Don’t mess with vets, assholes! (UPDATED WITH COOL STUFF)

If you aren’t convinced about this administration’s utter contempt and outright disregard for our military veterans, this should do the trick.

The White House and the Department of the Interior rejected a request from Rep. Steven Palazzo’s office to have World War II veterans visit the World War II memorial in Washington, the Mississippi Republican told The Daily Caller Tuesday.

Palazzo helped the veterans commit an act of civil disobedience against the Park Service Tuesday, when the heroes stormed through barricades around the closed memorial.

The veterans were visiting the memorial as part of Honor Flight, a non-profit that provides veterans free transport to the nation’s capital to visit the memorials to the wars they fought in.

They were told, “Gee! There’s a government shutdown. Go pound sand.”

Food stamps are still funded, and you will still get molested and ogled by the TSA at the nation’s airports.

Bureaucrats will still be on the job processing citizenship and permanent resident applications, because I guess it’s somehow “essential” to process that paperwork (but unsurprisingly programs to actually verify their legal presence in the United States will shut down), but not to allow our nation’s heroes to visit a memorial.

And Social Security checks will still go out, because we can’t possibly endanger something that sucks the most money out of the budget! But we can certainly deny a bunch of octogenarians a what may be a last chance to visit a memorial to the war in which they served.


Because Park Service personnel won’t be there to tackle these elderly men and taze them, in case they get unruly and spray graffiti on the monument or something!


Bennies for bloodsucking parasites are not to be touched, but allowing a bunch of war heroes to visit a monument is not possible because of a bloody shutdown??

Redistributing taxpayer earnings to those who haven’t earned them is fine. But allowing a group of veterans who have given so much to the defense of this nation to walk through a monument – something that doesn’t even require any expense or a guide – is a no-no, because OHNOESSHUTDOWN!

So you know what these veterans did? They knocked over the barricades and told the Obama bureaucrats where to stick their shutdown!

These guys took on Hitler. I doubt they considered some flabby, donut-eating bureaucrat a challenge!

So don’t stand in their way. They want to visit a memorial – one dedicated to a war in which they sacrificed more than any worthless, drooling member of the current Congress and administration could possibly imagine. They paid more than their tax dollars for the right to visit that memorial.

I’m quite certain they earned it.

UPDATE: Laughing Wolf has a few videos of World War II vets – heroes who fought at Normandy – the types of heroes whom this administration tried to deny access to a monument to their sacrifices.

Look for them here and here.

Go there and know that these men fought for you, and their stories are fascinating and real – the kind of stories you want to treasure and keep with you as inspiration of the sacrifices men like these have made for our nation.


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  1. Wouldn’t be nice if we could get the troops from 8th and I and the Old Guard from Ft Meyer (used to spend many ahappy hour at the NCO club there back in the 50s) to march into the White House and the Capital Bldg and show that wannabe King George lll the way out. This might be the ideal time to do it. Da????


  2. I’m all for it – I know what to bring, just name the muster location.


    1. The slop chute at Quarters K


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