So what is really going on here?

I’m not going to insult anyone’s intelligence by claiming it’s the fault of one party or another. This whole mess with the government non-shutdown is the fault of nearly every politician in Washington, and that includes the GOP as well as the Democrats and the White House.

So first… they shove ObamaCare through both houses, with the majority of the nation opposing the plan.

Support didn’t improve over time. The people don’t want and never wanted this monster. But this is what they got, thanks to parliamentary tricks and outright bribes.

The Supreme Court, thanks to the turncoatery of John Roberts decided it was perfectly cool to force people to purchase a product and fund those who couldn’t.

The American people in all their wisdom – because the left told them how much Republicans hate women, minorities and anyone else who wasn’t white and Republican, and because you really can’t beat something with the kind of nothing Romney was – saw it fit to reelect not just the current administration, but the party that would give them more free shit. Why? Because Republicans like to give away free shit too. Except they give less of it away, and give it away to recipients of their choice. And if you’re going to vote for free shit, you might as well vote for the party that gives you more free shit, not less.

The GOP proved completely inept at galvanizing the opposition it needed to get rid of this onerous health care fiasco. It spent more time attacking itself than it did doing its job. It spent more time smacking down those “wacko birds” and blaming conservative “extremists” for their losses than it did actually working to repeal this bill.

And then, at the 11th hour, the stubborn asshattery on both sides of the aisle has resulted in the furlough of thousands of civil servants, putting a financial hardship on thousands of families. Why? Because the GOP is incompetent, and the Democrats are arrogant pieces of detritus.

The GOP was too busy with demagoguery to do anything about ObamaCare, and have compromised with themselves to such an extent, that they look like they’re begging Harry Reid for mercy!

GOP: We won’t fund ObamaCare.

Reid: Fuck your budget bill. Denied.

GOP: How about we just delay ObamaCare?

Reid: Fuck your budget bill. Denied.

GOP: How about we just get rid of certain, more objectionable portions of ObamaCare?

Reid: Fuck your budget bill. Denied.

GOP: But… but… but… Conference?

Reid: No. Screw you.

GOP: Compromise?

Reid: You’re terrorists, because you’re holding the government hostage!

The GOP is weak and ineffectual. And the Democrats pitch a temper tantrum if anyone dares to suggest that perhaps this law… oh… I don’t know… SUCKS?

You know who’s stuck in the middle of all this? Yeah, those thousands of families deemed not immediately essential, who may not be able to pay their rent, pay for groceries, pay their car payments and their other bills. Those thousands of families whose loved ones perform duties that may not cause the imminent collapse of the nation, but are necessary in the long term given the nature of what our nation is and the nature of the world environment today.

Meanwhile, the incompetents in Congress are still getting paid

The entitlements, which eat up half of the federal budget, still get distributed.

The post office, which is once again bankrupt, is still paying its employees.

And the politicians, who wouldn’t know a budget if it bit them in their shriveled nutsacks, who have been incapable of running this government, making America the laughing stock of the world with their incompetence, keep telling us how they feel our pain.

There’s a bill out there now that would allow the government to reimburse furloughed workers for the time they were forced to take off. I’m not sure how I feel about it. On one hand, it would definitely alleviate the current financial ache, but on the other hand, I’m not a person who takes payment for work I didn’t do. On one hand, I know I will make up that work in spades, but on the other hand I’m keenly aware of this nation’s fiscal nightmare.

Personally, I’d love to see just one politician with the testicular fortitude to say he or she would give up their salary for however long it takes for them to figure out how to fix this mess!


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  1. Ted Cruz pledged his salary to charity during the slimdown.

    That’s a good step, although I wish he would have offered it to those that work for the government that REALLY do something important.


    1. He did? Didn’t know that. Good to know.


  2. Hagan did as well .. I’ll like to say I enjoyed the comedy that was CSPAN these past couple of days .. but now I’m scared .. we actually elected these fools ?


  3. when this is over will we hire back the

    I am not including you in that group!



  4. The really interesting aspect of this will happen in two weeks, when the debt ceiling discussions get going.

    When the ebt program has no more money, or is one of the first to get cut, that’s when it’ll get “interesting”


  5. Nicki, our health insurance went from $550 a month to over $1100 a month! Pissed cannot not begin to describe how I feel! Now me and 5 of our children have no health care. Hubby was also furloughed, but because he is deemed “essential personnel” contractor he won’t get paid for the work he has to still do. Wrote another letter to the President to say how crappy Obamacare is…

    Hope all is well on your end.



    1. I’m so sorry, Danielle. I hope it works out for you.


  6. $1100 a month? That’s hundreds more than the average house payment. Who needs to worry about losing everything when your right to obtain anything to begin with, no longer exists? And this administration says that in the name of peace, we should accept gun control.


    1. We don’t need to worry about losing everything. The benevolent politicians in Washington will take care of us. Didn’t you get the memo???


  7. I got the memo. But it just sounded too good to be true. So I burned it to keep my house warm.


  8. My first time hear and I am glad to see that there are others in the country that understand our repugnant politicians. For a good perspective, I would suggest watching Netflix’s “House of Cards”, though fiction it really demonstrates what the insider political world is like and how we are used like pawns.

    Now, I have finally been able to see what benefits are to be derived from Obamacare and am shocked. The bronze plan only pays 60% of medical bills with a hearty deductible while the platinum pays 90% with a %5000 deductible. Most of my patients would be restricted in their choices in medical care due to the high out of pocket demands. So, the end result of taking over 1/6 of the economy greatly increases the cost to patients. Then their are the “quality” constrictions. This is another word for the fact that your ability to receive medical procedures will be greatly restricted. Forget about getting a stress test. That is considered ineffective. As to other cardiac procedures, likely not available due to strict adherence to guidelines. Note that guideline discussed among doctors does not translate to standard of care or even good medicine.

    Now, you do get preventative care for free, at least I think. But, preventative care has never been associated with improvement in quality of life or prognosis. In fact, the more you are exposed to the medical system, the greater the chance of injury and death. Plus, you will be fined for not seeing the doctor, being over weight, having a high cholesterol (cholesterol management does not prevent disease), smoking, not eating the right foods, and not having good control of your diabetes (strict control is associated with increase risk of death. So, this law is really getting the government into your life and not for the better.


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