Furlough, Day 3

Still no job.

I still wake up every morning at 0600, get ready and go to the office of the company for which I do part time work. I’m not getting paid anything extra, but it makes me feel useful to actually do some work and have somewhere to go. I like it, but I miss my work. I miss what I do, and I miss my coworkers.

I spend time at the gym, which is great. I spend time with folks at my part time work, which is wonderful, because I never get a chance to see them, as I generally work from home. And still… I can’t help but wonder how I will pay rent next month, whether I will have to let some bills lapse for a month or longer, whether I’ll have to run up my credit card balance to pay for groceries…

Yeah, it weighs a bit heavy.

I’m also even more angry than I was yesterday, because apparently, this didn’t have to happen to DOD employees.

 House Armed Services Committee Chairman Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon has written Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel urging him to bring back the 400,000 DOD civilians furloughed by the government shutdown because the Pay Our Military Act signed by President Obama last night gives him the ability to do so.

In a letter to Hagel, McKeon said the legistation gives Hagel “broad latitude” in determining which civilians can work during a shutdown.

“I believe the legislation provides you broad latitude and I encourage you to use it,” McKeon wrote.

The bill enabled military service members to continue to get paid during the shutdown, as well as DOD civilians “providing support” to them.

I will remind you that national defense is one of the few truly constitutional functions of the federal government, and those who support our warfighters are an integral part of that function. And yet, since Tuesday, DOD civilians who do precisely that and who didn’t have to be furloughed, are out of work.

I will quote DNI Clapper.

 “is not just a Beltway issue. It affects our capability to support the military, diplomacy and our policymakers.”


“I’ve been in the intelligence business for about 50 years. I’ve never seen anything like this,” he said.



“Our nation needs people like this and the way we treat them is to tell them, ‘you need to go home because we can’t afford to pay you,’ ” he said. “This is a dreamland for foreign intelligence services to recruit.

There you go.


5 responses

  1. Nicki:
    Sory to hear your one of the ones affected.


    1. Thanks. Shit happens, eh?


  2. The “Kenyan & Company™” are far beyond simple contempt.

    I’ll say nothing further.


  3. No need to “guess.” This is ALWAYS the case with Democrats. I remember how Clinton bragged about reducing the “federal workforce” by some 90,000 employees. What he DIDN’T tell us was that 90% of them came out of the DOD.


  4. the slow down is a real “shitfuck” but so is congress
    I am not believing that DOD employees are nonessential!
    So, are the people that spy on us still working – the ones that check their girlfriends email.


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