Dear Gun Owners,

Try not to fuck this up, will ya?

We asked two Starbucks competitors, McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts, if they had gun policies for their thousands of restaurants.

Both companies said they simply abide by the laws of that state or region.

This was the policy of Starbucks, before certain strident, rude attention whores decided to drag the coffee company into the middle of the gun control debate.

Maybe this time overzealous open carry advocates will simply exercise their rights without drama. Maybe they will show some restraint, be polite and not shove their “BECAUSE I CAN” in people’s faces.

One can hope, right?


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  1. I find it interesting that so many people are blaming only the ‘OC’ crowd and not addressing the antis who also kept pushing the issue.
    I think there is a difference between those who simply Open Carried and those who demonstrated at Starbucks; despite Starbucks request against that.

    Yet few people (on the gun owners side at least) seem to be knocking the Antis for how they kept pushing the issue. If it hadn’t been for them, few people would have started the ‘buycott’, few would have even bought coffee there (apparently few really like their coffee). So where is the condemnation for the Antis?

    And at the same time; where is the support for the Visibly Armed Jerks who did show up there?
    Not everyone can ‘simply OC’ a pistol; here in Texas we can only Open Carry Long Guns. Not everyone is of age to carry a pistol. Shouldn’t we be using the Visibly Armed Jerks to point out how ridiculous the laws are, how even being jerks they didn’t harm anyone?


    1. We are accustomed to the anti-gun crowd acting like juveniles. Nothing new and different there. I would have thought gun owners were better than this.


  2. Why shouldn’t we use the effective tactics used by the fags, atheists, pro-abortionists, et. al.?

    It seems to be working quite well for them!

    If we keep the same tactics as in the past, we’ll just keep losing more and more of our rights. We MUST get the american populace accustomed to seeing guns everyday almost everywhere in the hands of everyday people or we WILL eventually lose the debate totally.



    1. Lovely language. And why shouldn’t we? Because we’re better than that!

      As for your fags, atheists, et. al. Many folks who read this site are gay, and both its authors and owners are atheists. If you want to be a shitbag and insult people who are allies, that’s your prerogative, but I would modify my fucking tone.


  3. Too late. Forbes and MDA already picked up on skippy here,

    I don’t get the need for long guns. Carry what you always carry.


  4. I’ve got folks over on my blog saying basically “Here in Texas we need to be OC’ing rifles as a political tactic so that OC of pistols will become legal. They specifically pointed out the rights denied 18-21 year olds.

    Here’s the issue. You need to consider what you goals are and how your actions work to further that goal. What’s more likely, that OC of long guns will be banned / restricted as a result of long gun OC (or some other gun control passed) or that the general public and politicians will be galvanized to act against gun owners as a result?

    Now, I don’t live in TX, but here in DE I am damn sure I know what the result would be, and it wouldn’t be more freedom for us. Smart activism. OC’ing long guns around in public is not smart activism.

    If these jackasses started OC’ing rifles down sidewalks in front of schools here in my county, either suzie soccermom would be begging the state legislature to ban OC outright, or the legislature would ban it outright because they wanted to “DO SOMETHING.” Either way the end result of these jackasses actions would be the restriction of my rights.

    You simply don’t “normalize OC” by doing something completely out of the ordinary.


    1. Considering I’m one of the people commenting on your blog I’ll address your points.
      First, you misstate what I said or BubbleHead Less said. We are simply pointing out that 18-20 years can not carry a pistol and in Texas we can not OC a pistol.

      Nor do I agree with your binary solution set either (acceptance) or (banning). There is a spectrum of possibilities in between. Yes, some of the activism has been confrontational and resulting in negative publicity. That happens in just about any form of advocacy. Not all advocacy is going to immediately be positive; sometimes it takes a negative event to start a conversation and get people motivated.
      Do we run the risk of alienating some people, yes. Do I agree with all of the people’s choices, oh heck no.

      It is your opinion that “you don’t normalize OC” by doing something completely out of the ordinary. That is your opinion and you are entitled to it but why do you not respect the other person’s opinion?

      The NRA tried to stop the Heller case because they didn’t think it would work — of course we know how that turned out. Sometimes we can’t see the end results as clearly as we think we can.

      Very few of the Open Carry Events bring as much negative attention as the one carrying in front of the school. Don’t condemn all of them based on that one.


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