prime time and b) will screw over a large portion of the population.

The pestilent sack of syphilis-infected whore ooze Harry Reid won’t even read the proposals sent over by the gutless, spineless, principle-less House of Representatives. He simply tosses them in the trash and has dug in his heels for the long haul. After all, he’s getting paid – even though he’s not actually working – so why should he give a flying rat’s fuck about the people he’s screwing over?

Recent polls suggest that America holds the GOP responsible for this mess.


They’re definitely responsible. If they had spent less time squabbling amongst themselves for the past four years, and more time actually working to do what they promised to do during election season – repeal the (UN)Affordable Care Act – and maybe working on an actual budget, this mess could have been avoided.

But… recent polls also suggest that the vast majority – more than 70 percent of both Republicans and Democrats demand a compromise – something that both Obama and the Democratic leadership in the Senate absolutely refuse to do, and have flatly stated so.

So my question is: who is abiding by the will of the people here?

When the Belgian government was a massive fail at passing a budget, the politicians were the ones who got the boot. The civil servants still did their jobs, and the general populace wasn’t affected.

We’re the exact opposite here. The budget FAIL is affecting everyone BUT the legisleeches. So why in the world would they care about their own incompetence?

So here we are.

Hundreds of thousands of families have lost their income. The Department of Defense, and other organizations important to the security of this nation are barely operating. The intelligence community has apparently lost 70 percent of its analysts, according to the Director of National Intelligence.

But it’s OK, because Congress is still getting paid.

Go ahead, assholes. Keep compromising this nation. That’s all you’re good for anyway.


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  1. Nicki –
    I sympathize with your frustration and, if you’ll send me an address, etc. I’ll be happy to send you a couple of hundred to help out. Unfortunately, we’ve VOLUNTARILY given these assholes authority over us and now we’re paying the price for that stupidity…ALL of us. Not just those few hundred thousand people who’ve been furloughed. That’s 320 million people who are going to suffer for the stupidity of 53 million idiots who want something for “free” and another 50 million or so who put up McCain and Romney as an “alternative” to the thieves and crooks we wound up with and the assholes who we put into Congress to “represent” us, only one of two of whom even knows what “represent” MEANS. I’m pissed about this whole thing, too, but I put the blame where it belongs…on US, the people who PUT them where they are and then sat back while they passed “laws,” “rules,” and “regulations” designed only to control US as long as they are exempt.


    1. I really appreciate it, but I couldn’t possibly accept that much! But it is nice to know that people are generous. I just hope it all ends soon, Ya know?


      1. I’ll keep the offer open, however. If you DO get to the point where you feel OK about it, it’s not a problem for me at all. Besides, maybe I’ll win the lottery or something. 😉


        1. LOL It’s a really generous offer. Seriously. WAY too generous! I would feel weird accepting it. However, if I wind up in a cardboard box under a bridge, I may come a callin’! Deal?


        2. Deal, but remember you don’t have to wait QUITE that long.


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