Baseball… it’s for the children

A few years ago, I took the Redhead to a Nats baseball game in DC. We had a blast, just screaming, yelling and enjoying the nice weather courtesy of a good friend of mine.

One of the players sent a foul ball directly at our section, and the Redhead, being a kid, scrambled for the ball along with scores of others.

He didn’t get it. But the guy who did, saw the little boy with the crestfallen look on his face, and handed the ball to him, making the grateful Redhead smile with joy. I remember thinking how kind that gentleman was, and how he truly represented the best in America and the spirit of the game.

Unlike this piss poor excuse for a human being.

Notice, the little girl caught the ball, and this trailer trash twat, simply grabbed the ball out of the hands of this child, and sat down, severely satisfied with herself. And some douchetard redneck trash gave her a high-five for stealing from a kid. Stay classy, shitbags!

I’m told the stadium staff jumped in and took care of the problem by giving the little girl another ball.

What they also should have done is shove the first ball up that bitch’s ass.

It’s not that I think little kids are entitled. But really… she grabbed the ball out of the little girl’s arms and hi-fives her trailer trash buddy.

Wow… don’t you feel all special, having stolen a ball from a little kid? Did you grab her lunch money while you were at it too?


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  1. My Lord, how low can one go?

    Don’t answer that, for I’ll wager that just when you think they can’t go lower, they get another fucking shovel.


  2. And no one there cunt-punted her? I’d like to say I’m shocked, but I’m really not.


  3. Being that I’m a huge baseball fan, i agree what a waste to steal the ball from the girl and be proud of doing it. Glad the staff stepped in, have caught several balls at diamondback games and never left with one.

    baseball side note, why I dislike Barry Bonds. One time during spring training was with my nephew getting autographs as the players showed up. There must have been 25-30 kids and Bonds walked right past them saying he didn’t have time for them. Jeff Kent stopped and signed for 15 minutes, difference in human beings.


  4. That wasn’t “trailer trash,” Nicki. That was your typical, upper-middle-class, leftie bitch who wants what she wants when she wants it.


  5. She probably doesn’t have any children, unless you count those that ended up in the medical waste bin.


    1. Let’s make sure she never has any either. Someone go sew that cavernous twat shut!


  6. I endeavor to try and be a gentleman and chivalrous, as I was taught to be by some outstanding grade school teachers, and my mother. But there are some of the feminine persuasion who do not deserve to be treated with any sort of dignity. This “woman” is one of them.


  7. southtexaspistolero

    If that’d been my kid, I’d have beaten that foul cunt to within an inch of her life.


  8. Here’s a palate cleanser. Matt Kemp being a class act.


    1. That is what’s commonly referred to as a CLASS ACT!


  9. It’s actually the fault of people like us that wastes of cunts like this exist. We’re the ones that always refuse to gut-shoot them or even carve enough that no man would be willing to look at them, much less breed them.

    We have spared the rod and now reap the spoiled harvest of that weakness.


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