Slow posting

Yeah… sorry about that.

I got back from Germany, been trying to catch up on work, and then… BAM! I’m unemployed for the foreseeable future thanks to the Congresscrap that’s infesting our Capitol.

For the record:

1) I don’t give a shit that ObamaCare is law, as Demotards are proud to remind us. Immigration law, and the Defense of Marriage Act are laws as well, and this administration has no problem not enforcing those laws!

2) I see no problem with delaying said law for at least a year, since it’s not ready for prime time anyway, according to reports. And fact is, it’s a crappy law anyway.

3) I’m sick and tired of the pathetic incompetents in both houses of Congress holding my livelihood hostage. They’ve been a massive FAIL at doing their jobs. They play political games with our lives. They are still getting paid, despite being unable and unwilling to do their jobs for five years. It’s unconstitutional not to pay them for being miserable failures, and yet, they take my earnings even as they claim to speak for me. None of them do.

4) Those of you shrieking that this is a government shutdown, it’s not. It’s simply a massive screwing of the vast majority of civil servants.

5) Those of you crowing that the fact that the country won’t go up in flames if 88 percent of the federal workforce is effectively laid off until further notice is proof positive that 88 percent of the government is not “essential,” are idiots. You don’t understand what “essential” means here. You don’t understand what is necessary for a nation to run efficiently in this global environment. You think running a government this size is the same thing as running a household. You’re morons. You may not need intelligence officers, diplomats and others immediately, but many of us are necessary for this nation to be effectively protected and efficiently run. And while there’s a lot of driftwood and worthless bureaucratic leeches in government, there are also scientists, diplomats, intelligence officers, finance experts, economists and others who are dedicated to serving YOU, and who have made public service an oath and an honor. They are educated, committed and brilliant, and they’re getting screwed – unable to pay their bills – while you blather on about how they’re “not essential.”

6) A REAL government shutdown would include everyone, including the military, police, air traffic controllers, border guards, etc. stopping work. It would include your social security, Medicare and other entitlements being withheld. But since you’re still leeching, and your planes are still on time, you just don’t give a fuck, and think it’s a great idea that millions of civil servants are getting the shaft…

…some of us for the second time this year – after this summer’s furloughs took 20 percent of our pay for several months.

So here we are… an hour before the deadline for the shutdown. I’m being forced to come in tomorrow to sign paperwork acknowledging the screwing I’m getting. Not getting paid for coming in.

Here’s a thought. Depending on how long the screwing lasts, how many civil servants will default on mortgage payments? How many will drastically cut spending? How much will local business be affected by the drop in sales?

But hey, it’s OK, because the President and Congress are still getting paid, as the Republicans work on compromising with themselves, while the Democrats arbitrarily reject any proposal, without so much as a read, because RACISTYOUHATECHILDRENANDTHEPOORANDWANTTOPREVENTBIRTHCONTROL!

But hey… I’ll have a lot more time to blog, right?

By the way, I don’t ask this often, but given the fact that I won’t have an income for a while, this would be a good time to hit that DONATE button on the top right, if you can.


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  1. LOL. Well, I guess we know how you feel when it’s YOUR ox being gored, Nicki. You CAN’T negotiate a settlement with a President and a Senate who won’t even READ what you propose in the way of compromise. Yes, there are some valuable government workers. There are a LOT that are “necessary” ONLY because the government takes upon itself much more than it has any business doing, too. For the most part, we don’t NEED an EPA, Department of “Education,” Departments of Commerce, “Energy” or more than about 10% of the Department of Treasury, either. We can layoff 80% of the “law enforcement” agencies that don’t bother to “enforce” laws this administration doesn’t agree with, too. Nobody is going to “lose” a dime in the end. While Congress and the Administration play their “games,” all that’s going to end up happening is some government employees will have their paychecks delayed and they’ll eventually get them when Congress is done playing. Don’t like it? Call those morons and tell them to stop playing games and settle this mess.


    1. Did I call for a compromise? I called for stopping playing political games. And as far as no one losing a dime, you haven’t the slightest idea what you’re talking about. If you think hundreds of thousands of people who perform functions that are constitutionally correct need to be left income less, while those who steal from us play political games, go ahead and laugh some more. But forgive me if I call you an asshole.


  2. No Nicki. The real “asshole” here is someone who thinks that they are so “essential” to the functioning of government that we can’t do without them and then calls someone an “asshole” for pointing out that MUCH of what the government does is “non-essential” and we (those who PAY the bills) get stuck with the tab for it. I don’t expect ANYONE to work for nothing, but your argument isn’t with me, but with the idiot Democrats for whom “compromise” has ALWAYS meant, “Do it OUR way, or take a hike!”


    1. Oh, really? Point out any part of my post where I claim to be “essential.” Yeah. I thought so. But I have a certain skill set. I bring that skill set to the table. I was hired to do a very specific job, not just sit around on my ass. And I have been working my ass off every day to do that job. And it’s a job that’s important. Not essential to the immediate functioning of the nation, but important in the long term, given the world environment and our position in that environment.

      You don’t know what I do or the effort it takes to do it, and yet, you crow at the fact that the job I was hired to do, and do quite well, by the way, is compromised by a bunch of incompetents in congress, who by the way ARE getting paid.

      My argument is with every fucking member of this Congress for their inability to do their job. Democrats for screeching MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY and Republicans for having no balls, compromising with themselves, and waiting until the last minute to do something about a law that was forced upon us – a law no one wanted.

      But here you are. Snickering at the fact that these assholes are threatening my livelihood, and the livelihoods of thousands of other brilliant, committed people, because what? I happen to have made a commitment to work for you and to work for the security of the nation I fucking love? Nice. Your claim that my views have somehow changed, because it’s my “ox being gored” is ridiculous and laughable.

      No, I’m not entitled to a job. Never said I was. But I do provide a pretty important service, and I should get paid for the expertise I cultivated over years and use regularly. If the American people feel they don’t need my services, they should have the ability to fire me. I will have deserved it. But no, it’s not incompetence or a lack of need for my skills, but sheer clueless incompetence on the part of Congress that has caused this.

      And no, I’m not getting that money back. Just like I didn’t get anything back when I lost 20 percent of my pay during the summer.

      And as far as my argument with you… It’s your sheer lack of understanding for what I do and the arrogant gloating at this situation, as if I and people like me are the enemy that I have a problem with. I spent a good portion of my life fighting for liberty and for our constitution, and I resent your arrogant gloating, as if I somehow deserve this. So yeah. Asshole.


      1. Get a clue, Nicki. I’m not “gloating” over you being laid off personally. You’re right, I DON’T know what it is that you do, but I DO know what some of the leeches that inhabit much of the Departments of Education, HH&S, Treasury, Commerce, Energy and yes, even Defense, do and a LOT of it is not only unnecessary, but unconstitutional, as well. We don’t have ANY need for the massive numbers of TSA employees, for example. We got along perfectly well without them for decades until a few planes were hijacked to Cuba and the airlines themselves started hiring screeners. THAT worked well, too, until a few of ’em in Boston missed box-cutters in carry-on of 19 passengers getting on 4 planes and, because of the idiocy of prohibiting guns on planes, they were able to hijack them and kill 3000 people. The screeners weren’t at fault. Their RULES were at fault, but we responded with thousands of government employees–many of whom are stealing from passengers.
        You can still get oln a plane after being felt up by these goof-balls and the plane will still take off and land safely.


        1. “LOL. Well, I guess we know how you feel when it’s YOUR ox being gored, Nicki.”

          The implication that my views have changed somehow because I’m now laid off is offensive. And your tone is pretty damn gloating.

          Have a nice day.


        2. I’m merely remarking that here we are with a “government non-shut shut-down” and the sky is still blue, you can still get felt-up by TSA, take off and land safely, receive your food stamps and social security checks and get treated if you’re on Medicare. The military will still get paid and the mail will still get delivered 6 days a week. I place the blame where it belongs, too–on Democrats who simply REFUSE to compromise because they know the major media will “have their backs” so to speak. During the last major shut-down, no one lost any pay because part of the “compromise” that eventually occurred was that public employees were to receive their back pay and the lay-offs would have no effect on their benefits or seniority. I strongly suspect the same thing will happen this time, too.


        3. You would be wrong on the getting back that money front. We were told it won’t happen. I got screwed this summer with a 20 percent cut in pay, and still managed to do my job – and do it well – even though I was out of the office once a week. Why? Because I know what I do matters, and it needed to get done. Think I got that money back? Nope. Not a cent. And from what we’re told, it won’t happen this time either.

          And as I said originally, no sky will fall, and no one will give a fuck, because their bennies, their entitlements and other shit they get for free on my dime are untouched. But that will never happen, because the politicians know where their bread and butter is.

          Meanwhile, people like me are caught in the middle of this bullshit, unable to pay rent.

          Fuck this shit.


        4. I worked “for the government” for the first 17 years of my professional career, too. 8 years in the Army, including two tours in Vietnam, 6 years as chief of detectives in a Texas PD and a year as an “assistant city manager.” I suppose you could say that I worked for the government for the next five years, too–as a teacher in a Junior College, supported by the citizens of Parker County, Texas (named for Quannah Parker’s mother) and the oil money from a generous endowment from a graduate. I was offered a job in the oil and gas industry that paid me twice what I was making teaching school and jumped at it and have never looked back I’ve worked, full-time since age 18 (I’m now nearly 72). That’s basically 54 years on the job and I’ve been out of work without any income for exactly 19 DAYS of that time. Once after getting out of the Army and looking for a job and once between my Assistant City Manager’s job and the start of the school year at that Jr. College. That’s it. Maybe it’s time to look for a career change.


        5. I love what I do. How many people can truly say that? I come in to work, and I know I actually make a difference each day, and I look forward to it each and every day. This is why I joined the military straight out of college, instead of getting a cushy job somewhere. I was born in the USSR. I wanted to thank this nation by serving her. Career change? No. I was born to do this job, and I’ll do it as well as I can until I can’t do it any longer. I’ve never been jobless. EVER. There wasn’t a single time when I haven’t had something to tide me over. I’m not changing careers because Congress can’t get its head out of its collective ass.


  3. Yesterday my wife and I received letters from two doctors (both specialists) stating they would no longer be taking patients.I suspect that this is only the beginning of a very Bad Thing heading towards us at warp 12. Probably too many citizens are going to receive letters like this from MD s who decided to quit the med profession or quit taking pts with medicare or quit taking pts over the age of xx. Whatever the reason,if enough citizens wake up and see what that monstrosity in the White House has done to their health care ….RIOT TIME. (See THAT NSA????)


    1. It will be ugly. That’s for damn sure. 😦


  4. The French had a solution for situations like this….messy…but effective.


  5. National parks are closed. I know that bothers some people; I’ve even been the brunt of anger, when I spoke my opinion, which is: Sell them all. That’s not what a government is for.


    1. I agree with that.


  6. Nicki, I feel your pain. Although Medicare payments are still going out, when the sequester hit all us providers took a hit. Now mind you, Medicare reimbursement was already so low that hospitals got paid about 85% of the cost of taking care of each patient, and then it got chopped even further. Can you imagine a business model where you have to pay to deliver a service to someone! That is why there are so many hospitals and clinics closing, and doctors retiring. When congress fails to renew the “Doc Fix” to the scheduled 30% medicare cut, no one will be there to take care of Grandma. Imagine taking your car in for service and the mechanic pays your bill!
    If those 535 assholes weren’t paid until they passed a real budget (balanced) maybe they wouldn’t need CR’s and debt ceiling increases!


    1. Hey, drop me an email. I have a question and request for ya. You might actually enjoy it!


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